Martin Barrington

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Name: Martin Ramsey Barrington
Position: Mouthpiece and commander in the Eureka Resistance
Sex: Male
Age: 52 (Born 1966)
Nationality: Australian
Place of Residence: Undetermined

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'10
Build: Average

Personal Details
"I support Brown for two reasons: he's the only one capable of earning our freedom, and he's also someone who comprehends the realities of the modern world. The old Australia is gone, and it's not coming back."

Martin Barrington is the public face of the so-called Eureka Resistance, the collective name given to John Brown's resistance movement and its affiliates. When the Eureka Resistance needs to make announcements, disseminate information to the media, or engage in negotiations with other forces or state actors, Barrington is the man for the job. When he isn't engaging in these activities, he's often organising and leading actual forces, since the man himself is a decent commander.

One of the few true career military in the Resistance, Barrington was 34 when Second Impact hit. At the time he was a captain in the Australian Defense Force, assigned to the 13th Brigade in Perth, a small reserve brigade and the only Army unit in the city. When Impact happened, Perth was one of the most devastated of cities, with over 70% of the population perishing within the first month. The problem was greatly exacerbated with the mass arrival of refugees from Indonesia, including large quantities of armed militia and soldier formations. It soon became apparent that these forces were heading for Perth and, with the Australian government barely staving off total collapse and most of the Australian army based around the east and north coasts, it was obvious that the help Perth needed to fend off the invasion wasn't coming. The only option was to slow the invaders long enough to take what was worth taking from the city and retreating eastward. As much of the 13th Brigade was activated as could be, and gaps in the formation were filled wherever possible by promising civilians.

Nevertheless, hopes seemed dim, especially since Brigadier Warner, the commander of the 13th Brigade, was widely perceived to be wildly out of his depth and just generally incompetent. Morale, already terrible, faltered and soldiers began to desert. This problem was soon rectified, however, when Warner was found dead one morning with a gunshot wound to the temple. It was ruled a suicide, but of course the facilities and expertise needed to do a proper forensic analysis simply weren't on hand. Regardless, Warner had been the only one of Barrington's superiors to have survived Impact, and with Warner dead, command now passed to Barrington.

Barrington proved to be a much more competent commander than Warner was, and his calm demeanor and confidence put his green soldiers at ease.

The Indonesian march towards Perth, however, would end up being much delayed through the works of guerrilla forces. It was here that Barrington would first encounter John Brown- Barrington tried to make contact with these guerrilla forces, with John Brown acting as the go-between, taking messages from Barrington to the Guerrilla units and their leaders (i.e. himself). With Brown's help, Barrington was able to shore up Perth's defenses enough to turn his rearguard into a major stumbling block whilst the bulk of his forces, their resources and any civilians they could spare began to flee the city, using whatever ships they could, although in the end Barrington and the 13th Brigade would end up retreating over-land. Within several weeks he'd linked up with other reservists in South Australia. Barrington, his forces and Brown's guerrillas would form a cohesive fighting force that, although constantly outnumbered, would fight the Indonesians tooth and nail, inflicting wildly disproportionate levels of casualties and exacting a heavy toll of blood for every metre lost.

Nevertheless, Barrington would be greatly relieved when the Valentine's Day forces intervened and brought an end to the war, regardless of the unfavourable peace terms imposed on Australia. In truth, Barrington had known that many of the Indonesian 'soldiers' he'd fought were just refugees drafted into militias, and this sat very poorly with him. After the conclusion of the war, he devoted his energy towards doing his bit, however limited it may be, soothing over the tensions and hostilities between the Indonesian state in western Australia and the rest of the country. He learned Indonesian, supported advocate groups and even fell in love with an Indonesian woman, Melati, marrying her and becoming stepfather to her three children in 2007.

At heart, however, Barrington was a soldier, and it was to this role that he would return soon enough. Like many Australians, he was outraged by the impunity with which the Chinese operated in Australia. When John Brown personally requested Barrington's aid in forming a national resistance movement, Barrington was all too happy to accept.

Polite, gracious and professional, Barrington is widely considered one of Brown's best personal assets.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 40 25 30 40 50 50 40 50
Athletics, Awareness, Charm+10, Command+20, Deceive, Inquiry, Logic, Scrutiny, Literacy
Navigate (Surface), Scholastic War (Tactics+20), Speak Language (English, Indonesian)
Characteristic Boost (Intelligence, Perception, Fellowship), Extra Talent (1), Tactician, Touched by the Fates (1+1)
Tactician/Sergeant (Horde gains +10 to hit, +1 Damage, +1 TB and +10 to WP tests)
Melee General, Basic (General, Maser), Pistol (General, Maser)
Arms Master, Favoured Enemy (Chinese)
Deadeye Shot, Rapid Reload
Rapid Reaction
Foresight, Unshakeable Faith
Air of Authority, Cold Hearted, Forward you Dogs, Iron Discipline, Peer (Australia, Indonesia), Radiant Presence
Massive Damage, Shoot the Big Ones
Hold the Line, Stiffen Backs
Example to Others, Get Moving, Tactician's Foundation
9 73 Fed Light Power Armour, Masgun (+1 Dam/Pen), Long Mas (+1 Dam)

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