Memory Field

[22:21] <@Asuka‘> [… The sound of a train, running over endless tracks. Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. And the sensation of approaching something very… Bright.-
[22:22] <@Asuka`> [The four of them would find themselves waking up… bereft of their Evangelions, still in their plugsuits, in a train. A train, they realised, that was moving through the ’fake' city that had been built outside of the facility itself. It was a train that was populated with people. Real, solid people. Almost all of them were children.]
[22:25] * Sept woke with a start. He looked around hurriedly, looking very lost indeed.
[22:25] * Aline blinked, looking around almost as soon as she could. "…We must be in some kind of mindspace…"
[22:27] * Yanmei stared down at her plugsuit. Lifted her eyes slowly to the train's other occupants. "Feels like we died or something," she muttered, still apparently half-asleep.
[22:29] * @Asuka‘ was leaning against the wall, her face ashen. "… More memories. I think… Yeah." She pointed.-
[22:31] <@Asuka`> [One of the children was a girl, no older than five, maybe. She had long red hair and bright blue eyes, and wore a triumphant expression. Her arms folded, she walked over to a boy with brown hair and glasses, who was reading a book. She leaned over, getting into his light. "Whatcha readin’?"-
[22:31] <@Asuka‘> ["What’s it to you?" Snapped the boy.-
[22:31] <@Asuka‘> ["Eh? Urgh, what a jerkface…"-
[22:31] <@Asuka`> [… There were other children, too, that they might recognise. A boy and a girl, sitting side by side, with fair skin and long bright red hair- they were holding hands, because the boy looked nervous.-
[22:32] <@Asuka`> [A confident-looking boy with blonde hair and glasses, grinning lazily to himself, leaning his head on his arm.-
[22:32] <@Asuka`> [A -very- angry boy with brown hair, his legs tucked up under his chin…-
[22:33] <@Asuka`> [A very-nervous looking little girl who huddled into herself, a very beloved teddybear clutched to her chest…-
[22:33] <@Asuka`> [… And a little girl with long white hair and bright blue eyes who seemed to be staring straight at Sept.]
[22:33] * Sept stared in awe, staying very silent, as if afraid to scare away a particularly shy and pretty animal.
[22:36] * Aline seemed… confused. "…What…" She seemed to understand now. "I see. It’s them. It's all them." She looked at Asuka, and just… tilted her head a twinge.
[22:38] <@Asuka‘> "… Yeah. These were… Us." Said Asuka dully.-
[22:38] <Yanmei> "This was before, wasn’t it? All of you meeting for the first time?" Yanmei searched them, for signs of the battle-weariness they would be forced to deal with as they grew up.
[22:38] * @Asuka‘ nodded.-
[22:39] <@Asuka`> ["Heya~ Tsuchin~" A girl with auburn hair plunked down next to the girl with white, who turned. "Mana-chan, did you manage to see… It?" "No…"-
[22:41] <@Asuka`> [A girl with dark brown hair - a shade Sera would instantly recognise- was kneeling on her seat, staring out at the windows.-
[22:41] <@Asuka`> "This was the day we first met each other. And the day we all started to become what we would." She was staring at the grinning blonde boy. "… Heh. Big Brother Silas…"
[22:42] <Sept> "Mana…" Sera mouthed the name. He couldn’t help the smile on his face. Nor the tears. "Silas…"
[22:44] * Aline suddenly had a… far more grim expression when the name of the blonde boy was revealed. She couldn't forget what that boy's father did to him. It made her skin crawl, and she looked visibly uncomfortable.
[22:45] <Yanmei> So that was Silas. She had seen photos once, but that was hardly the same. "…" She decided to keep quiet, for lack of anything to say.
[22:48] <@Asuka‘> [Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.-
[22:49] <@Asuka`> [The lights seemed to grow incredibly bright, and before long… The scene changed.-
[22:50] <@Asuka`> [They were standing in the factory, now. In an assembly area. The Neospartan children had been assembled, along with, it seemed, many, many other children- at least 1,000 were there. At the very front of the group, facing them, were three people-
[22:50] <@Asuka`> [They would all recognise Yui Ikari, younger though she has, and Dr. Riel. The third… Was a bit hazier, but they realised eventually that they were staring at Elisha Caine.]
