Evangelion Rules

Generating an Evangelion

Generate Characteristics

Evangelions rely mostly on their pilots for their Characteristics, but Strength and Toughness are inherent to the Evangelion. Eva Characteristics begin as follows:

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Synch Ratio
Pilot Pilot 30 30 Pilot Pilot

These characteristics are the ones primarily modified by an Evangelion's abilities and upgrades.

After generating these characteristics, you may then add 10 points to either an Evangelion's Strength or Toughness.
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Generate Vitals

Evangelions have six body parts, each with its own wound pool. Below are the rules for generating an Evangelion's starting wounds and AP.

Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 2 TB+5
Right Arm 11 – 20 2 TB+7
Left Arm 21 – 30 2 TB+7
Body 31 – 70 4 (TB*2)+10
Right Leg 71 – 85 2 TB+7
Left Leg 86 – 100 2 TB+7

AP can be increased by Features and Upgrades, as can Wounds. Do note that as your TB increases, your wounds will as well.
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Generate Features

Evangelions possess four Features, one each from the Soul, Mutation, Construction and History lists.

The lists may be found here.
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Upgrading Evangelions

Evangelions may be upgraded in one of three areas: Biological Upgrades, Structural Upgrades and Weapon Upgrades. Pilots may purchase BUP, SUP and WUP with XP, which can then be used to purchase upgrades.

Biological Upgrades

Biological Upgrades often modify the Evangelion's inherent traits, such as their characteristics, wounds or special abilities. Biological Upgrades are purchased with BUP.

Biological Upgrades come in one of four categories.

Basic Bio Upgrades, which is a broad category of upgrades with a low entry point.
S2 Upgrades, which are powerful but specialised upgrades that require an S2 Organ.
Adaptive Morphologies, which permanently alter an Evangelion in a drastic way. An Evangelion may only possess one Morphology.
Natural Weapons, which can outfit an Evangelion with a variety of useful and powerful natural weaponry which they may always use. Unlike other upgrades, WUP may be permanently expended to purchase Natural Weapon upgrades.

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Structural Upgrades

Structural Upgrades often modify an Evangelion's external traits, such as their AP, equipment carrying abilities or Entry Plugs. Structural Upgrades are purchased with SUP.

Structural Upgrades come in one of five categories.

Basic Structural Upgrades, which is a broad category of generic upgrades, including improved Entry Plugs and various other low-level upgrades.
Armour Upgrades, which modify an Evangelion's armour, such as through AP increases or Ablatives.
Special Armour Upgrades, which further modify an Evangelion's defensive capabilities. However, these are often quite expensive. Furthermore, an Evangelion may not have more than four Special Armour Upgrades at a time.
Heavy Chassis Upgrades, which add powerful utility upgrades to an Eva, often incurring penalties in other areas. An Evangelion may not have more than one Heavy Chassis Upgrade at a time.
Wing Loadouts, which modify the Evangelion's wing docks to improve their capacity or outfit them with useful gadgets. An Evangelion has two wing dock slots- one on the left shoulder and one on the right. It may also be granted limited slots for A-Docks on its arms with the Arm Remodelling upgrade.
Plugsuits, which modify the pilot's performance in the Evangelion. Plugsuits are free, but a pilot may only wear one at a time.

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Weapon Upgrades

Weapon Upgrades allow an Evangelion to 'purchase' weapons for combat. Weapons are purchased with WUP.

WUP is not permanently expended. Instead, whenever you buy a WUP, it goes into a 'WUP Pool'.
Before every battle, you may expend WUP to purchase weapons for that battle only. After the battle is over, the weapons are returned and your WUP refunded.
WUP can be permanently expended only to buy Natural Weapon or Natural Weapon Upgrades.

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