Mary Caine
Name: Mary Caine
Position: Chairwoman and German Representative of the Human Instrumentality Committee
Sex: Female
Age: 54 (Born 1963)
Nationality: German
Place of Residence: Hamburg

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'11" (181.2cm)
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"The duty of the Human Instrumentality Committee is to direct NERV and by doing so, protect and improve the lot of mankind- by any means necessary."
Mary Caine's Theme

Born in 1963, the first child of Jeremiah and Sharon Caine, Mary was slated from the moment she was born to take over from her parents. From a very young age, she was given a fastidious and unique education, the sort only the Caines could give; education on history, politics, diplomacy, on how to persuade others to see your side of things and how to threaten them into doing so. On how to build up your power base; on how to kill a man five different ways with a knife, and how to kill him ten different ways without one; on the nature of creation itself, and of life and death. On the nature of Lilith and Adam.

Needless to say, Mary was not like other children. Even as a young girl she was critical, analytical, cold, not afraid to use underhanded means to punish those she felt should be punished. She never missed an opportunity to strike. Nevertheless, she also possessed a burning sense of willpower and a rigid sense of morality- a sense of right and wrong, of who deserved punishment and who did not. Mary used her education and her natural talents to essentially take over the student body of her high school, and despite her cold nature, worked to improve its standards, ensuring bullies and disruptive students were punished, whilst good students were nurtured.

When her father died, Mary inherited practically everything, including his wealth, political power and position. She now heads the Human Instrumentality Committee as its Chairwoman and the German representative.

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