Log Test

logyan.png?dl=0 Montrouge-2 Central Shopping Mall was under construction yet again, but the malls inside were sufficiently undamaged enough to be open for business. Incredibly, the structure itself had only sustained superficial damage during the last Angel attack. And yet there were few cars in the parking lot to take advantage of this fine luck.-
logyan.png?dl=0 Yanmei pulled up into a sparking space, slowly. Driving by herself was a rare thing for her, but with Marianne busy and the subway system temporarily messed up from Satheriel's seismic antics, she'd had little choice. For once, she'd driven slowly, cautiously, thanks to the cargo she was carrying with her. Finally she got a chance to turn off the engine and sighed with relief.
GM.png?dl=0 (“Hey, that went pretty well.” Said Isaiah supportively. Meanwhile, Rei was quiet in the back. Looking faintly nervous!)
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah?” Yanmei started to relax a little. The girl in the back seat caught her eye in the mirror, though, and she gave a mock grimace. “C'mon, I didn't drive that quickly, did I? We made it here in one piece, after all.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 …-!” Rei looked around at Yanmei, shaking her head hastily. “No, you drove well, Meimei.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Thanks.” She smiled at her, hoping that she would loosen up and smile too. “What type of shop do you want to head to first?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 …” Rei gave Yanmei a little smile. “Can we get something to eat first? I didn't have breakfast today.”-
GM.png?dl=0 (“…” Isaiah's eyes flitted forwards the rear view mirror. “Too excited?” He asked.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Yes… That's right.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Well, that seems okay? The stuff they might have here is a little greasy, though. Food court and all.” She opened the driver's door and began to climb out. “Let's go!”
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah stepped out.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 climbed out too, on Yanmei's side. She headed over to Yanmei's side. “Thank you for taking me out, Meimei.”
logyan.png?dl=0 You don't have to be so formal. We're all on good terms, right?” She glanced at Isaiah from the corner of her eye at that. “Today should be fun.”
GM.png?dl=0 (“Fun.” Said Isaiah, looking over and nodding with a smile.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 I'm having fun being with you both already.” Said Rei. She reached out and took Yanmei's hand- unsurprisingly like how a little girl might.
logyan.png?dl=0 Great! That's what I want to hear.” Yanmei didn't seem too rattled, simply gripping back with her own hand. “Is it your first time here? You haven't been in Paris-2 long, so…”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 nodded. “It is, yes. I haven't been out much, because I don't know where to go or what looks nice, but you always seemed well-dressed, Meimei.” Rei smiled at Yanmei, but her eyes flitted over towards Isaiah, who was standing a little away, hands in pockets, his hair being stirred up by the wind, waiting for them.
logyan.png?dl=0 Remember what I said before about experimenting to see what you like and what look good on you?” Yanmei followed Isaiah's lead, and tugged Rei along too. “I did a lot of that over and over. Before, and then again, when I needed a new look, and I'll probably do it again, over and over again. It's like reinventing yourself.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Reinventing yourself…” Repeated Rei quietly. “So we're going to see which reinvention looks the best?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah! Exactly. If something doesn't look right, we'll just try something new until it feels comfortable.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 How do we know when- Zaizai!” The girl tugged Yanmei along now, hurrying over to catch up to Isaiah. She held out her hand to him hopefully, too.-
GM.png?dl=0 (“…” He looked at it, and, offering Rei a small smile, took it.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 This act of bravery concluded, Rei turned back to Yanmei. “How do we know when it looks right? Are there things we need to look for?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Well… there are many things. You need to find something that flatters your body shape and that has a nice color for you. But function is important too. If you like to run and jump and other stuff, you'd be better off in clothes that let you do that. Some of this is hard to explain without examples, but I'll show you when you're trying stuff on.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Alright, Meimei.”-
GM.png?dl=0 (Considering the thin crowds, it wouldn't be long before the three of them found themselves in the mall proper- in the food court.)
logyan.png?dl=0 Hm… I think there was a smoothie stand around here,” Yanmei frowned, peering around. “That's a healthy breakfast, isn't it?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Smoothie…” She blinked at Meimei. “Healthy? Does that mean no fries or burgers?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Right. Erm… do you really want that stuff?” Yanmei seemed vaguely uncomfortable, but then she tried to shake it off. “Today, you can get whatever you want, okay? But if you don't eat some healthy things the rest of the time, you'll lose some of your energy and you won't feel well.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Okay, Meimei.” Said Rei with a happy smile. “But I don't get sick too much, Meimei. I'm tough!”-
GM.png?dl=0 (“Would you like me to go get the food?” Said Isaiah. “What would you like, Yanmei?”)
logyan.png?dl=0 Just a strawberry smoothie should be okay. Here.” She dug through her bag for a few bills and thrust them at him.
