Codename: Malchediel
ID: Twelfth Angel
First Detected: Paris-2
Date of Attack: 8th of March, 2016
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: $699 Billion US Dollars
Casualties: 24,204 military casualties; 73,405 civilian casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 99m tall (324.803 feet)
Mass: 3,400 Metric tons
Maximum Speed: Unrecorded

"…I… Yanmei. I think there's something wrong." "Leenie-chan has reduced the Field- please, open fire…!"

The day Malchediel assaulted the city of Paris-2 is one that will not be forgotten for a very long time.

The first herald of Malchediel's arrival was the sudden and spontaneous collapse of Paris-2's entire electric grid and surface defenses as an Angel, later identified as Ireul, infiltrated NERV's computer systems via an external computer cable and disabled the Geofront power plants.

This was immediately followed by the appearance of Malchediel itself in the sky. Malchediel's first action was to unleash small shards of itself down into the city, which immediately began to disgorge highly violent and lethal creatures known as Banshees. Civilians flocked to the bunkers, only to find that they hadn't recessed; tens of thousands were trapped as the Banshees began going from street to street, building to building, systematically ripping apart every human they could find.

An hour into the battle, the pilots eventually resurfaced, having battled through Paris-2's tunnel systems to reach the Evangelions. Once the Evangelions were deployed, a bitter battle ensued which saw EVA-01 dominated and destroyed, and EVA-04 going berserk before Malchediel was finished by EVA-00.


Difficulty: Medium
Role: Frontal Assault
Locomotion: On the Ground, Swimming
Size: Enormous

WS:   40 +4
BS:   40 +4
Str:  45 +4
Tou:  40 +4
Agi:  20 +2
Int:  50 +5
Per:  30 +3
Wil:  45 +4
Fel:  30 +3
SyR: 200 +20

-Body- (Bipedal)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head     01-10    6  15
R. Arm   11-20    4  17
L. Arm   21-30    4  17
Core     31-40    6  25
Body     41-70    6  36
R. Leg   71-85    4  17
L. Leg   86-00    4  17 

On the Ground
Half Full Charge Run
4    8    12     24

Standard Attacks

Left Hand
Name           Range  Damage  Pen  Special
Power Fist     Melee  1d10+6e  4   Power Field
                   Destroy Weapon
                   AT Penetration

Name             Range  RoF   Damage  Penetration  Properties
Shuriken Cannon  80dm   s/4/8 1d10+4r 4            Recharge

Name            Range  Damage  Pen  Special
Tendril        60dm   1d10+8e 2     Flexible
                        AT Penetration
Right Hand
Name            Range  Damage  Pen  Special
Whip Fist       20dm   1d10+4e 4    Flexible
                    Paralytic Strike

Name            Range  Damage  Pen  Special
Tendril        60dm   1d10+8e 2     Flexible
                    AT Penetration

Attaches: On a successful attack, this limb attaches to the enemy and remains there for a duration equal to the Angel's toughness bonus or until it is shaken off with a successful
Strength(-10) test.
Conduit: Powers marked 'conduit' can be conducted through this attack, and do not need a Willpower Roll to succeed.

0/2 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Accelerated Territory
Deflection Field
Bunker Field
Layered Field
Barrier Field
Dirac Trap
Massive Momentum
AT Bomb
AT Wave
AT Float
Kinetic Manipulation
Cross Blast

-Unique AT Powers-

-Special Abilities-
Angel (TB8)
Destroy Weapon
Paralytic Strike
I'll be Back
Angelspawn (Miniscule)
Angelspawn (Puny)
Stuff of Nightmares

-Traits and Talents-
Swift Attack
Combat Master
AT Penetration (Tendril)
AT Penetration (Power Fist)
Fear (2)
Superior Charm
Gather Thoughts
Thought Projection

-Ability Explanation-

Superior Charm
Half Action
Range: 20dm OR via Conduit
Select one enemy and test Willpower. On a success, the enemy takes a Willpower test- on a fail they are compelled to perform one full action for you. If the enemy fails their
test by 3 degrees or more, they are completely under your control. At the beginning of each round, the enemy may test Willpower to shake off the effect. For every round that
passes without a success, the bonus to this test increases by +10.

Full Action
Range: 100dm
Mindbolt acts as a normal ranged attack, allowing the opponent to dodge with WP. On a success, the enemy is engaged in a furious mind assault by you as you attempt to break them, attacking their insecurities and
It deals 1d10+5 insanity, 1d10+5 ego, and the target is stunned for a round. On a successful WP dodge, it deals 1d5 insanity, 1d5 ego, and the
target can perform half actions.
Once the attack has begun, it will not stop unless the attacker is disabled, the attack does a maximum of 25 ego or insanity or if the defender resists it three times in a row. 
Once finished, the attack cannot be used again on the same opponent.

Gather Thoughts
Full Action
Range: Special
This ability gathers the thoughts and emotions of everyone within 200dm. It may retain these thoughts for a number of rounds equal to its Willpower Bonus+1. It grants the following
+10 WS and BS against all enemies in the area.
+10 to Dodge and parry tests against all enemies in the area.
Enemies have a -10 Willpower for the duration of the ability.
And enables use of the 'Thought Projection' power.

Thought Projection
Full Action
Range: Blast(200)
This ability harnesses the thoughts garned from the "Gather Thoughts" attack and uses them as a weapon.
All targets within the radius of the attack test willpower+10. On a failure, they take 1d10+5 insanity points, and take one of the following side effects:
1. They test fear (4).
2. They are unconscious for 1d3 rounds.
3. They suffer the effects of a hallucination grenade.
4. They immediately roll on the trauma table, with a +10 for every degree of failure.

Half Action
Range: 50dm or Conduit
This ability sends a spike of pure fear into the pilot. Test WP as a normal attack. On a success, the target tests on Fear (4).
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