Crews And Believers

The Fixer's crew activities are acquired through the hustling move and its upgrades backup, balls in the air and street kingpin. When you acquire hustling at character creation or through an advancement with experience, you start with 2-crew as well as two jobs for those crews. Between missions, choose a number of jobs you have unlocked up to your current crew value, describe what each job is, and roll Edge. 10+: you profit from each of your jobs; 7-9: one of them is a Disaster and you Profit from the rest; 6-: everything's FUBAR. The GM will make a move based on the Disaster for each job.

List of jobs:

  • Surveillance: You have a small network of informants who report on events; you then sell that information. Profit: gain [intel]. Disaster: someone acts on bad info.
  • Debt collection: You have a few burly looking fuckers who collect outstanding debts. Profit: gain [gear]. Disaster: someone's out of pocket.
  • Petty theft: You have a small crew who perform minor local robberies. Profit: gain [gear]. Disaster: they robbed the wrong guy.
  • Deliveries: People hire you to transport things and you have a driver who takes care of that. Profit: gain 1 Cred. Disaster: the delivery never arrives.
  • Brokering deals: You arrange for the right people to meet each other. Profit: gain 1 Cred. Disaster: the deal that you arranged goes wrong.
  • Technical work: You have a couple of techs whom you supply with work. Profit: gain [gear]. Disaster: something bad happens to someone else's property.
  • Info broker: You manage a small team of eyes and ears in the right places. Profit: gain [intel]. Disaster: something goes wrong with an informant.
  • Addictive substances: You manage a small lab producing or distributing drugs. Profit: gain [intel]. Disaster: something goes wrong for a user or the lab itself.
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