GM.png?dl=0 (He took them. “Okay. See you in a bit.”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 found them a seat, sitting down and staring up at Yanmei.
logyan.png?dl=0 How do you like it here so far? Paris-2, I mean. It's quite a change from Japan.” Yanmei joined her, sliding easily into the seat across from her. “When I first arrived here, it was in the dead of winter, just like this. It was so cold, I thought I was going to die.” She chuckled. “But there was a kind person who was around to make sure that I had things like heavy clothes and stuff, so I didn't.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 That's Captain Amatore-Deforest, right?” Asked Rei. She herself was wearing a heavy white coat over a blue dress. “Mama made sure I had good warm clothes before I went. It's cold here, but I like it cold.” She smiled. “It's really pretty. Paris-2 has so many pretty buildings, when they aren't all smashed up. Mama calls it the city of love.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Lots of people call it that. I'm sorry, though. If I hadn't been out of it since we came back here, I would have taken you to see some landmarks before they all got messed up. This shopping trip, even, is pretty long overdue.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 It's alright, Meimei. You've been busy. You -and- Zaizai.” Said Rei happily. She cast her gaze over to where he was buying smoothies. “Is he ok…?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah. Yeah, I think so. He recovered remarkably fast. These days, he doen't even need to go in for checkups.” She looked around the mall. “Because we're in an open public space like this, though… I wouldn't blame him for feeling a little anxious. I do too.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 So that's why…? He isn't… Afraid of me or anything?”
logyan.png?dl=0 He's here because he wants to be here.” She smiled warmly at her. “I think there may be some feelings that he's still working out, but by the end of the day, I'm sure he'll be more relaxed.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 That makes me feel better.” She shimmied her seat over to Yanmei's side, put her arms around her and shamelessly snuggled into her shoulder. “Meimei. <3”-
GM.png?dl=0 (There were quiet coos of 'aww' from a nearby table, where a middle-aged woman poked a little girl. “Why can't you be like that with your little sister?”)
logyan.png?dl=0 Little sister? That startled her a little, but it gave way to a silent slightly embarrassed chuckle. Was that what people saw?
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah returned a few minutes later, with a tray of food and smoothies. “… Aww, look at this. Any hugs left for me?”)
logyan.png?dl=0 But of course,” Yanmei grinned at him. “Thanks for the food, by the way~”
GM.png?dl=0 (“No problem.” He placed a mango smoothie, fries and a burger in front of Rei, and two strawberry smoothies down for himself and Yanmei. He sat, but instead of giving her that hug he simply took one of her hands and held it, using the other to start on that smoothie.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 started on her fries eagerly. “Fries and burgers for breakfast~ Mama would never let me get away with this~”
logyan.png?dl=0 Er… yeah. Well, remember, it's just for this one time!” It was a difficult juggling act, keeping an eye on Rei and Isaiah and one on their surroundings too. There were fewer people than normal at this mall. But even so…
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Rei chuckled. It was probably the first time either of them had -seen- the new Rei laugh out loud. Even so, it was pretty quiet- the chuckle of a girl who pays no heed to 'This one time'. “Meimei, where are we gonna go first?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Hmm? There's a row of clothing stores on the second floor that we should check out. We can pick from any of those. What about you, Isaiah? Suggestions”
GM.png?dl=0 (“There's a cute shoe shop near there, too, and a shop where you can buy accessories like scarves, or hats, or gloves-”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Gloves?” She blinked. “Meimei, I want gloves.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Then we'll get you gloves,” she said calmly, fiddling with her straw. Shoe shop. Buying scarves and shoes. “Was that the place where…?”
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah smiled sheepishly. “It was. Back when I was just some weird kid.”)
logyan.png?dl=0 You're still pretty weird,” she teased. “But… you've grown, too.”