[22:52] * Aline stared up, between the various faces. Especial attention fell to Yui and Elisha, for she knew things were likely to be… a lot more… ’interesting' because of their presence…
[22:52] <Yanmei> Yanmei's eyes hardened noticably, and she looked away abruptly.
[22:54] * Sept was looking at the ones in front, listening intently.
[22:59] <@Asuka‘> ["Nothing makes me happier than to see new faces, willing to take up the fight to protect humanity. I cannot promise you much, but I can promise you a home, an education, good food, and the keys to achieving your ambitions. Meir. Take these fine young recruits to their dormitories."-
[23:00] <@Asuka`> [A stern-faced older man nodded, and headed towards the children. "Come on now, you lot, let’s go. You- stop that-"-
[23:01] <@Asuka‘> [One of the kids- Atticus, no doubt- had started picking on the girl with the teddybear. He ripped it from her hands and held it out of her reach.-
[23:01] <@Asuka`> ["No- p-please give it…" Blubbered the girl, tears bubbling. "T-that was my brother’s- please!"-
[23:02] <@Asuka‘> ["Too bad-" He darkened as he looked over at Meir. "…" He tossed the teddy aside and muttered, heading off. The girl scooped it up quickly.]
[23:03] * Aline sighed, as she looked on the scene. "…The price of fighting against it… Ugh. It’s hard to watch, still."
[23:05] * Sept looked on as the scenes unfolded. Not with anger, strangely, but… a resigned sort of sadness, maybe regret.
[23:05] <Yanmei> "It's not an acceptable price," said Yanmei flatly. Her eyes were still turned away, her fists balled. "It never was."
[23:06] * @Asuka‘ stared at the children as they went, her eyes focused on a little redhead and a brown haired boy, who were arguing fiercely by now. She smiled wistfully.-
[23:06] <Aline> "Because it shouldn’t have had to have been paid at all." Aline wiped her face a little. "Disgusting."
[23:06] <@Asuka‘> [… As the children left, Elisha let out a sigh, and his confidence seemed to ebb away. He held a hand to his forehead. "This is ridiculous."]
[23:09] * Aline wasn’t sure what to say to that, but knowing what she did about how Elisha and the NeoSpartan program had interacted… she wasn't surprised either.
[23:10] <Sept> "He doesn't really think that…"
[23:11] <Yanmei> "Maybe. Maybe not. It still doen't change that he still did it."
[23:11] <@Asuka‘> ["I know how you feel, Elisha, but orders are orders." Said Dr. Riel.-
[23:13] <@Asuka`> ["Orders?!" Hissed Elisha. He stepped over to Dr. Riel- and towered over her. "You saw what we have to do, Luna. How the hell am I supposed to do that?" He growled, stepping backward.-
[23:13] <@Asuka`> ["… What orders?" Muttered Dr. Ikari.-
[23:13] <@Asuka`> ["These kids aren’t just trainee pilots." Replied Elisha. "Father wants to see if we can convert most of them into a gestalt consciousness."-
[23:13] <@Asuka‘> ["… A-" Yui’s eyes widened.-
[23:13] <@Asuka‘> ["He’s going to use them as a test run for Instrumentality…"]
[23:14] <Sept> "F-for what?" Sera turned to Aline. "What are they talking about?"
