Angelic Details

Body Type: Artificial (Hoverer)
Size: Minuscule
Role: Messenger/Guiding
Locomotion: Hovering


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 50 5 -
Ballistic Skill 60 6 -
Strength 30 3 -
Toughness 40 8 -
Agility 40 4 -
Intelligence 60 6 -
Perception 40 4 -
Willpower 50 5 -
Fellowship 40 4 -
LS 160 10 -

Wounds and AP

Body Part Hit Location AP Wounds
Halo 1-10 30 5
Body 11-100 50 7


Hover Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
4 8 16 24 48


Deneb Algedi (Whip)

Name Class Damage Penetration Special
Deneb Algedi Whip (10dm) 1d10+3I 6 Hallucinogen, Flexible

Giedi (Burst Shot)

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Special
Giedi Burst Shot 60dm S/-/- 2d10x 8 Synchrotoxin, Blast 8

Deus Est Machina

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Special
Deus Est Machina Ranged 20m - - - Deus Est Machina

Deus Est Machina allows Makara to control, for functional purposes, machinery. It has four settings: Mundane, Hardened, Eva and Subversion.
Mundane: Using this power is a free action and allows Makara to establish control of practically all mundane electrical components within 20dm.
Hardened: Using this power is a half action and allows Makara to take control of a number of hardened NERV equipment within 20dm up to its Intelligence Bonus amount. Each component taken over in this way has a single half action with which it can fire, infect other technology, or use the Subversion action.
Eva: Using this power is a half or reaction action. Makara can test opposed Willpower against any Eva within 10m (or 20m if he takes a WS test first). On a success by Makara, he gains one level of Control of that Eva. All Evas have three levels of control, listed as such:
Level 1: Surface electronics. Ability to deploy equipment from Wings. Prog settings on Prog weapons, ability to fire sophisticated weapons. Communications.
Level 2: Sensory electronics. Ability to see, hear, etc. Cannot eject Entry Plug.
Level 3: Deep electronics. Ability to synchronize, control Eva.
At each level, the pilot, on failing their test, also takes 1d5 insanity and ego damage and suffers from one of the following:
1-3: Dissociation. Has trouble moving for feeling things properly, bringing on a strong sense of nausea. Must test toughness or begin throwing up, incurring 1 level of fatigue.
4-7: Mental baring. Pilot takes an extra 1d5 insanity and is stunned for 1 round.
8-10: Hallucination. Pilot rolls twice on the Hallucination table and takes the result Makara desires.
Every round in which Makara controls a level of an Eva deals the pilot 1d5 ego damage. Levels can be reclaimed by successful opposed Willpower tests.
Subversion: This requires Makara to take control of a NERV component first. It allows Makara to test Tech Use or Willpower, opposed by Surov. On a success, Makara takes control of a key NERV computer system. The MAGI count as three separate components.
Other components include launch controls, Operations Director controls and so on.


Tech Use+20(T)


Name Effect
Aberrant Body Can only be harmed with AT Field Powers or AT-enhanced attacks
Angel Unnatural Toughness*2, Immunities to Fear/Pinning/Fatigue/Insanity/Ego, may Righteous Fury, gains +1 Fate Point
Angelic Senses Can sense anything within PB amount of dm, even if blind
Celerity Roll twice on the Initiative table and act on both results
Erosion Neutralisation on this enemy forces pilot to take WP test with -5 penalty per point neutralised or take 1d10 Ego damage
Fear (4) Forces those confronted by it to test vs. fear with a -10 penalty
Light of the Soul Can spend ATP without depleting ATS
Size (Miniscule) -30 to hit, -5 wounds
The Stuff of Nightmares Ignore any Critical Damage result that isn't a killing blow or a limb-remover


Name Effect
Combat Master Grants no bonuses due to gang up
Hard Target -20 penalty to enemy attacks on a charge or run
Lightning Reflexes Double AB for purposes of Initiative
Step Aside Two Dodges
Sprint Add AB to full move, can double Run speed

AT Powers

Spread Patterns

Deflective Field
Layered Field

Offensive Powers

AT Wave
AT Beam
AT Blast
Cross Blast
Mind Probe
Rising Cross

Utility Powers

Kinetic Manipulation

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