GM.png?dl=0 (“You think so?” He asked.)
logyan.png?dl=0 You're kidding, right?” Yanmei blinked. “You've gotten so much stronger. Not just the combat training, either.”
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah smiled, a deep, relaxed, contented smile. “I have, haven't I? It feels… Good.” He squeezed her hand, taking a sip from his smoothie. “Sometimes I wonder how things would've turned out if I hadn't spoken to you that day, and we'd just… Gone our own ways.”)
logyan.png?dl=0 I've wondered too.” Sharp feelings of guilt. But she remembered Nagisa Kaworu's words from the hospital, and felt a little better somehow. “What a year,” She muttered. “What a crazy year.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 was chewing her way through her burger. A living example of the crazy year that had passed.-
GM.png?dl=0 (“I'm glad I didn't turn away.” Said Isaiah fondly.)
logyan.png?dl=0 That makes two of us.” She drank from her straw at last. “I can't bring myself to believe in destiny. But that… really was amazing. Just one conversation coming from chance and courage changed so much.”
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah didn't have much to add to that, except to smile warmly.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 quickly finished off her questionable breakfast. “I'm finished. Can we go now, Meimei? Zaizai?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Of course. Ready?” She stood, glancing to Isaiah.
GM.png?dl=0 (“Of course.” He rose.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 stood up, too, taking Yanmei's other hand again.
logyan.png?dl=0 Together, they walked! The second floor was full of clothing and accessory shops, actually, but the first one that Yanmei had in mind sold more modest apparel… lots of basics and plain clothes with minimal patterns and simple styles. Some plain undergarments too. “Tah dah! Here's where we start - the foundations of every wardrobe.”
GM.png?dl=0 (“You two should go in. I might have a look around for a few bits and bobs- you're better at this than I am, I think.” Said Isaiah, giving her hand a final squeeze before letting go.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Simple starts, Meimei? Let's go!”
logyan.png?dl=0 Ah…” she was not expecting that. But maybe it was normal. Guys were usually bored with this sort of thing, weren't they? Still, a pinch of anxiety over leaving him behind.
GM.png?dl=0 (“See you in a bit, ok?” Said Isaiah cheerfully, heading off towards another store.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 was still staring towards their destination, however.
logyan.png?dl=0 hesitated further… and finally raised her hand in a little wave. For Rei's sake, she wouldn't look troubled. “All right. Let's go! We'll get some staples, but if anything else catches your eye, just tell me, okay?”-
logyan.png?dl=0 We'll need jeans, a button-up shirt or two, maybe a nice simple skirt… ah. Did your mom explain to you about underwear?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 nodded, memorising the short list, but she tilted her head at the last article, as if not quite sure what Yanmei meant. “She said it needed to be clean and warm.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yes, that's true… But did she teach you about wearing bras? Getting fitted, and how to look for new ones, and which ones look appropriate with which tops?” Maybe it was a good thing Isaiah had left. He probably would have turned red at this point.
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 She gave me a few.” Said Rei. “But we never really discussed it. She thought it was weird.” That seemed to trouble Rei.
logyan.png?dl=0 Right. Basically, you just call a sales associate over. She'll take some measurements, and make some suggestions that are appropriate for your size.” Yanmei roamed the store, picking out this and that, and seeing if Rei picked out some things too.-
logyan.png?dl=0 It's also pretty easy to pick out what type you need. If you want to wear a sleeveless top, you should get a strapless bra so that it doesn't show. Althetic bras are obviously best if you're working out or playing sports. And there are others that are for every day wear. Just to wear under your school uniform or t-shirt. Got it?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 nodded promptly, paying attention. “Got it, Meimei. It seems simple.”
logyan.png?dl=0 It is! It's really easy.” She held up a shirt to her, trying to measure if it would fit or not. She sighed. “You might have to try out a lot of them too, to see what's most comfortable. There's all sorts of padding and support aides. And as you get older, you'll find that what worked for you when you were younger isn't so great for you now.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 I see.” Said Rei, frowning. Then…! “I have an idea.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Oh?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Zaizai is really good with measurements.” Said Rei. “Once he bought me a jacket without even having to look at the tags or anything.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Uhh…” Crap. Aside from the obvious, she had a point! “Maybe we should do it ourselves instead of finding him. He must have had a reason for wandering off like that…”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Oh, you're right.” Said Rei. “I hope he's alright. But it's probably best to learn about this from you, anyway, Meimei.” She looked around at the apparel. “Where do I start…?”
logyan.png?dl=0 (They started with the fitting. Then came skirts and blouses and jeans, in all different colors. The next store had more patterns… polkadots, stripes, screenprints, sparkly lettering, and and absurd amount of hats.-
logyan.png?dl=0 Yanmei was having fun with styles. Scholarly, with added fake glasses. Sporty track suits and gym shoes. Silver-studded glam punk with makeup. American cowgirl, with the appropriate hat and boots.)