[23:24] * Aline shook her head sadly. "That old bastard…" But then she looked at Sera, a cold fire in her eyes. It wasn't a rage like Asuka might have, but something /fell/, like she was deeply contemplating the destruction of what she hated. "Jermiah Caine. The man who started all this crap… He… I guess this shows what he wanted to do. I knew all along that the 'third front', what I call
[23:24] * Aline the faction manipulating NERV to do something that /isn't/ saving humankind, had something dodgy in mind, but this! I don't even know what the fuck. It sounds like he honestly wants to break down all barriers and make everyone's souls in… one… mass. Elisha found something otherwise - and I trust his findings." Aline stepped around, even paced, arms folded behind her. "They found
[23:24] * Aline something in 1947. The… 'operations manual' for the Seeds of Life, as it were. I can't really hit on all of it at once in this short timeframe, but basically… An ancient race created them deliberately, to spread life. They had infinite power, but short-sightedly made it so they had no wants, or needs. A culture of bored gods. Dead. Stagnant. The seeds were supposed to change that. All
[23:24] * Aline pilot candidates …and all 25 Angels… are souls of that race. Passengers on the two seeds that ended up hitting Earth. The Marduk Report was a /passenger manifest/." She shook her head. "The plan that this First Ancestral Race came up with, was for seven seeds, each with only /some/ aspects of their godlike splendor, were to create worlds full of life that was just weak enough to have
[23:25] * Aline needs. To want to reach out and grow. In time, they'd meet among the stars and the resulting world would be… more beautiful than the stagnant civilization that made them. Elisha seemed to understand that. But the seeds didn't. Jeremiah doesn't. /Azariah/ doesn't. The Seeds want to consume one another and create the same stagnation again. Azariah wants to give us Angelic power and create
[23:25] * Aline the same stagnation again. Jeremiah… I don't fucking /know/. It sounds like nonsense. But this… this bullshit is an /outrage/. And they made him and Yui and Luna violate the souls of hundreds of children for it!" Aline finished her pacing with eyes locked on Sera's. Her glasses shined menacingly. "/That's/ what it's for."
[23:30] <Yanmei> "Awfully enamored with the good Dr Elisha Caine, aren't you?" Yanmei took a few steps forward. She had paused. Slowly absorbed what she could, seperating unsettling piles of information into thing she wanted to go back to later. "He's after his own sort of violation, even if it's not at the expense of these kids. I guess in this story? He's the lesser of two evils. …you okay over there, Asuka?"
[23:35] * @Asuka‘ was quiet, staring off in the distance at the tiny form of Asuka Langley-Soryu, age 5. She suddenly starts and turns back towards Yanmei. "Eh? Eh… I’m find. Just… Lost in old memories. I didn't really realise it…" She glanced back at the little girl. "… I really started acting like that after my mom died. I… Guess I never really put it together."
[23:37] <Aline> "Mmm." Aline did look apologetically at Yanmei. "He might still be up to something shady, so I can't say. But the original plan from billions of years ago… That's what I believe in." Then a nod to Asuka. "…Ranting about magical aliens probably makes me look like someone who isn't capable of giving an opinion, but I know those things can get bad, Asuka…"
[23:39] <Sept> Sera… was at a loss. It was an unexpected information overload, to say the least. "How did you know that, Aline..?"
[23:39] * Aline responded swiftly. "The original notes. I had to learn /Sanskrit/ just to read it. Clever, that."
[23:40] <@Asuka‘> "Eh. I knew about all that ages ago." Added Asuka. "Alex told me."
[23:41] <Aline> "Ah! Well. He is the guy’s son. But best to /educate/. Either way, this Instrumentality is a crock of shit. No matter what we /do/ want the fate of the world to be… we stop /that/. Agreed?"
[23:42] <Sept> "…right." The boy looked defeated. "I don't want that. W-we'll stop it."
[23:46] <Yanmei> "To hell with all of them, I say," Yanmei tossed her hair, something like contempt on her face. "They'll fall on their faces, or we'll push them down, either way."
[23:46] <@Asuka‘> ["How old’s Shinji now, Yui?" Asked Elisha.-
[23:46] <@Asuka‘> ["He’s five…"-
[23:47] <@Asuka‘> ["And do you like the idea of him losing his identity?" Asked Elisha, rounding on her like a tiger.-
[23:47] <@Asuka`> ["N-no"-
[23:48] <@Asuka`> ["For ’Shinji' to cease to exist, for there to be nothing else but some amorphous blob of subconscious?"-
[23:48] <@Asuka‘> [Yui seemed desperately shaken. "No, Elisha-"-
[23:53] <@Asuka`> ["Well I don’t want that wished on any of these children. It'd be more merciful to kill them and make it look like an accident, but…" He sighed.-
[23:55] <@Asuka‘> ["…" He shook his head. "We’ll discuss it elsewhere. But first. Let me make one thing clear." He turned back to Dr. Riel. "None of these Neospartans will ever set foot inside one of my Evangelions. Not 00. Not 01. Certainly not the Production. Do I make myself clear?"-
[23:55] <@Asuka‘> ["Y-Yes, Elisha…"]
[23:56] <Sept> "…so that’s why…"
[23:57] * Aline looked around. "I figured it was some kind of mistrust, but now it makes more sense…"
[23:59] * Sept nodded. "It's still cruel…"
[23:59] <@Asuka‘> ["Azariah isn’t going to like this." Muttered Yui. "He's too gentle…"-
[00:00] <@Asuka‘> ["Yes, I know. The moment he learns about this, he’ll… I don't know what on Earth he'll do." Muttered Elisha. "Come on. It's about time we pay a visit to Serenity." They started to walk off…]
[00:02] <Aline> "Go insane." Aline muttered, right on cue. But… she looked into the distance, as if in thought.
