Eva Changelog

Eva Generation

Eva Generation
Eva Wounds increased to TB+5 for the head, TB+7 for the limbs and (TB*2)+10 for the body.

Eva Features

Adaptive now has Structural Upgrades worth 1 SUP cost 2 SUP. Before, it made all Structural Upgrades cost +1 extra.
Extreme Redundancy now adds +4 Wounds. Before, it added +2.
Lightweight Chassis now applies the Weak Spot (2) Quality to all locations. Before, it reduced AP by 2.
Concept Model now increases cost of repairing or restoring the Eva instead of increasing Natural Weapon costs.
Engineering Cooperative now increases cost of S2, Adaptive and Natural Weapon upgrades instead of increasing WUP costs.
Heroic Icon reduces the BS and damage bonuses enemies Horde gain, and now grants the Eva a conditional fate point which may only be given to an ally..
Prototype now increases the cost of Special Armour Upgrades. Before it used to reduce AP by 1.

Eva Upgrades

Bio Upgrades

Basic Bio Upgrades
Adrenal Implants shifted into S2 Upgrades.
Limited S2 Organs now grant Unnatural Toughness (+2).
Unlimited S2 Organs now grant Unnatural Toughness (+4). Before they granted Unnatural Toughness (*2).
Farsight Unnatural Eye now increases Strategic Sight range by +2. Before it granted +10 range to weapons.
Spectrum Unnatural Eye now grants the Dark Sight trait and reduces the penalties from fog and smoke by -10.
S2 Upgrades
Adrenal Implants shifted here, and are now Pointman only.
Extreme Senses is a new Sniper-exclusive, an upgrade that grants them improved senses.
Hysterical Speed is a new Skirmisher-exclusive, an upgrade that grants them a short burst of activity in exchange for fatigue.
Solenoid Organelles are now AT Tactician-exclusive, and increase the augment of an AT Field Power by 1 per purchase.
Winged Form is now a category of upgrades, from which a party may choose one or the other.
Morphic Wings is what used to be Winged Spine. It now grants Flight (AB) instead of Flight (10), but is no longer restricted to B-Type Armour..
Seraphic Pinions is what used to be Winged Form. It now increases the range of AT Field Powers by a step, and its fate-expenditure ability only increases ATP and not ATS (so no boosting Deflection).
Adaptive Morphologies
Ursic's Ursic Predator now adds Improved Natural Weapons (2) if you already possess the Predator Feature.
Natural Weapons
Now two ranks of Acid.
Bone Shield allows Arm Blades to gain the Shield Quality.
Carapace and Ossified Plate AP reduced by 1.
Energy Field loses the +2 Penetration bonus.
Serrated I-III dropped to +2 damage, +1 Penetration from +2 Damage/Penetration.

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Structural Upgrades

Basic Structural Upgrades
Active Camo increases stealth bonus when in cover.
Autobalancer now allows you to test to cancel Prone instead of granting a generic Acrobatics bonus.
'Features' has been renamed to Plugmods, and greatly expanded to provide specific bonuses.
Armour Upgrades
Ablatives now broken into three subtypes: Carapace, Gauntlets and Leggings.
Reactive Charges clarified so that each body location has a single 'shot' of Charges each.
Special Armour Upgrades
Armour Interface is new: it reduces penalties from Letter-Type Equipment.
Electrified Armour is renamed to Elasticity Treating.
Formadibility Revision is new; it allows you to terrify Hordes.
Fortified Armour's 'Fortified' Quality has changed; it now instead applies a -20 penalty to Righteous Fury confirmation tests.
NanoAb Reinforcement is new; it allows you to spend a Full to empower Ablatives. It requires the Nanotechnology Applications technology.
Reactive Gel is new; it allows you to expend a reaction, and a limited number of shots, to increase your AP for a round.
Spiritual Circuitry is new; it grants your armour the Spirit Armour and Psy-Proof (2) upgrades, but makes you more vulnerable to feedback, ego and insanity. It requires the Angelic Armours upgrade.
The Stealth Suit has been much simplified. It provides the Light Armour Quality, reduces AP by 2, and provides the Chameleon Armour Quality- which has been changed to have an in-built time limit. Previously the Stealth-Suit prevented you from also spreading an AT Field, which was a little stupid.
Heavy Chassis Upgrades
Heavy Chassis Upgrades require a Heavy Chassis, and are limited to one per unit. They often solve certain tactical problems or open up new approaches but come at a cost.
The Alpha Coordinator is good for Sniper Evas who tend to carry their fair share of Weapon Docks.
The Ammo Backpack increases ammo stores, but it reduces agility and carries the risk of exacerbating damage.
Booster Systems allow Evas to, for a limited time, fly without having to expend a proper reaction to do so. It's good for Skirmishers and units who have weak armour who rely on dodges and penalties to survive.
The Bulk Container is a very large dock that can carry the heaviest of stuff. It can also be used to carry E-Scale Gear (heavy), which is a new thing coming soon.
The S2 Adapter allows Evangelions to power energy weapons at the cost of defense. Its also the only way for Evas to use a Positron Great Cannon on Maximal Mode, but this comes with its own risks.
Tactical Rigs are a cheap option for Evangelions who don't need anything fancy, just extra storage space.
Wing Loadouts
MAGI-RMD now has a range limit.
A-Docks no longer carry Heavy Ammo; Heavy Ammo now requires a B-Dock.
Disposable Launchers are new, replacing the Strike Missiles.
Impact Bolts are now a Line Attack and using two at once adds +4 Damage and Penetration. Before, using two would make it a 4d10 P10 attack.
All pilots may now access any Plugsuit they desire without having to spend XP, so long as the tech to unlock that Plugsuit has been researched.
Armoured Plugsuits are stronger.
The Limiter Suit now treats you as being 2 categories lower for the purposes of Feedback.
Impact Bolts are now a Line Attack and using two at once adds +4 Damage and Penetration. Before, using two would make it a 4d10 P10 attack.

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