Deva 01

Pilot: Fatima Nejem
Role: Point-Defense


Name Value Bonus
Weapon Skill 60 6
Ballistic Skill 55 5
Strength ██ ██
Toughness ██ 14
Agility ██ ██
Synch Ratio ██ ██
ATS ██

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Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 15 33
Right Arm 11-15 15 35
Left Arm 16-20 15 35
Body 31-70 22 46
Right Leg 71-85 15 35
Left Leg 86-100 15 35
Reactions Basic, +1 Dodge (Angelic Silk), +1 Parry (WoS)
Ablatives Absorbers, Carapace, 4x Gauntlets, Potential ESV

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Movement (Tac/Strat)

AB Half Full Charge Run
██ ██ ██ ██ ██

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Armour Slots Loadout
Slot 1 Cerovite Armour
Slot 2 Electrified Armour
Slot 3 Specialised Armour (E)
Slot 4 Specialised Armour (X)
Right Wing Loadout Type Cargo
███████ ███████
Left Wing Loadout Type Cargo
███████ ███████

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Known Traits

Trait Effect
Stuff of Nightmares This creature possesses the Undying trait, and is immune to blood loss and environmental hazards. They also ignore any Critical Effect apart from one that would remove a limb or kill them.

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Known Talents

Melee Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Wall of Steel - May make one extra Parry action per round.

Melee Pointman Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Halt Advance - Half Action. Make an opposed WS test with an enemy you threaten. On a success, the enemy is unable to move from that spot unless you are first defeated, stunned, knocked prone, incapacitated or pushed out of melee range. If you succeed with 3+ DoS, you may maneuver the enemy as per the action for free.

Physical Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage taken, rounding down. Minimum of 1 Critical Damage taken.

AT Field Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Disruption Pattern Broadcast As long as you spend 5 ATS, you can reduce the range of your Neutralize Power to 10dm, but may apply the effects to any and all opponents within range.

AT Powers

Deflective Pattern

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Known Upgrades

Name Effect
Accelerated Mitosis Evangelions gains the Regeneration trait (does not affect critdam)
Angelic Silk Weave +3 AP, gain extra dodge reaction. Replaces Dense Surovite Plating and Mesh Plating. Replaces Heavy Armour and Lightweight Chassis so long as it is equipped (Heavy Armour retains the armour discount).
Cerovite Shell You are immune to fire damage, and Fusion attacks against you never double their Penetration against you.
Contraterial Lobe Whenever you are inflicted with the Stun status with a duration of more than one turn (for example, 'stunned for 6 rounds'), you instead recover after a single turn.
Dermal Armour Reduce Critical Damage taken by 1 (minimum 1)
Electrified Armour Enemies take -20 penalty to grapple tests against you
Fleshwarper Evangelion can spend Full Action and a Reaction to heal 1d5+TB wounds divided amongst any number of locations of choice. Cannot heal destroyed areas, can heal Critical Damage
Impact Bolts Full Action to charge, fire with a Reaction. Fires 5dm wide, 100dm long 2d10E P6 Positron attack. If equipped with a pair of Impact Bolts, may charge and fire both with the same Full/Reaction, and attack is 10dm wide, 4d10E P10 Positron. Any targets hit by an Impact Bolt must test Toughness+10 (or -10 if hit by a pair) or be Stunned for 1 round.
Reactive Armour The first time you take critical damage to a body location in a battle, you halve the damage and make it the Explosive type instead.
Rescue Charges If an arm or leg becomes infected by an Ego-reducing attack or a subversion attack, then you may null subversion, but instead deal 6X Critdam to limb, which cannot be reduced or healed.
Specialised Armour (E) +4 AP vs. Energy Damage
Specialised Armour (X) +4 AP vs. Explosive Damage
Subdermal Absorber You ignore the first Critical Damage you take per battle.
Winged Spine Grants the user Flight (10) and the ability to make A-Type Jumps. Cannot be used with any equipment but B-Type.

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Known Equipment


Name Class Range Dam. Pen. Special
Basic Weapons
Sigilite Lance Melee 1km 1d10+10R 5 AT Foci (2), Binary, Devastating (1), Sigilite, Thrown, Projection (2)
ESV Unit Shield - ███████ ██ Ablative (3), Defensive, Shield (3)
Natural Weapons
Claws Melee - 1d10+11E 8 Tearing, Power Field
Maw Melee - 1d10+13R 6 Corrosive, Slow, Unwieldy, Autograpple (-20)


Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special
Basic Weapons
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