Marakanas The Bloody-Handed Whisper of Murder
Name: in life: Marakanas Imsolior il Oraste. Now known as Marakanas, the Bloody-Handed Whisper of Murder
Occupation: Demon; specialises in subterfuge and assassination
Age: 400+
Birthday: ??
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Physical Description:
Usually that of a dark shadow or cloud with burning red eyes and a bloody hand… Alternatively, a handsome, pale young man with long black hair.

Four hundred fifty years ago, the Principality of Oraste stretched from its home territories on the coast of the aptly-named Sea of Oraste to the borders of Clenceria and the Empire of Fresland. It was wealthy and influential, had warm relations with many of its neighbours and was a flourishing realm. Prince Regnant Elimara Imsolior had guided his people into a golden age; it was this that he passed onto his son, Marakanas Imsolior.

Marakanas was an able leader. He was gentle and pious, and much loved by his people. He married, taking his cherished beloved Serimala as his princess; together, they had a son, the young Prince Josaka.

Despite his skill and popularity, however, the blessed life he led was not to last. The neighbouring Empire of Arcolia was launching what the history books would call its Second Wave Expansion. The Empire launched invasions against all of its northern neighbours, such as Dulceria, Mosenburg and Velan; eventually, its armies marched into Oraste as well.

The invasion of Oraste was spearheaded by the cunning Arcolian general Cosimo de Argo. Marakanas took to the field to lead the armies of Oraste, but despite his stubborn resistance, he found himself outnumbered and outled by the armies of the Empire, and of Cosimo.

Nevertheless, the war in Oraste was progressing at a slower rate than Cosimo desired, and he aimed to end it quickly by sending assassins after Prince Marakanas. It was during the winter, and armies in that time rarely fought lest the cold temperature and poor food supplies whittle away their numbers; Marakanas would almost certainly have returned home.

However, the assassination went awry; Marakanas was injured, but the attack killed his wife and son. Driven to grief and fury, Marakanas swore vengeance, yet remained aware that he lacked the power to actively combat Cosimo. In desperation, he sought power, a way to take his vengeance… He made a pact. A forbidden pact with the legendary fallen angel, Melchion.

Marakanas was healed, and Melchion gave unto him the tools to gain victory. Marakanas found victory coming easily on the battlefield, but even better, he found that he now commanded mastery of the same dark tactics that Cosimo had used to kill his family. Eventually, it came to pass that Cosimo was discovered one morning, his throat slit.

The death of Arcolia's greatest general saw the war in Oraste quickly turn in Marakanas's favour, and within a year he had driven the invaders out. However, the moment Marakanas signed the armistice that would restore official peace to Oraste, he felt Melchion's grip upon his soul. He died minutes later as Melchion claimed Marakanas- as Melchion had held up his end of the bargain, so to did Marakanas.

With no heir to the throne of Oraste, the nation fell into the chaos of a war of succession. Marakanas's sacrifice had resulted only in an empty victory. Within a year of the armistice being signed, the Arcolian Empire launched a second invasion that saw the nation overwhelmed.

But Marakanas was strong, even in spirit. Fuelled by bitterness, hatred and anger, he managed to free himself from the thralldom of Melchion, and became a fully-fledged demon; Marakanas, the Bloody-Handed Whisper of Murder. From that day on, he used the same talents and abilities that had killed his wife and son, sowing discord in the land of mortals.

It was Marakanas who slew the 14th Magic Emperor of Paxia, destabilising the government; the first small embers of what would eventually turn into the Agnesian Revolution started to flicker into life. It was Marakanas, disguised as a dagger, that managed to infiltrate the heirlooms of the Imperial Line of that same family; so it was that, with his presence corrupting her mind, that the last Princess of Agnesia slew the last Emperor of Agnesia; she melted away into the night, and the Revolution was successful.

It was shortly after these events that the Oblationist Order became aware of Marakanas. He was overwhelmed, broken and sealed within their basilica.

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