Luna Riel
Name: Luna Riel
Position: Head of NERV Science and Technical Division
Sex: Female
Age: 47 (Born 1970)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'7" (170.1cm)
Build: Slender

Personal Details
"The technicians have started playing bingo whenever Pilot Blanc activates the AT Field, crossing off laws of sciences whenever she violates them. I hate to admit it, but if this keeps up then there might be real, positive use for the Evas after the Angels…"

Dr. Luna Riel, as the head of NERV Science and Technical Division, has one of the most important tasks in the entire organisation. Luna and her division have the weighty responsibility of preparing the Evangelions for combat, repairing their damage and researching new technology and techniques for the Evas to use. Luna herself is perhaps the only person in NERV who can fully understand the workings of the Evangelions on all levels- or at least, moreso than anyone else.

Dr. Riel has spent most of her life intertwined with science. Her parents were both scientists; in fact, Dr. Riel's mother, Dr. Sophie Riel, designed the MAGI Supercomputer and was also a lead designer in the Evangelion Project. Thus, it is no surprise that, with the passing of her parents, Dr. Riel's scientific pursuits have seen her take up the mantle her mother left behind. Nevertheless, it is a large niche to fill; something of which Dr. Riel is more than aware.

Despite being the scientist directly in charge of managing the most powerful weapons ever conceived, Dr. Riel's real focus is on the future and peaceful use of technology. The reality-bending abilities of the Evangelion, despite flying in the face of centuries of scientific study, could have very real, very useful applications in a post-Angel world.

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