Dysangelion Agatha

ID: Dysangelion Agatha
Pilot: Solomon Prime Agatha
Role: Point-defense


Name Value Bonus
Weapon Skill 60 ██
Ballistic Skill 55 ██
Strength ██ ██
Toughness ██ 14
Agility ██ ██
Synch Ratio ██ ██
ATS 14

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Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 16 ██
Right Arm 11-15 16 ██
Left Arm 16-20 16 ██
Body 31-70 21 ██
Right Leg 71-85 14 ██
Left Leg 86-100 14 ██
Reactions Basic, +1 Parry (WoS)
Ablatives Carapace, 2x Gauntlets, Potential ESV

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Movement (Tac/Strat)

AB Half Full Charge Run
██ ██ ██ ██ ██

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Armour Slots Loadout
Slot 1 Fortified Armour
Slot 2 Specialised Armour (E)
Slot 3 Specialised Armour (R)
Slot 4 Specialised Armour (X)
Right Wing Loadout Type Cargo
███████ ███████
Left Wing Loadout Type Cargo
███████ ███████

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Known Traits

Trait Effect
██████████████ ██████████████████████████████████████████

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Known Talents

Melee Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Lightning Attack - Full Action. Make a single attack roll. For every Degree of Success you score, you deal another hit. If you have Two Weapon Wielder, you may also make an attack with an offhand weapon as normal.
Wall of Steel - May make one extra Parry action per round.

General Pointman Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Guardian - Expend reaction to parry attack aimed at adjacent ally. -10 penalty to test and to WS tests for 1 round.
Sacrifice - May declare that an attack aimed at you hits an arm instead. If arm destroyed, 50% chance of original target taking half damage. Can use in conjunction with Guardian to cover ally.
Shield Specialist - Increase the AP bonus of Shields by +1, and increase the bonus to Parry from the Defensive quality to +20.

Physical Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Renewed Vigour - Once per session, declare Renewed Vigour. You restore wounds equal to your TB as a free action.
Second Wind - This ability triggers the first time during an encounter you take Critical Damage or you spend your last fate point, whichever comes first. On being triggered, you gain a +1 to Toughness, a +10 to Toughness tests, and instantly heal 1d5 wounds, plus an extra equal to your natural TB. Any status effects with a temporary duration less than one hour are removed. This ability can only trigger once a day.
Stoic Defense - You may declare Stoic Defense once per combat. During this time, you may only move a distance equal to your Agility Bonus each round; but you gain 18 temporary Wounds not protected by Toughness or AP that are removed before normal wounds. Should you move more than your AB during this time, willingly or involuntarily, your wounds are lost.
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage taken, rounding down. Minimum of 1 Critical Damage taken.

AT Powers

Deflective Pattern

Unique AT Powers

Name Action ATS Effect
Displaced In Time Half 2? Teleport ATS KM as a half action. Recharge of 5 rounds.

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Known Upgrades

Name Effect
Ablative Carapace You negate the first damage-dealing hit to your body location.
Ablative Gauntlets Equips to one arm. You negate the first damage-dealing hit to the chosen arm.
Dermal Armour Reduce Critical Damage taken by 1 (minimum 1)
Fortified Armour Eva is immune to Righteous Furies
Specialised Armour (E) +4 AP vs. Energy Damage
Specialised Armour (R) +4 AP vs. Rending Damage
Specialised Armour (X) +4 AP vs. Explosive Damage

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Known Equipment


Name Class Range Dam. Pen. Special
Basic Weapons
Aeonic Record Glaive Melee - 1d10+15E 5 Aeonic, AT Foci (2), Balanced, Best, Binary, Devastating (1), Sigilite, Precise, Projection (2), Razor Sharp
ESV Unit Shield - ███████ ██ Ablative (3), Defensive, Shield (3)
Natural Weapons
Arm Blades Melee - 1d10+14E 6 Balanced, Defensive
Horn Melee - 1d10+15E 10 Brutal Charge (3), Power Field, Unwieldy
Spines Melee - 1d5+14R 4 Necrotoxin, Unwieldy. Deals attack when either side of grapple uses "Damage Opponent".


Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special
Basic Weapons
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Unique Qualities

Name Effect
Aeonic Willpower-30 test as a free on a hit, once per round. On a success, ignore AP (inc. Ablatives). If the result is lower than her ATS, then it instantly deals 1d5 critical damage.
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