Quality Changelog

Weapon Qualities

Weapon Quality Notes
Weapon Type Qualities
Blaster has been erased; some of its qualities have been rolled into Scatter.
Carbines may now be readied as a Free Action, and always have the Rapid Fire Quality.
Compact Weapons may now be readied as a Free Action.
Core Knife has been erased. It has been rolled into the unique Sarissa Quality.
Force's Channel quality has been unchanged. However, the 'deal extra damage' effect has been limited to once a turn, and is now an SR-30 test. Furthermore, thrown Force Weapons can be retrieved as a Free by spending ATP.
Fusion now gains the Tearing Quality and Felling (2) Qualities at Point Blank Range.
Fusion Lance has been erased. The only Fusion Lance weapon is now a pistol, so it's moot.
Grenadier has been erased. This will be handled with upgrades.
Heat Weapons now possess the Power Field (20) Quality instead and their damage to flaming locations is reduced to +2.
Hellguns have been totally remodelled, now able to swap extra hits for penetration bonuses, setting damaged locations aflame and dealing extra damage to flaming locations.
Nanoblade bonus damage reduced to 1 per 2 DoS.
Pilum has been erased. It has been rolled into the unique Sarissa Quality.
Pneumatic has been overhauled; it now doubles Penetration against Ablatives, and may sacrifice extra hits to gain +2 pen per extra hit, max double usual.
Sigilite has been retooled similar to Force. Its 'deal extra damage' effect is flat SR however.
Teleforce has been erased, along with the category.
Positive Type Qualities
Accurate now only adds 1d10 damage, but gains the Proven (PB) Quality.
Acid has been rewritten for clarification and given a cap of half max AP.
Balanced now is better at resisting or triggering Feints and suffers no penalty when being used as part of a counter attack.
Burst renamed to Rapid Fire.
Concussive now saps an unspent reaction.
Corrosive has been erased.
Crippling has no effect on Machines now.
Devouring has no effect on Machines now.
Disrupt no longer deals extra damage. A cap now limits how much Deflection can be reduced by Disruption.
Fast attacks now are -20 penalty to parry and they gain a +20 bonus to feint attempts.
Nimble has been erased. Its bonus has been rolled into Balanced.
Offhand has been erased.
Power Field now has a variable success rate, but applies to both weapons it parries and weapons that parry it.
Twin-Linked has been rewritten like a Burst Attack, meaning it's now a Full Action that grants no to-hit bonuses.
Negative Type Qualities
Unbalanced weapons now take a -10 penalty to defending against or using Feint.
Unwieldy weapons now take a -20 penalty to defending against or using Feint.

Armour Qualities

Armour Quality Notes
Material Qualities
Angelic Silk no longer provides an extra reaction. Instead, it provisionally allows you to reroll a single dodge test per turn.
Ablative has been changed; it will now be stronger against lower-pen attacks but weaker against higher-pen attacks.
Chameleon now has round limits.

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