Codename: Avenger
ID: Mass-Production Model
Pilot: Blanc-Type Dummy Plug Mk2
Role: Infiltration and CQC

Characteristics (Normal)

Name Value Bonus
Weapon Skill 60 8
Ballistic Skill 60 6
Strength 60 6
Toughness ██ 6
Agility 60 6
Synch Ratio ██ ██

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Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 9 13
Right Arm 11-15 9 15
Left Arm 16-20 9 15
Body 31-70 12 22
Right Leg 71-85 9 15
Left Leg 86-100 9 15
Reactions Basic
Ablatives Carapace

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Movement (Tac/Strat)

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 6 / 3 12 / 6 18 / 9 36 / 12

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Known Traits

Name Effect
Avenger-Type This unit is an Avenger-Type. It gains Unnatural Weapon Skill (2) and the Favoured Enemy (Creations of Man) talent.
Blanc-Type Dummy Plug Mk2 This unit has a Dummy Plug pilot, meaning it is automated. It does not take Ego or Insanity damage; instead whenever it would, it gains 'Stress' instead. This builds up over the course of a battle, but every turn the amount drops by 1. If Stress equals or exceeds 10, the unit instantly becomes Stunned for one round. At the end of this condition, it removes all Stress.
MP Evangelion This is a Mass Production Evangelion. It is immune to morale effects (fear, frenzy, etc), and never berserks, but counts as permanently Berserk for the purpose of Berserk talents. It may wield any type of weapon. It possesses a single Fate Point and suffers Critical Damage.

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Armour Slots Loadout
Slot 1 Fieldblinder Fittings
Slot 2 Shadowline Weave
Slot 3 Specialised Armour (E)
Slot 4 Specialised Armour (X)
Right Wing Loadout Type Cargo
███████ ███████
Left Wing Loadout Type Cargo
███████ ███████

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Known Talents

Basic Combat Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Favoured Enemy Creations of Man Select one type of enemy (eg. Stormtroopers, Iron Guard, E-Destroyers). You and all allies within visual and audio range take a +10 to hit this type of enemy.

Physical Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Swift Shadow - You do not take any penalties to Stealth due to running.

AT Field Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Assault Pattern Harvest Blade, Murderstroke, Shieldbreaker Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Assault Pattern effect at any one time.
- Harvest Blade By spending 6 ATP on Massive Momentum, the amount of attacks you deal against Hordes increase; you gain an extra attack with a melee weapon for every degree of success instead of every second degree. If you spend 10 ATP, you may apply this benefit to a Swift or Lightning Attack or a Furious Assault.
- Murderstroke By spending 10 ATP on Massive Momentum, you enable the use of Murder Stroke. If you perform an All Out Attack and sacrifice all bonus damage and penetration, you may expend a reaction to use Murder Stroke. Murder Stroke treats your melee attack as a Full Auto burst, with a Rate of Fire equal to your SB.
- Shieldbreaker By spending 4 ATP on Massive Momentum, you may treat your weapon as having the Felling (1) Quality. For every extra 4 ATP the amount increases by 1.
Quick Spread - Spread full as a half. May spread as a free, gaining ATS equal to your WPB.

Berserk Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Absorb - As Cannibalise, but instead of healing, add 1 BUP to your Biological Upgrade pool. May not be used with Feast.
Cannibalize - If your Eva is Berserk, and there is a dead enemy on the field with Angelic properties (an Angel, Dysangelion etc) that has not self-destructed or otherwise been vaporised, you may spend a Full Action to devour the target, gaining 2d5 wounds in the process to be applied wherever you like. If the target is an Eva that still has its Entry Plug inside it, then the Pilot instantly burns fate or dies.
Feast - As Cannibalise, but you heal 1d10+TB wounds instead of 2d5.
From the Grave - If your Eva has been defeated, you may spend a Fate Point to roll for Berserk as normal. If your Eva successully Berserks, it rises up one round later and continues to fight, having regenerated a number of wounds equal to its TB to the body part that was critically damaged to the point of death. The pilot must pass a Willpower test or take 1d10 insanity; even on a success they still take 1d5.
Rip and Tear - Whenever you deal Critical Damage to an enemy limb in melee, you may make a Strength Test, Opposed by the target's Toughness. If you succeed, the limb in question is automatically removed, the target suffering the maximum Rending Critical Effect (plus your WSB if applicable) for that body location.

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AT Powers

Accelerated Territory
Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflective Field
Layered Field
AT Wave
Dirac Cache
Layered Field

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Known Upgrades

Name Effect
Ablative Carapace Negate first damage to body.
Fieldblinder Fittings You are invisible to AT Pings. Furthermore, Angelic Senses are treated as being half of what they are for the purposes of detecting you.
Shadowline Weave Unless they're at Point Blank Range, attacks against you always treat you as being at Extreme Range, unless they have the Marksman talent (in which case they treat you as being at Long Range, and take that penalty even with their talent). Called shots on you take an extra -10 penalty. You always incur Run penalties if you move, even if it's a half move.
Specialised Armour (E) +4 AP vs. Energy Damage
Specialised Armour (X) +4 AP vs. Explosive Damage
Winged Spine Grants the user Flight (10) and the ability to make A-Type Jumps. Cannot be used with any equipment but B-Type.

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Known Equipment


Name Class Range Dam. Pen. Special
Basic Weapons
Sigilite Lance Melee 1KM 1d10+13 R 5 AT Foci (2), Binary, Devastating (1), Sigilite, Thrown, Projection (2)
Sigilite Sword Melee - 1d10+14 R 5 AT Foci (2), Binary, Balanced, Sigilite, Projection (2)
Natural Weapons
Claw Melee - 1d10+14 E 10 Devastating (2), Power Field, Tearing
Maw Melee - 1d10+16 R 6 Corrosive, Necrotoxin, Slow, Unwieldy, Autograpple (-20)


Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special
Basic Weapons
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