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 had been a willing and enthusiastic participant. The scholarly look suited her- Rei said as much. The sporty look she enjoyed, too- it made her feel active and like going for a run, she'd said. The glam punk look made her feel… Strange. The makeup, when applied to her unusual face, seemed to produce a mildly offputting effect that wasn't attractive at all.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 The cowgirl look was 'cool', said Rei. She went through other outfits too- a simple yellow sundress, which she quickly bought; a proper yellow sweater and black skirt; a crisp white button-up shirt and tight jeans.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Outside of genuinely hideous combinations and ones that obviously didn't work, Rei was easy to dress- and the pile of 'yes' clothes was steadily increasing.
logyan.png?dl=0 Having fun?” Yanmei could feel the end approaching - it had been a while since they'd parted with Isaiah. Nevertheless, she drew a frilly pink princess-style dress from a rack, and silently sized Rei up and down.
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 I am!” Said Rei. She peered at the dress in Yanmei's hand- then with highly sustained enthusiasm, took it from her hand gently and vanished into the changing room.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Meimei?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yes?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 What clothes do you like to wear?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Stylish and sophisticated ones. Things with clean, simple lines and bold colors for attention. Knit dresses, short skirts, colorful tights, and boots, and tons of accessories. What about you, Rei? Have you discovered some types of clothes that you like wearing?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 …” A moment of silence. Then… “I like colourful clothes, and ones that feel nice to wear. I also like clothes that make me look…” There was a pause. “Different.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Different?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Clothes that make me look different to how I used to look.” Said Rei. “Things that are more unfamiliar and special that only I would wear, and… Things that are different to what I would've worn…” She trailed off.
logyan.png?dl=0 smiled to herself, pleased. “It sounds that those types of clothes are pretty exciting to you.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 They are!” Said Rei, almost as if relieved. “They make me feel better about… About me.” She emerged, dressed in her frilly pink princess dress. She did a twirl. “Am I pretty?”
logyan.png?dl=0 You're amazing!” Yanmei raised both hands in twin thumbs-up. “You look like a real lady! Hehe… Do you feel pretty?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 I do. I feel like a magical girl.” Said Rei, a very light blush coming to her pale cheeks. “… Do you think… Zaizai will find me pretty too?” She asked hopefully.
logyan.png?dl=0 Who wouldn't?” That expression… but Yanmei refused to hesitate. “Do you want to wear it home?”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Is that ok…?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah, as long as you're careful not to spill anything on it. I'll arrange it with the salesclerk.”
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Thank you, Meimei. <3”
logyan.png?dl=0 Wait here, ok?” And she headed off to do just that. Change wasn't all bad, according to Rei. However, in passing a row of screenprinted shirts, distressed and decorated with crimson splashes, something inside of her shuddered. She found the salesperson, smiled, and before long, the two of them were on their way, carrying tons of bags between them.
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 happily held her bags, eager to show them off.-
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah had returned by that point, carrying a few bags of his own. “Ah-” He stared at them both.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Zaizai!” Said Rei cheerfully. “How do I look? Am I pretty?”-
GM.png?dl=0 (“Ah-” The boy was taken aback by the change in wardrobe, but he rolled with it. “Yeah, Reirei. Of course you do. The pink really suits you, it makes you look really cute.”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 blushed happily.-
GM.png?dl=0 (“How did it go? Everything ok?” He asked Yanmei.)
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah, smooth sailing. We ended up buying… well, more than I'd anticipated. What about on your end? Get something nice for yourself too?”
