Longinus Spirit Assimilation Rules

Longinus Spirits: Basics

Sera now gains a third 'meter', labelled "Spirit Presence". Like Insanity, it starts at 0, and finishes at a maximum of 100. A higher level indicates a higher presence of Longinus spirits within Sera, granting him greater power and abilities, but also expanding their infiltration of his soul, slowly converting him into one of them.
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Spirit Presence Increases

Spirit Presence may be increased in one of the following ways.

Ego Transference: Whenever Sera takes Ego Damage from any source, he may freely opt to negate said damage. For every point of Ego damage negated, he gains 1 point of Spirit Presence.
Psycho-Reinforcement: Whenever Sera takes Insanity Damage from any source, he may freely opt to negate said damage. For every two points of Insanity damage negated, he gains 1 point of Spirit Presence.
Stunned: Whenever Sera is stunned in a combat situation, regardless of the source, he instantly gains 1d5 Spirit Presence, +1 per extra round of Stun. (So if he is stunned for 5 rounds, he takes 1d5+4 Spirit Presence).
Physical Replacement: Whenever Sera takes Critical Damage to his P-Scale form, he may freely opt to negate said damage. For every point of Critical Damage he negates, he gains 3 points of Spirit Presence.
Second Chance: If Sera is killed, or otherwise forced to burn a Fate Point, he may opt to keep the Fate point. If he does so he immediately gains 50 Spirit Presence.

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Spirit Presence Decreases

Spirit Presence may be decreased in one of the following ways.

Knowledge Sacrifice: Sera may negate Spirit Presence by spending unspent XP, at a rate of 100 XP per 1 Spirit Presence. He may not reduce it below the last degree (last ten, i.e he cannot reduce 35 down to 29).
Fate Burn: Sera may burn a Fate Point to immediately reduce his Spirit Presence by 50.

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Spirit Presence Effects

Synch Tolerance

For every 10 Spirit Presence, Sera treats his SR as 10 less for the purposes of working out how much Ego Damage he takes from oversynching. Thus, at SP 10, Sera does not start taking oversynch Ego damage until he has 111 SR; similarly at SP 50, Sera does not start taking oversynch Ego damage until he has 151 SR.
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Minor Assimilations

Minor Assimilations are physical or metaphysical alterations to Sera's form. Each alteration is, practically, beneficial, improving his capabilities in some way. However, each alteration is also a signifier of the Lance's growing power over him.

For every 10 SP points Sera gains, he must test Willpower, with a penalty equal to half the amount of SP he has. On a failure, he gains a random Assimilation from the list below by rolling a 1d100 and comparing the result. He may control this process to an extent; he may choose to modify his final roll up or down by a single category.

Alternatively, Sera may choose to willingly give into the Assimilation. He makes no Willpower test, and may modify his final roll up or down by up to five categories.

Sera may not gain the same Assimilation twice. If he is in a circumstance where he is forced to do so, he must reroll the 1d100 until he is in a situation to gain a new Assimilation. The changes are gradual, taking at least 24 hours to set in, or occurring after a reconstitution.

Finally, Assimilations are a sign that the influence the Spirits have on him has increased, and they will try to extract payment for their boon. For every Assimilation Sera gains, he must perform a minor favour for the Spirits, a favour they will decide by consensus. Thus, such a favour may be extremely random, trivial or difficult to accomplish, such as 'eating a rose', 'making friends' or 'collecting the laughter of sad children'. On the other hand, these favours could have negative outcomes, although they will rarely be on a larger magnitude than 'kill this person' or 'destroy this building'.

If Sera refuses to perform the favour, then punishment is swift. For a whole week after his refusal, he possesses a single Curse Point per turn. If he is in the circumstance where he refuses multiple favours at once, the length increases by an extra week per refused favour.

