Talents Changelog

Combat Talents

Basic Combat Talents
Favoured Enemy no longer automatically spreads its bonus; it now requires a Command Test.
Melee Talents
Blademaster renamed to Battlemaster; now covers all melee attacks.
Blood Frenzy has its Penetration dropped to +3 and gains the Vengeful (-2) Quality, and had its duration halved.
Combat Master now also provides a -20 penalty to Hordes attempting to hit you in melee.
Sure Strike now lets you reroll a single melee hit location roll per round..
Ranged Talents
Eye of Vengeance now increases Accurate's Proven Quality, and gives it the Vengeful (-1) Quality.
Marksman now reduces the penalty for long-range attacks by 10. Before it totes neutralised it.
Heavy Precision (Overpower) now can sacrifice Penetration to gain the Disrupt Quality.
Heavy Precision (Brutal) has been replaced with (Busting), which allows a heavy weapon to reroll a single damage die against vehicles.
Stable Shooter now provides the Auto-Stabilised trait.
Pointman General Talents
Guardian loses the '-10 penalty to WS' for one round penalty because no one remembers it and Pointman talents blech overcomplicated
Pointman Melee Talents
Tactical Blow and Force Move now useful in Strategic Scale.
Pointman Ranged Talents
Obscuring Barrage now allows the enemy to roll Perception to resist, with a -5 penalty per hit sustained.

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Personal Talents

Interpersonal Talents
Devoted has been simplified; since all characters can now dive in front of another to take hits, Devoted gives Followers a bonus for doing this on you.
Elite Agent now lets you choose two bonuses instead of one, and lets you gain two skills at once.
Physical Talents
Burst of Speed now has a duration equal to AB/2.
Die Hard now lets you reroll Toughness tests to resist Blood Loss's effects.
Extreme Resilience no longer ignores Fatigue.
Feat of Strength's cap changed to natural SB/2.
Lightning Reflexes now gives Hordes a -20 penalty to hit you with Ranged Attacks. Doubling Init is mostly useless nowadays, but most Skirmishers have this talent. Should improve survivability.

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Specialist Talents

OD Talents
Elite Retinues no longer free to repair.
Favoured Tactics (Dropkick) bonus now includes Takedown as well as Knockdown. Who uses Knockdown tho
Favoured Tactics (Dynamic Action) now also covers being able to make a reaction without losing aim bonus.
Foster Teamwork (Defense Team) bonus AP reduced to 2.
Like a Boss (Take Charge) now makes your initiative flatly higher and lets you always win opposed agility tests to see who goes first in an action.
Precision Targeting's bonus now reduced to IB/2 because hell no.
Retinue Loadout (Elite Abilities) has expanded the talent list to include things like Wall of Steel, Step Aside and True Grit.
Retinue Loadout (Special Training) now has expanded options.
Synchronized Maneuver now increases Cohesion pool.
The Plan now allows you to 'bank' a Formation before the battle, and use it as a Free Action once per battle.
Vigilance now improves subordinate Awareness.
Support Talents
Combat Formation now increases Squad Cohesion as well.
Soak Fire now adds IB/2 to an ally-in-cover's AP. Before, it allowed allies in cover to treat their cover as being increased by the user's IB, but this had the potential to be 'hella confusing' because cover depletes with use.
Demolition Talents
Hit the Deck's out-of-reaction free dodge penalty increased to -20.
Piloting Talents
Adept Maneuvering now reduces damage after soak instead of increasing AP. This actively increases the survivability of smaller vehicles (if you have an AP4 vehicle and get hit by a Pen 10 weapon, you would need a fuckton of degrees to make even a dent.
Brace for Impact clarified so as to make it clear it doesn't affect direct attacks, eg. enemies shooting a crewmember with a gun.
Both Hotshot Pilot and Push the Limit have had the "And Acrobatics and Dodge" in E-Scale elements removed because E-Scale pilots use Operate for those anyway.
Push The Limit has been ruined forever now incurs damage if you fail the test at all, but the damage depends on DoS. Push the Limit is a fairly high-tier Operate ability- most characters who have it will often have fully trained Operate and good speeds. This means adding a +20 bonus is going to make failing at all unlikely as hell and failing by -more than the pilot's AB in Degrees of Failure- a mathematical impossibility in most cases.
Technician Talents
Overclocking (Energy Weapons) bonus reduced to IB/2.
Overclocking (Superheavy Units) bonus reduced to IB/2.

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Metaphysical Talents

AT Field Talents
Causality (Breaching Strike) now forces enemies testing Deflection to reroll their test. Changed because Massive Momentum/AT Funnel already has AT Penetration.
Causality (Displacement) now applies a penalty to evading melee attacks benefitting from Massive Momentum. Changed because adding such short range to melee attacks isn't very useful.
Champion (Protector) changed from Unnatural Toughness x2 to Unnatural Toughness (+4) because holy shit no.

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