GM.png?dl=0 (“Hmmm.” Isaiah giggled. “Actually, not really~ Check this out.” He reached into the bags.-
GM.png?dl=0 (“This is for you.” He handed Yanmei a lovely cashmere violet scarf- and Rei, a powdery blue one. “And for you, Reirei.”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Ah…!” Rei stared at it and quickly started wrapping it around her neck. “It's wonderful…”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah, seriously.” Yanmei blinked down at hers in surprise, struggling to adjust her grip on the bags she was carrying. “You went and did this…?”
GM.png?dl=0 (“Hehe. Of course. Here.” Isaiah took Yanmei's bags like a proper gentleman, juggling them slightly with his own. “And I got you both hats, too.” He fumbled a little, pulling out a cute soft-topped cap for Yanmei, and a large sun hat for Rei. “Because you're so pale, Rei, it's important to keep out of the sun. And…” A moment more of awkward fumbling, and a shoe box fell into Yanmei's hands…)
logyan.png?dl=0 stared down at it. She was certain that she would find something familiar inside… and she pulled the lid off with a smile.
GM.png?dl=0 (“I-I know I got you violet ones at Christmastime, but these were a little shorter and glossier, and Marianne…” A pair of glossy blue stilettos!)
logyan.png?dl=0 So you did remember…” Yanmei breathed. “It's.. unbelievable. I can't believe they still have a pair like this in my size.”
GM.png?dl=0 (“Hehehe.” Isaiah grinned. “It was pretty lucky. If they didn't have them in your size, I was going to go order a pair made for your feet, but… Oh.” he ruffled through one of his bags, pulling out a box for Rei. “No high heels for you, but these are nice shoes anyway.”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 opened them, revealing a pair of almost perfect school-regulation white Mary Janes. “Ah, they're so cute…”
logyan.png?dl=0 It's thoughtful. It's incredibly thoughtful…” said Yanmei softly. She shifted her weight, her eyes on the shoebox. But something was stirring within hadness and anger and… helplessness. Moments like these were worth protecting, weren't they? And memories, too…
GM.png?dl=0 (“And one more thing for you, Reirei.”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 Ah…?”-
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah took out a small jewellry box and offered it to Rei.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 opened it, staring wide at the object within.-
GM.png?dl=0 (“It's a locket. You can put pictures of people you love in it, so you can remember them whenever you want. People are important. You're important to me- Meimei is important to me. So if you ever feel lonely or sad, you can open up your locket and look at the pictures of people special to you, and you can remember how much they love you.”-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 …” Rei was silent, as if she didn't really know what to say. She took the locket out, and held it up to the light before holding it close to her. “It's perfect…”
logyan.png?dl=0 The same gift… Yanmei was now aware of her own locket hanging around her neck, beneath her clothes. The people special to her. “It's pretty, isn't it? But Isaiah is right, too. Memories of the people who are special to you can give you your resolve back if you feel that you've lost it.” A second stirring… this time of more anger. Renewed confidence.
GM.png?dl=0 (Isaiah nodded. “I'm only who I am because of the people who I love.” He said, moving to pull Yanmei into a hug.-
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 looked as though for a moment she was going to cry- but instead she nodded, a slight frown of determination on her face. “… Thank you both, Meimei, Zaizai. You're both special to me. You're both helping me…”
logyan.png?dl=0 Of course we'd help you, i what she wanted to say. But then she remembered the days following this Rei's awakening, and felt suddenly awful all over again. “You don't have to thank us, you know,” she said.
Reicivlogs.png?dl=0 smiled, and nodded a little at Yanmei. “Alright, Meimei.” But she walked over and took Yanmei's hand again.-
GM.png?dl=0 (“So. Where to now?”)
logyan.png?dl=0 Well, let's see…”-
logyan.png?dl=0 And there were more stores, and more dressing up - for both Rei and Isaiah, now that they had reunited. There was also an additional stop at the food court. It was the right time of day to buy unhealthy junk, so this time even Yanmei indulged in a sugary sundae. But after lunch, they wandered back toward the parking area, full and a little worn out from the day's antics.
logyan.png?dl=0 They should have headed home right away… but on the way, another idea struck Yanmei, and she veered off target by way of a different exit ramp.
GM.png?dl=0 (Rei was at this point already snoozing on the back seat, curled up and using a bag of her new clothes as a pillow.-
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 quirked an eyebrow. “We going somewhere else?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Is that okay?” She glanced over at him, a little worried, as if he might disagree.
