Cyberware List
Biotic amplifier A wetware system that enhances the user's natural biotic abilities. Since the implant interfaces directly with the user's brain, replacing or upgrading a bio-amp can be an extremely dangerous procedure if conducted in a suboptimal environment. This, together with the mortality rate of experimental bio-amp recipients, tends to restrict bio-amp development to the top echelons of galactic biotech research.

A biotic amplifier grants you access to the biotic god move, allowing you to move matter with your mind. Usage of biotic abilities in high-pressure situations may result in overexertion of the user's nervous system.
Cyberarm Replacement arms can be prosthetic replacements or elective enhancements. The former replace standard physical abilities, while the latter supplement particular abilities or incorporate tools into the body, often enhancing precision through neuro-mechanical control. Cyberarms are available in a variety of aesthetic presentations, ranging from overtly synthetic or mechanical to visually indistinguishable from natural.

Choose one of the following options. Additional choices can be added to the cyberarm later in the same way as adding a new piece of cyberware.
  • Augmented strength: +2 harm when using a melee weapon that relies on physical strength.
  • Implant tools: When you have time and space to interfere with a device you are attempting to fix, bypass, or tamper with, take +1 forward.
  • Implant weaponry: Either: retractable blades (2-harm hand messy implant), a holdout firearm (2-harm close loud implant) or a monofilament whip (4-harm hand messy area dangerous implant).
Cybercoms An internal headware communications suite which allows silent, thought-activated communications.

When you have cybercoms installed, choose two of the following tags: +encrypted, +jamming, +recording, +satellite relay, +inaccessible partition. When monitoring communications or giving orders in a tactical environment, you may roll Synth for assess.
Cyberears Replacement ears that grant supernatural aural capabilities.

When you have cyberears installed, choose two of the following tags: +dampening, +wide frequency, +recording, +encrypted, +inaccessible partition. When your enhanced hearing helps, you may roll Synth for assess.
Cybereyes Replacement eyes that grant supernatural visual capabilities. Aesthetic considerations are also important to many buyers.

When you have cybereyes installed, choose two of the following tags: +thermographic, +light amplification, +magnification, +flare compensation, +recording, +encrypted, +inaccessible partition. When your enhanced sight helps, you may roll Synth to assess.
Cyberlegs Replacement legs can be prosthetic replacements or elective enhancements. Elective models allow supernatural athletic abilities, especially running speed and jumping distance.

When your enhanced athleticism could help you act under pressure, take +1 forward. If you roll a 12+ when acting under pressure, gain 1 hold which you can spend as described in the move assess.
Dermal plating Sub-dermal plates of synthetic armor placed over critical internal organs. When you make the harm move, subtract 2 from your roll. Subtract 3 from your roll if the harm came from a weapon with the +flechette tag.
Implant weaponry Retractable or internally concealed weapons can be mounted directly into the user's body with appropriate structural anchoring and heat dissipation mechanisms. These include both regular weapons optimized for internal use or storage blades, as well as specialized weapons like the chest-stored, orally-deployed assassination implants favored by honey-trap assassins. Choose one:
  • retractable blades (2-harm hand messy implant)
  • holdout firearm (2-harm close loud implant)
  • monofilament whip (4-harm hand messy area dangerous implant)
  • internal "Yakshi's kiss" assassination implant (4-harm intimate slow implant)
Muscle grafts Synthetic fibers are grafted into natural muscle to increase muscular strength, flexibility and resilience. When you mix it up with a melee weapon, you may roll Synth instead of Meat and may also inflict +1 harm.
Neural interface A headware interface that translates the brain's neural signals into machine control impulses. This allows a user to control an appropriately configured external device such as a vehicle, mounted weapon, recording device or hacked electronic system at instinctive neural speeds. A neural interface is needed to use the Pilot move second skin and the Hacker move jack in.

Choose one of the following options. Additional choices can be added to the headware system later in the same way as adding a new piece of cyberware.
  • Data storage: A neural interface that allows speed-of-thouht communication between the user's brain and a Matrix-capable computer system. These systems usually include a useful quantity of headware storage capacity.

    When you use research to search internally or externally stored data, gain an extra [intel] on a hit. Choose two of the following tags: +inaccessible partition, +encrypted, +high capacity, +high speed.
  • Remote control module: An interface which includes wireless broadcast and reception capacity, allowing remote control of vehicles and drones. When you have a remote control module installed, choose two of the following tags: +encrypted, +multi-tasking, +inaccessible partition, +satellite relay.
  • Targeting suite: Uses a direct neural link between a hand-held gun and the user to project targeting information into the user's vision. When you fire a weapon you are +linked to, you may inflict additional harm equal to your Synth. You may also roll Synth instead of Meat to mix it up with +linked firearms. You may precisely define the area of effect for weapons with the +autofire tag to exclude or include potential targets for weapon damage.
Synthetic nerves The replacement of significant parts of the nervous system can drastically increase reaction time. Users react so quickly that they can almost dodge bullets.

If none of your enemies have synth nerves, take +1 forward to mix it up. In situations where reaction time is critical, take +1 forward to act under pressure.
Skillwires A headware expert system linked to the brain's muscle control centers that triggers specific muscular reactions which simulate the instincts and actions of an expert practitioner. The system contains a number of external slots into which skillchips can be slotted, granting a small number of skills in parallel. Skillchips often include a knowledge database covering non-physical aspects of the programmed skill.

When your slotted skillchip is appropriate to a move you are making, take +1 ongoing if your relevant stat is +1 or less. Standard skillwires come with two slots, housing one active chip each.

If you start with the skillwires augment, you also start with one chip per slot. You can acquire more skillchips in play like any other gear.

Example skillchips: martial arts, breaking and entering, rock climbing, skydiving, scuba diving, planning and logistics, firefight combat, extreme piloting, parkour, first aid, military history and tactics.
Tactical computer An expert system core to calculate distance, environment and movement factors and to provide a suite of tactical tools to enhance the user's understanding of an operation within a tactical environment. When you assess in a tactical situation, hold +1, even on a miss.
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