Melchion The Loveless General
Name: Melchion, the Loveless General
Occupation: A fallen angel
Age: At least 2000+
Birthday: ??
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Physical Description:
No known description. Most artistic portrayals have him as a towering figure of darkness and smoke, usually leading or directing an army.

Thousands of years ago, before the Veneration of Balanar had been formed, Damane existed- a god amongst mortals even before Balanar's creation. Although later absorbed into the faith when it was created, he nevertheless had great power individually. He, too, had a host of angels; divine servants enact his will in the world of mortals.

The greatest of these servants was the Exalted Eudaemon Melchion. The Archangel of Damane and the lord of all of his hosts, Melchion was a powerful figure, second only to his god. He was brave, honest and true.

However, Melchion did not possess the wisdom of his creator, and as he looked down upon the mortal world and saw the growth of its corruption, the waste of its wars and the crimes of its basest members, he grew wrathful. He longed to punish the mortals of Mardiel; to teach them a lesson. Over time, his desire turned to bloodlust- he would cleanse the world, he decided, and make it anew for his god.

But Damane refused. Melchion, confused and stunned, requested three times that he take the celestial host to the mortal world and cleanse it with flame. And Damane refused every time.

Eventually, Melchion fled without his lord's permission, taking with him a cadre of his greatest and most loyal warriors, fell on the mortal realm. The slaughter was merciless; when Melchion had finished bathing in the massacre of the defenceless, he had ceased to be an Exalted Eudaemon and had become a 'Baleful Angel', the greatest and most deadliest foe of Damane. He had become Melchion, the Loveless General.

He is a powerful lord of demonkind, and is partly responsible for propagating that fell race. When Samana, the False Lightbringer, marshals his forces, Melchion is first amongst his seven lieutenants; he is the Marshal of the False Lightbringer's armies and the military arm of his domain.

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