Medea S Request

[13:27] <@Minaplo> [They weren't too far from home, now.-
[13:30] <@Minaplo> ["… In any case, it's definitely got the whole package. The battleship's ablative gel coating could withstand an N2 mine- as advertised."]
[13:42] <Raphael> "Mmmhmm." Raphael nods, making the expected mutter of acknowledgement as he watches the scenery rush past the window. Julien’s endless fascination with the minutia of the land battleship’s tech specs had started to become little more than background noise around the ten minute mark, and while Raphael had done his best to remain polite there was no avoiding that he had other things on
[13:42] <Raphael> his mind.
[13:55] <@Minaplo> ["Aaand here we are. This is your place, right?"]
[14:00] * Raphael glances around, his distraction meaning it took an extra second or two to spot the differences that set it apart from the many identical apartment blocks that littered much of Paris-2. "That's right." He says, turning to give Julien a small, but sincere smile. "Thank you for this, Mr. Lafabre. I think it was best that I didn't drive."
[14:00] <@Minaplo> ["Not a problem." Said Julien with a nod and his own smile. "Have a good night- get some sleep, you look terrible."]
[14:05] <Raphael> "Mmm." He mutters sourly, swinging his legs out of the car. "You have a good night as well, Mr. Lafabre. I'll see you at work." He says, shutting the door and beginning the walk - although at this point 'trudge' may have been more appropriate - back towards his apartment.
[14:06] <@Minaplo> [His building is still lit up, thankfully, although it's quiet, which is fairly par for the course. A faint hissing from a nearby bush alets him to a grudge-bearing black cat.]
[14:18] <Raphael> A pronounced tensing of his shoulders at the sound may have given away just how on edge he was feeling, but he keeps walking and allows the cat to dodge its second hypothetical bullet of the night. In truth he’s feeling more of an urge to check on Suzie than any fear for himself.-
[14:18] <Raphael> And sure enough, a minute or two later he’d be letting himself back into the apartment, a faint jangle of keys from the doorway enough to alert those inside of his arrival.
[14:24] <@Minaplo> [The only person in the living room is Archibald, who had been reading a book before Raphael's arrival. Now that he was back she shot to her feet. "Welcome back, sir."-
[14:25] <@Minaplo> [Suzanne was of course asleep. The sick girl, however, was gone- replaced instead with the sound of the shower going.]
[14:37] * Raphael actually looks a little surprised by the proper show of military politeness, and hurriedly motions for her to be at ease. "Please, Lieutenant, no need for that. We're off duty." He says with a very tired smile as he glances in the direction of the running shower. "Is Suzie-… No, of course not. Our guest."
[14:41] <@Minaplo> [Archibald didn't look abashed at all, merely sitting down. "Yes, sir. She stirred about half an hour ago. It appeared as though she felt somewhat better, at least by my reckoning. She asked for you, and upon learning that you were absent asked if it was alright to take a shower. I said yes- hopefully that's alright, sir."]
[14:47] <Raphael> "Of course, Lieutenant. Not a problem at all." He says, wandering into the kitchen and opening the fridge. "Can I get you anything, ma'am? I imagine you'll want to get home, but I appreciate the assistance this evening."
[14:49] <@Minaplo> ["Not a problem, sir. I left your guest some of my spare clothes, sir, since her uniform was dirty."]
[14:56] <Raphael> "That makes sense. Did you manage to get her name?"
[14:59] <@Minaplo> ["Only indirectly, sir. Her uniform tag said 'M. Leona'."]
[15:01] <Raphael> "Mmm." He murmurs, emerging back into the living room with a beer and taking a seat at the dining table. "I suppose we'll have to work all that out when she's done, then."
[15:03] <@Minaplo> ["Is it alright if I stay until she's finished with the shower, sir?"]
[15:03] <Raphael> "Not at all, Lieutenant."
[15:12] <@Minaplo> [Archibald nodded.-
[15:16] <@Minaplo> [A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and their guest came out. She had long black hair and blue eyes, over which she wore spectacles. She wore Archibald's clothes, although they didn't seem to quite fit; the white t-shirt seemed a little too small and tight, whilst the long khaki trousers were somewhat baggy and fell over her heels. "I'm done, Miss Archibald. Thank you for all your help-" She paused mid-sentence as she caught sight of Raphael. "O-Oh. Hi."]
[15:20] <Raphael> "Hello, ma'am." Raphael says, looking up from where he'd been engaged in a staring contest with the table. He sets his beer aside. "Feeling better, I hope?"
[15:22] <@Minaplo> ["Uh… Y-Yes. thank you very much." She stared at him for a second, before blushing a bright red and looking away.-
[15:22] <@Minaplo> [Archibald stood. "I'll be off, sir."]
[15:24] * Raphael eyes the blush warily, glancing over at Cornerlia. "… Are you sure, Lieutenant?"
[15:24] <Raphael> «Cornelia*»
[15:24] <@Minaplo> ["Quite sure, sir."]
[15:27] <Raphael> "I see." He says quickly, managing to retain his composure despite being well aware that this was the last thing he needed right now. "W-well, thank you again for all your help."
[15:30] <@Minaplo> ["Not a problem. Good day, sir. Good day, miss." Said Archibald politely, before making her exit, leaving Raphael alone with a blushing teenage girl.]