[00:02] * Yanmei didn't say anything. She looked around uneasily as they began to depart, as if expecting another one of those bright flashes. Serenity…?
[00:02] <Sept> "Serenity? Oh, and Aline..?"
[00:03] * Aline turned to face Sera, suddenly snapping her head to him, as if she was rudely awakened from some reverie. "…Ah? Yes, Sera?"
[00:04] <Sept> "Who's Jeremiah? I recognised everyone else, but… you talked about him, too."
[00:05] * Aline blinked at that. "Elisha Caine's father. Jeremiah Caine."
[00:05] <@Asuka‘> [Flash!-
[00:07] <@Asuka`> [They stood in an office, now. It was sparse, very much an office space. Dr. Riel sat at her desk, poring over a map of the world, pinning little red and blue pins to it.]
[00:08] <Sept> "Jeremiah… Caine," Sera finished muttering as the scene disappeared. "Oh, Luna."
[00:09] * Aline wandered around the office carefully, looking at where the various pins might be placed. Out of a hunch, she paid especial attention to the blue ones.
[00:10] <Yanmei> So different from the previous scenes. There were a lot fewer people here. Yanmei shifted in place, adjusting.
[00:11] <@Asuka`> [Three blue pins in Algeria. Two more in Paris-2. Another in Turkey. Suddenly, the door opened.-
[00:11] <@Asuka`> [… And Ginevre Fontaine entered. "Luna?"-
[00:11] <@Asuka`> ["Ginevre." Luna looked up. "What do you need?"-
[00:11] <@Asuka`> [Ginevre sat down. "… It’s about… The Elishas."]
[00:12] * Aline twitched nigh-instinctively at that, and slooooowly pivoted around to look at Sera.
[00:13] * Yanmei was staring straight ahead, at the two conversing women. She was frowning.
[00:13] * Sept was just looking sadly reminiscent again, like if reminded of a bad dream.
[00:13] <@Asuka‘> ["I can still feel them."-
[00:14] <@Asuka`> ["…" Dr. Riel frowned. "I thought that was supposed to be impossible. How? All three at once?"-
[00:14] <@Asuka`> ["Yes…"]
[00:15] * Aline then did a slight double-take. She looked away from Sera, and muttered heavily. "…Of course."
[00:15] <Sept> "Three? What is she talking about, Aline?"
[00:15] <Yanmei> "Feel…them?" A strange look.
[00:16] <Sept> "…feel them." Sera nodded.
[00:16] * Aline looked at Sera rather confusedly. "I’m trying to figure it out, I need more." Then, to Yanmei. "…Those same notes also said that somehow, Elisha synchronized with Ginevre. /Before/ becoming multiple EVA souls."
[00:17] <Sept> "Do you think it could've been the Libido Effect..?"
[00:17] <Yanmei> "Not possible."
[00:17] * Aline tilted her head at Yanmei. "Ah? Is it because of how the genes work, or something?"
[00:19] <Sept> "But it must've been something similar, right? Even if it didn't happen the same way."
[00:19] <Yanmei> "Right. It works because a carrier of an E-gene and an A-gene get together and have a kid. But those genes weren't available to their generation, right? Unless one of them decided to play around with their own genes, and why not, because this is NERV we're talking about here."