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 No, of course not.” Said Isaiah, chuckling. “Just wondering where we're off to, that's all.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Just a nice spot that I found the other day, that's all.” She double-checked the sleeping Rei in her mirror, and sighed almost to herself. “What do you think of her, Isaiah? She's.. not just a little kid anymore.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 She isn't, no. She's still very kiddy-like…” Isaiah smiled fondly at the image in the mirror. “… But she's also… I don't know. She's more different now. She's starting to become a young woman, and in a way, it's sort of like she's doing it in her own fashion.”
logyan.png?dl=0 She wanted to impress you today, you know. That's why she's wearing the princess dress instead of her regular clothes.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 Impress me?” Asked Isaiah curiously.
logyan.png?dl=0 She asked me if you would think she looked pretty in the dress. Then I said it was okay for her to wear it around.” Yanmei pulled off onto a smaller road. “But… she was also discovering what she likes and doesn't like to wear today. She's sort of a conservative dresser. Comfort and 'looking different'… looking different than the way she used to are important to her.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 …” Isaiah leaned his arm against the side of the door, propping his head up on it. “That's good news. It means she's starting to develop her own sense of self.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah! That's really for the best.” Fewer buildings, now. “She'll probably start to see us differently too? We might still end up important to her, but… thing are already a little different between the three of us. Because she's a different person.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 nodded. “Yeah. I'm glad things are changing, though.” He smiled. “It's not fair on her -or- us to treat her like a little girl.” He beamed at Yanmei. “She really likes you, huh? The two of you were so adorable, snuggling together in the food court.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah, I'd say we get along okay.” Yanmei grinned back. “I owe it to my mom, I guess. If she hadn't forced me to go the Ikaris that day…”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 She's a smart woman, your mother.” Said Isaiah, chuckling. “I can see some of her in you.”
logyan.png?dl=0 My mother is not the sort of woman who would have allowed herself to bring home three D's during any school semester,” Yanmei chuckled wryly. “And she would keep her head when things got bad instead of getting losing control of her emotions. But you know? She still said that she was proud of me. She said that her hope for me was what got her through Second Impact.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 She has good reason to be proud.” Said Isaiah, smiling. “She… Had a rough time during Impact, huh? She must be pretty tough. Even then… Well. Everyone needs hope of some kind.”
logyan.png?dl=0 drove in silence for a few minutes, as the road transitioned from city to countryside. She wasn't going to look for the -exact- same spot. Just someplace far enough away. “She sent me to Paris-2 because my ambitions weren't good enough,” she confessed at last. “But by working as a pilot, I can be someone more worthy of that hope.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 blinked in surprise at the transition from urban landscape to green hills. But he rolled with it. “What were your ambitions before Paris-2, Yanyan?”
logyan.png?dl=0 I wanted to run,” she said wistfully. “I loved it a lot. That's all I wanted to do…”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 was quiet. “To run, huh?” He asked, looking over at Yanmei.-
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 There was a sad, fond look in his eyes as he reached out and patted Yanmei's leg supportively. “Well. -I- think it's a fine ambition myself.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Thank you,” she said softly. A few more minutes passed… and then Yanmei pulled over by the side of the road and peered out of the drivers side window. “She took me to a place like this, overlooking Tokyo-2, and she told me these things. Except it was night time, and the city was a lot prettier than the way this one looks right now.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 peered out at the city below, dotted with hulks and shells of buildings, a forest of cranes standing vigil over the ruins.-
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 He was, however, still silent, a pensive look on his face.
logyan.png?dl=0 opened the car door. “Isaiah? Let's get a little fresh air. Come on.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 Sure, one moment.” He opened his side and stepped out.
logyan.png?dl=0 walked. The spot she led him to was a ways from the car… but still visible from it and vice-versa. There was a sleeping Rei in the back, after all. “I ended up in a place like this with Captain Misato and Marianne and Jeanne Simon too, the other day. Fewer bugs and cameras out here, apparently.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 followed, moving quickly to catch up to her before matching her pace. “Yeah?” He looked around. “… The perfect place for a private conversation, huh.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Whoever's responsible for recent events is likely in NERV. Likely someone on the top, too, if I'm to believe in Simon's speculation.” She stopped walking. “Do you want to hear?”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 nodded solemnly, once. “Of course.”