[15:34] * Raphael clears his throat and reaches for his beer, doing his damndest to ignore the blushing. "So, miss. I believe I missed your name in all of the excitement from before."
[15:41] <@Minaplo> ["O-oh." She looked around abashedly as though ashamed of something, then mumbled "M-Medea Leona."]
[15:45] <Raphael> "Pleased, to meet you then, Medea." He says, managing to give his best attempt at a comforting smile. "I'm Raphael. Would you like to sit down, or…?"
[15:45] <Raphael> «Pleased to meet you, then*»
[15:49] <@Minaplo> ["O-Ok." She did exactly that, sitting down on the couch, smoothing down the trousers.]
[15:51] <Raphael> "I don't think we've met before all this, have we? Have you been living in the building for long?"
[15:52] <@Minaplo> ["I-I don't think I live in this building, sir."]
[15:55] <Raphael> … that makes him pause, certainly. His bottle of beer only makes it partway to his lips. "… sorry?"
[16:04] <@Minaplo> ["I-I mean…" She blushed harder and looked away. "I-I think I live in a building like this one, but on the way home I-I was turned about in the blackout, and…"]
[16:12] * Raphael has an eyebrow well and truly raised, but seems to accept it for now. "I… see. Well, we should probably see about getting you home, then. Is there someone we can call, ma'am? Any family?"
[16:15] <@Minaplo> ["No family that I know of." She said a little sadly. "I have a friend who lives next door, but her parents are probably asleep."]
[16:25] * Raphael frowns. "You live alone, then?"
[16:25] <@Minaplo> ["Yes, sir."]
[16:27] <Raphael> "Do you need some help getting home? I'd be happy to pay for a taxi or something."
[16:31] <@Minaplo> ["W-What about the Spectre?"]
[16:39] <Raphael> "I spoke to S2 while I was out, just to report what you saw. They said that there's been no other evidence of a Spectre manifestation tonight, and…" He looks almost apologetic for a moment, "Well, I couldn't find anything either when we looked."
[16:42] <@Minaplo> ["I don't remember much of that, sir. I must've passed out…"]
[16:44] <Raphael> "… Mmm. You got a bit of a fright, ma'am." He chuckles.
[16:45] <@Minaplo> ["What happened?"]
[16:47] <Raphael> "You got spooked by a cat, Miss Leona." He says, managing to make it as matter-of-fact as possible.
[16:48] <@Minaplo> ["…" She reddened. "Oh. How stupid."]
[16:52] <Raphael> "I can't blame you, ma'am." He says with a smile. "It wasn't a particularly relaxed situation. I was on edge as well."
[16:54] <@Minaplo> ["…" She rubbed at her arms awkwardly, folding one leg over the other. "C-Can I stay here?" She blurted out.]
[16:57] <Raphael> "…" Another long pause from Raphael, this one a good deal more awkward. He felt the need to begin work on another beer. "Miss Leona, I'm sure you'd be quite safe at home."
[16:58] <@Minaplo> ["I'm not so sure." Said Medea nervously. "I-I won't be any trouble! I'll cook in the morning, how does that sound?" She began hopefully.]
[17:01] * Raphael doesn't break his stare. "… You're sure you're telling me everything, Medea? Really sure?"
[17:01] <@Minaplo> ["Yes!" She said. "I-I just- it feels safer here, that's all…"]
[17:04] <Raphael> "… Alright." He says, rubbing at his tired eyes. "If you really think it's necessary then I can hardly kick you out onto the street. You can use my bed, ma'am. I'll sleep on the couch." Sleep… even the word sounded nice to him right now.
[17:05] <@Minaplo> ["N-No, it's alright, I can use the couch." She said hastily. "I'm used to couches, anyway, it'll be fine."]
[17:08] * Raphael raises an eyebrow at that last comment. "… Well, if you're certain." He nods, not pressing the point. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to get some sleep right away, Miss Leona. It's been a trying day-" He mutters, standing up from his chair.-
[17:08] <Raphael> "Not your fault, I'll note." He adds hurriedly.
[17:09] <@Minaplo> [She nodded quickly. "R-Right. I didn't mean to- I mean, sleep well, Mr. Raphael."]
[17:12] <Raphael> "You didn't do anything wrong." He laughs. "Would you like anything before I go? We have spare blankets, and you're welcome to food or drink if you need it."
[17:18] <@Minaplo> ["I am a little hungry." She admits. "I think I missed dinner."]
[17:20] <Raphael> "Would you like me to make you something?"
[17:22] <@Minaplo> ["You're pretty tired, Mr. Raphael. I think I can handle it if that's ok."]
[17:25] <Raphael> "… Thanks." He says, looking a little relieved despite himself. He begins heading towards the doorway off the living room that leads to his darkened bedroom. "Use whatever you need, alright?"
[17:29] <@Minaplo> ["Thank you, Mr. Raphael." Despite her nervousness she gives him a lovely, bright smile.]
[17:32] * Raphael returns it with as much energy as he can muster before disappearing into his room and pulling the door shut behind him.-
[17:32] <Raphael> … only to poke his head back out a moment later. "Ah, and you’ll probably meet Suzanne at about six or seven o’clock. She’ll be the excitable girl in the wheelchair."
[17:34] <@Minaplo> ["I'll keep that in mind, Mr. Raphael." Said Medea. "Goodnight!"]
[17:38] <Raphael> "Goodnight, miss." He calls. The door shuts again, and this time it stays closed.

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