[00:21] * Aline raised a finger. "They exist in the older generation, but didn't work the same way. But… the notes /did/ say 'synchronization'." Aline pursed her lips and closed her eyes. "I think Elisha d-" Suddenly her eyes snapped open. "…Ginevre was infertile. But they produced Alexandre /anyway/. He… he must have… used some kind of AT Field technology or /something/. They didn't need
[00:21] * Aline the genes to work that way. They were pushed together /even closer/ than a conceiving A-E pair."
[00:22] <Sept> "She -was- everything to him… I never thought it could've been anything but love…"
[00:22] <@Asuka‘> ["That isn’t healthy, Ginevre." Said Dr. Riel. "Libido between two humans is fine, but between something like an Eva and a human…"-
[00:25] <@Asuka‘> ["There’s nothing I can do. Your drugs don't -work-, Luna." Said Ginevre. "The three of them are… They're using me as an -anchor- for themselves. He's split himself into three, but through the Libido Effect, he's whole -in me-."]
[00:27] <Sept> "But if there's only two of them now… She. Oh, Ginevre…" Sera shook his head.
[00:27] * Aline quickly responded. "That's not true."
[00:28] * Yanmei glanced at Aline with a sharp flick from the corner of her eye.
[00:28] <Sept> "But… One and 04. What do you mean? Is there another unit we don't know about?"
[00:28] <Aline> "I mean… Fucking hell. 00's him too. Probably for the best, because Lilith is a serious /bitch/ and it was a stupid mistake for me to make." She then… "…And he said he… recovered his… dear god. He said in the notes that he was able to actually bring back memories from when his soul was with the Ancestors. He… he remembered crafting the Black Moon - that is, Lilith's vessel.
[00:28] <Aline> The Geofront. 00 contains /those memories of his/. The most ancient and awakened aspect of his soul. Billions of years ancient."
[00:30] <Sept> "…god. All three of them? I had no idea…"
[00:32] <@Asuka‘> ["…" Dr. Riel stared down at her map. "Did he know this would happen?"-
[00:33] <@Asuka`> ["Yes. Of course he did." Said Ginevre. "He knew from the moment we conceived Alexandre that this would be the result. He was banking on it." She swallowed. "SEELE has been killing E-Gene bearers ever since the 1950s. The only reason he was spared was because he was Jeremiah’s son."-
[00:34] <@Asuka‘> ["…" Dr. Riel took a deep breath. She stood up and patted Ginevre on the shoulder. "It’ll be fine. Listen. You should head back to Paris-2. I can keep everything here under control. In fact, I'm just about to do some synchronisation tests with some of the kiddies. I've been giving them special incentives and productivity is up 65%."]
[00:37] * Aline had gone utterly cold at what Ginevre had said. "K… killing them. That's… that's why I didn't hear about them until…" she looked to Yanmei. "You, I mean, Isaiah and you… and the Bellamies. Why I went for so long thinking I was something not even human - because I didn't know there were others." …She was starting to cry, softly. A hand went up there to wipe them away.
[00:38] * Yanmei had drifted into something of a baffled silence, but this… just compounded it. She stared.
[00:41] * Sept was not much help either. For his part, he was just staring passively into the distance, now. Everything was changing. Again.
[00:42] <@Asuka‘> [… Flash…-
[00:42] <@Asuka`> [They were standing on an observation deck, now. Staring down at an Entry Plug. Within, they could see the 11 year old body of Asuka Langley-Soryu, inundated in LCL.-
[00:42] <@Asuka`> "… By this time, most of us were dead or gone." Muttered Asuka. "I remember this day."-
[00:43] <@Asuka`> [Dr. Riel was standing on the deck as well, with Yui.]
[00:44] * Aline frowned rather heavily. She still felt down about the revelation from before, but now she stared at the scene as silently as she made 00 do at times.
[00:46] * Yanmei had quieted down as well. Which was not much of a leap from her previous state. At least now she seemed a little less bewildered.
