Lucius D Armand
Name: Lucius Alan d'Armand
Occupation: Oblationist of the Order of St. Ophelia
Age: 17
Birthday: 9th of Iest
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120lb
Physical Description:
Lucius is relatively tall, with medium-long brown hair, and rich brown eyes. He has dangerously pale skin and a continually frail, unhealthy look. He wears glasses for his poor vision.

A childhood friend of Maia's, Lucius spent much of his early life enjoying admirable grades and blessed with near-perfect health. He shrugged off disease and was by all means a cheerfully energetic, physically active individual.

It was his blessed vitality that would be his sacrifice to seal Hammarus, the Blighted Plaguebearer within his being. His health traded for power, Lucius is now forced to wear glasses for his poor vision, sleeps whenever he can to dull the edge of continual tiredness, monitor his diet carefully to strengthen his immune system and avoid disease.

He is friendly, if prone to nervousness, and generally willing to help out whenever possible. He is highly loyal to Maia, and is perfectly willing to drop everything to assist her. He quietly appreciates the chance to work alongside her; something that is generally a rarity in their line of work.

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