Mass Production Evangelion Production Rises

"What's the big deal? I bet I could take like, eight or nine of 'em all by myself."
- Asuka Langley-Soryu, Pilot of EVA-02

Intelligence reports and reconaissance from spy planes has given us some troubling news. It seems that the United Nations has started to ramp up production of the Mass Production Evangelions. Although our own Evas have so far been able to consistently counter or best the 'Harpies' when they meet, the simple fact of the matter is that the Harpies are still Evangelions, and they pose an incredible threat. This gives the UN great tactical flexibility; now they can dispatch more Harpies to other theatres and ramp up the pressure on our supply lines.

Chosen Response

This event only allows for limited responses at the moment. Countering its effects will require several turns of action.
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  • The penalty attached to the Convoy Duties Occupation has increased by 20, to a total of -60.
  • MP Evas now more likely to show up in Skirmishes.
  • We can expect MP Evas to attempt base raids.

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Actor Dialogue
Ginevre2.png?raw=1 "It won't be long until MP Evas begin raiding our member states in force. Failing to counter them can lead to a loss of confidence in the UEF."
Jeanne%20Pog.png?raw=1 "We need to devote intelligence to figuring out how MP Evas are made, and where. Although it's likely to be the Synfront, if we can find any other bases, even if they just produce equipment, taking them out will slow them down."
Kourosh%20Pog.png?raw=1 "We need to use every advantage we have. Our best bet is to ensure all our Evas and Superheavies remain at strength. If we can expand our Superheavy base, that's good too. And let's start using one of those Angels a little more liberally in our main battles so we can free up units for the skirmishes."
Surov2.png?raw=1 "We should prioritise strengthening our own Evangelions immediately. Furthermore, finding a way to get the Master Models back into the field safely is essential."

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