Roll Effect
1-10 Evaflesh: Sera's skin begins to distort and change composition. It retains the same flexibility, colour and feel, yet becomes extremely tough and difficult to penetrate. A good eye notices that the flesh starts taking on a shape more resembling that of an Eva than a human. He gains the Natural Armor (2) trait, which increases by +1 per degree of SP.
11-15 Unnatural Limbs: Sera's limbs become much more malleable and flexible, capable of reaching greater distances and bending in disturbing ways. He gains the Disturbing Anatomy trait, and a +20 bonus to Contortionist tests.
16-20 Leaper: The muscles in Sera's legs become springy and powerful, capable of propelling him great distances on a jump. He doubles the distance of all leaps and jumps, gains a +20 to leap and jump tests, and may use the Gravity Kick talent in P-Scale, adding SB/2 extra damage to the attack. Furthermore, his AB counts as *2 for the purposes of dodging Blast attacks.
21-25 Deathsight: For a few precious seconds, Sera is capable of perceiving the exact points on an enemy which are easiest to devastate. Once per day, he may use Deathsight, adding an amount of damage to a single attack, adding +1 damage per degree of SP.
26-35 Bestial Claws: Sera's hands become elongated and tougher, his fingers terminating in extremely sharp rending claws. He gains a pair of Natural Weapons, claws, which deal 1d10+SB R P4 damage, and gains a +1 to damage per two degrees of SP. The claws also have the Tearing quality.
36-45 Disturbing Intellect: Sera's intellectual ability suddenly expands to an alarming degree. He gains +10 Intelligence, the Total Recall and Infused Knowledge talents. He also gains the Unnatural Intelligence (+Degrees of SP), and may freely select a number of Lores up to twice his natural Intelligence bonus to become proficient in.
46-55 Supernatural Awareness: Sera gains the ability to sense and perceive an unnatural amount of data from the environment around him. He gains +10 Perception, the Unnatural Perception (+Degrees of SP) and Angelic Senses (PB) trait.
56-60 Eva's Might: Sera's muscles undergo an extremely painful transformation; by the end of it they are no longer really human muscles, but are composed of the tough, powerful muscles that an Eva uses. He gains +10 Strength and gains the Unnatural Strength (+Degrees of SP) trait.
60-70 Dreadnought: Sera's physical form remains outwardly unchanged, yet he becomes much more resilient to harm; even advanced weapons sometimes failing to damage his extremely tough frame, the wounds vanishing within seconds. He gains +10 Toughness as well as the Unnatural Toughness (+Degrees of SP) and Regeneration (1/2 Degrees of SP) traits.
71-75 Charismatic Aura: Sera manifests a sudden unexpected aura of charisma that draws people to him, even people who may once have hated him. He starts to innately sense the perfect things to say, the perfect actions to take as well. He gains +10 Fellowship as well as the Unnatural Fellowship (+Degrees of SP) trait, and gains proficiency and the Talented talent in all Fellowship-related skills.
76-80 Fluid Form: Sera's form becomes lighter and more graceful without losing its strength or ability. He gains +10 Agility as well as the Unnatural Agility (+Degrees of SP) trait, which does not affect his movement speed. He gains proficiency and the Talented talent in all Agility-related skills, and gains the Step Aside talent.
81-85 Angelic Light: Sera's form gains bizarre and improbable abilities as his AT Field is unlocked, and he gains the ability to manifest transparent, glowing wings of light. He gains +10 SR, a P-Scale ATS equal to his usual SR Bonus, and gains the Winged Form trait, which works exactly like the Eva upgrade of the same name.
86-90 Manifest Will: Sera's sheer force of will is capable of manifesting in forceful ways, changing those around him. He gains +10 Willpower, the Unnatural Willpower (+Degrees of SP) trait, and gains a Fear rating equal to half his WPB. He also gains a ranged Natural Attack, hitting all things in a 45 degree 20m cone in front of him for 1d10+WPB Energy damage, with Penetration equal to 1/2 his Degrees of SP.
91-95 Shadow Form: Sera gains the ability to become as intangible and quiet as shadow. He may, as a Full Action, become Incorporeal, allowing him to walk through walls and solid objects, a +30 bonus to all stealth tests, and the Hoverer (6) trait. He may not be injured by normal weapons, nor may he injure others with attacks other than his Manifest Will attack or through AT Field attacks. AT Field attacks or AT Field augmented attacks, Force Bolt weapons and Channelled weapons may still hurt him, however.
96-100 Blessing of Longinus: Sera gains a single conditional Longinus Fate Point. He may spend this Fate as normal, with the following caveats: if he uses it to reroll or before a test, he automatically resets his roll to 1; if he uses it to set his initiative roll to 10, he gains a Surprise Round; if he spends it to remove damage, he may remove 1d5+TB instead of the usual amount; and finally he may spend the point to instantly gain any one minor Assimilation on this list for 1 hour, or to increase his degrees of SP for the purpose of augmenting his Assimilations by 2. Whenever he uses this point, he gains 1d10 SP.

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