logyan.png?dl=0 I don't like to spread information without evidence. It's a lousy, messy way to do things.” Yanmei stared out over te broken city. “But… 04 and I haven't bonded that much. Not by the standards of other pilots and their EVAs. There simply isn't much connecting us.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 looked at Yanmei instead. “… I know.” He said quietly.
logyan.png?dl=0 Suppose that someone tried to change that.” She lowered her head a little. “Tried to force the two of us to have something in common, at least, in order to strengthen that bond.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 …” Isaiah connected the dots fairly quickly. “… By hurting you? By making you lonely and… And angry.” He whispered. There was a strange look in his eye, but…
logyan.png?dl=0 It's the first possible suggestion to float along to me since the… the park happened.” Yanmei shook her head. “There were two things connecting the incidents, they said. The first was that whoever designed it wanted me very much alive. The second was that they were designed in such a way as to create a terrible emotional impact. It's a nice neat theory. Especially since no one can explain why you were shot.-
logyan.png?dl=0 “purple|Who would want to hurt you to that extent? Plus… there's more.”## She gazed at him a moment, and nearly frowned, seeing something that worried her there.
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 I… I see.” A hand went to his stomach- where she knew, he now bore a scar. “Go on, Yanyan, I'm listening.”
logyan.png?dl=0 If it was just about piloting, this would be unnecessary. It's not like the two of us have performed terribly in synch tests. At least, not -all- the time. But do you remember when I told you of 04's personal ambitions?”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 Yeah.” Murmured Isaiah. “I do.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Suppose… just suppose that his creators, or the followers of Elisha Caine, or someone else looking forward to the destruction of the world… suppose they're getting impatient.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 …” Isaiah almost shivered. “They… They'd be wanting to make you -want- to do what 04 wants…”
logyan.png?dl=0 I've been rejecting 04's plan for me since he first started bringing it up. If we were bonded together more closely… if we shared the same desire…” She couldn't make herself go on.
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 …” Isaiah looked grim. “… But… But you don't, do you?” Said Isaiah quietly.
logyan.png?dl=0 I'm not a monster,” she said after a long, bitter pause.
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 No, you're not.” Said Isaiah, taking a little step closer to her, enough for her to feel his warmth. “I won't let them turn you into one either.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Thank you.” He was warm. She hadn't noticed how cold the wind was out here until he had stepped closer. “I won't let them either. We can't put our faith in NERV now either. Not if this turns out to be the job of an insider.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 You're right.” Murmured Isaiah. “It seems a lot of the higher-ups aren't to be trusted anyway. But… Who can we trust, then?”
logyan.png?dl=0 I don't have an answer for that,” she said sadly. “I don't think Marianne or Dorian would hurt us. But they can't protect us either.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 … Then it's up to us?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Probably.” She shut her eyes a moment. “There's no proof of any of this. I'm hoping things won't be that bad after all. Like maybe it's my imagination running away with me? But… it would be better if we were both on our guard from now on.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 nodded once. “Alright.”
logyan.png?dl=0 gazed at him. She didn't know whether to attach additional warnings to make sure he got the message or to apologise for bringing down the mood again. So she didn't say anything at all.
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 took another step forward, wrapping his arms around Yanmei tightly. Gently, he put his forehead to her's. “You're not alone.” He kept the wind's chill away…
logyan.png?dl=0 I know,” she murmured, and tried to smile at him. “Even if it's just us two, we can't give in.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 smiled in return. He was quiet for awhile.-
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 Yanmei?”
logyan.png?dl=0 Yeah?”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 What sort of future are we going to build?”
logyan.png?dl=0 I don't know,” she murmured, “but it should be a happy one. Something we can build by ourselves.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 A happy future.” he murmured in return. “Promise me something, alright?”
logyan.png?dl=0 What is it?”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 Promise me that no matter what, the future we build is one we build together.”
logyan.png?dl=0 Count on it.” She would have nodded, but their touching foreheads made it awkward.
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 smiled. “I'm glad…”
logyan.png?dl=0 stood for a while, her eyes closed, and then finally opened them, serene for now. “Let's head back.”
Isaiah%20logs.png?dl=0 Alright.” He said, a loving smile on his face. And with that, they turned and headed back to the car, where Rei Ayanami still soundly slept.
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