Tactics Changelog

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Offensive Tactics
Ambuscade is new. It allows stealthed hordes to potentially daze unaware enemies.
Butts and Bayonets now receives more bonuses and lets the Horde reroll melee damage.
Coordinate Volleys now receives more bonuses and lets the Horde reroll ranged damage.
Fanatical Fury is now 1 round only.
Harass is new. It allows hordes to hit enemies with a penalty to tests.
Momentous Assault is new. It provides extra damage on a charge.
Offensive Stance is new. It provides a WS/BS bonus to all Hordes in an army. Furthermore, other Offensive Tactics are boosted by it.
Rip and Tear is a Stance and so affects all hordes in an army.
Shoot the Big Ones is being moved into Ploys.
Vanguard is new, and buffs Hordes that makes attacks at enemies close by.
Defensive Tactics
Defensive Stance replaces Defensive Formation. It provides a passive mag damage reduction across the whole army.
Fortify remains unchanged, except it now gains extra bonuses.
Go to Ground is new, and allows a Horde to halve magnitude damage as a reaction tactic. It also knocks them prone.
Hold the Line love isn't always on time remains unchanged, except it now gains extra bonuses.
Repel Attackers is now a Reaction and has gained extra bonuses.
Sternguard benefits units close to the enemy and also acts as a counter to the Vanguard tactic.
Stiffen Backs is now a stance and provides the Disciplined trait, as well as a stacking bonus to WP tests.
Support Tactics
Example to Others now expands Support Range with DoS, and also permits allied hordes to use the affected horde's characteristics once per turn.
Master Tactician now keyed to DoS.
Mobile Stance replaces Get Moving. It now affects an Army and makes them faster.
Reconnaissance is new: it allows a Horde to expand its vision range.
Watchful Stance is new, and increases the awareness of affected Hordes.
Ploys are new, and refer to tactics that are used against enemy hordes to make them less effective.
Baiting Feint is used to help attack enemy hordes in cover, and has the ability to 'trick' an enemy horde out of cover.
Black Propaganda can make a horde at risk of breaking spread cascade penalties if it does break and run.
Conflicting Orders makes it harder to apply tactics to an enemy Horde.
Delaying Tactics slows an enemy Horde down.
Isolation Tactics prevents an enemy Horde from benefitting or providing Support.
Shoot the Big Ones reduces the protection a Horde provides to Specialists or Characters attached.
Watch the Skies reduces penalties to hit the horde if it's flying.

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