May Summers
Name: May Sarah Summers
Occupation: Scientist/Developer for Paskell Corporation
Age: 24
Birthday: 9th of Aerest
Height: 5'9
Weight: 132lb
Physical Description:
May is a petite young woman with long red hair and blue eyes.

Born the only child of Adam and Melinda Summers, from an early age May showed a significant talent for a scientific career, possibly due to influence from her mother, who was a scientist in the employ of the Hamilton Institute. Her father was a soldier who was often sent abroad on campaigns, although he doted on his daughter at every opportunity.

With her father often away and her mother often busy with work or generally aloof, May's first 'friends' were her mother's creations: synthetic constructs. Over time she grew to feel more comfortable around these creations than actual people. Nevertheless, by this time May's career had pretty much been chosen by default.

Adam Summers was killed when May was ten years old; Melinda became more aloof than ever, withdrawing from the world in general. By the time she was thirteen or so, May had developed a painful case of agoraphobia as well as a fear of socialising. These would remain with her for a very long time; years, in fact.

It was only after entering the employ of Vickers Corporation via one of her mother's contacts that these neuroses started to weaken. The main catalyst was meeting the heir of the Vickers family, Michael Vickers. With his help and support, she has gradually grown to conquer those issues… Even if she remains somewhat graceless at socialising, she nevertheless has a desire for it.

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