[00:46] <@Asuka`> ["Her aptitude is easily one of the highest in the surviving group." Said Dr. Riel.-
[00:47] <@Asuka`> ["Yes. I agree." Said Yui. "We have Zeppelin-Soryu’s soul on hand- all EVA-02 needs to be battle worthy. It'd be… Appropriate, for the daughter of one of NERV's greatest scientists to join the ranks of the other Evas…"-
[00:48] <@Asuka‘> "…"-
[00:48] * @Asuka` gripped her hand tight. "M… Mum…?"
[00:49] * Aline wasn’t sure how much of a help it might be, but… She held onto whatever part of Asuka she might be able to (either a shoulder or a hand, really). "…They…" It was spoken breathlessly.
[00:53] <Sept> "…" Sera watched. He wished he wouldn't, but he did.
[00:56] * @Asuka‘ was trying not to cry, her face growing tight. She stared at Aline’s hand on her shoulder. "They never -ever- told me… Mum…" Tears leaked out of her eyes and she angrily wiped them away.-
[00:58] <@Asuka‘> ["…" The two scientists were quiet. Then Yui shook her head. "I’m heading back to Tokyo-2 tomorrow. Back where I belong. I'm not coming back to Eden Base."-
[00:58] <@Asuka‘> ["… Heh." Dr. Riel chuckled. "It finally got to you, huh."-
[00:59] <@Asuka`> ["…" Yui shook her head. "I can’t be as jaded as you are, Luna. I refuse to violate the souls of children like this. So long as they're alive, no matter how bad things get, they can still be happy if they want to live, but… What you're doing is robbing them of that right."-
[00:59] <@Asuka‘> ["… No." Dr. Riel shook her head. "What I’m doing is… Saving them. I'm not going to keep them like this. I'll find some way to separate them again. I'll rebuild them whole if I have to."]
[01:02] <Yanmei> "An easy enough thing to -say-," Yanmei said. But she was distracted. "'m sorry, Asuka. That…" She trailed off. Mumbled something more.
[01:04] * Aline nodded, putting a bit of pressure on Asuka's shoulder, but then releasing. "We can safely conclude that this is all… so fucked up." Despite the more 'casual' tone of that, Aline's words came out nearly monotone.
[01:04] <@Asuka‘> ["How are you going to do it, Luna?"-
[01:05] <@Asuka`> ["I don’t know. Maybe…" She sighed. "It doesn't matter. You can't keep -running- from these things, Yui. No matter how much you try to keep your hands clean of NERV's dark side, you're going to have to commit. You know what your son is."]
[01:06] * Aline merely stared forward.
[01:09] * Yanmei was blank-eyed, apparently not focused on much aside from a point hanging in the air somewhere above her. "M-mom said you… *mumble*"
[01:09] <@Asuka‘> ["Elisha might’ve been wrong. He might've been, Luna."-
[01:10] <@Asuka‘> ["You’re in denial, Yui. You can't deny your son's nature as an Adam."]
[01:12] * Aline puffed a bit of air from her lips… but started to turn towards Yanmei. "…Yanmei…" She reached out to grab onto her. "Yanmei. Please, come back to… this hallucination, instead of the other one."
[01:17] <@Asuka‘> ["He’s… He's not. He's an A-Gene, but he's not one of the Adams."-
[01:17] <@Asuka‘> ["Don’t lie to yourself. Elisha was right. He remembers."-
[01:17] <@Asuka‘> ["’Remembers'? What do you mean? Back when he realised whoever he was?"-
[01:19] <@Asuka`> ["Back when he was known as the Solemn Exarch, yes." Dr. Riel looked up at Yui. "I hope for your sake that Shinji never enters a Plug, Yui. Or that he never, ever meets Blanc." A sigh. "-or- Zhang or de Pteres for that matter."]
[01:19] <Yanmei> A bewildered, if not soothed expression turned to shock, the color draining from her fast. "N-!" She wrenched away, stumbling backward.
[01:22] <@Asuka`> [… Yanmei suddenly vanished.]
[01:22] * Aline rushed forth. "Yanmei!… No!…" She tried to be as caring as catching someone falling could be. Even if she had her own… worri-… "A…Ah?" This was confusing!
[01:28] <@Asuka`> [… A second later, Aline vanished. As did Asuka.]
[01:49] <@Asuka`> [… And finally, with a twinkling…-
[01:49] <@Asuka`> [So did Sera.]

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