Drones And Vehicles

When a Move instructs you to create a drone or vehicle, follow the instructions below. You don't need to feel constrained by the tags listed if you have a better idea for a strength or other descriptor. More importantly, don't forget to give your new buddy a name!

In today's galactic society, many turn to mechanical constructs for help with work, daily tasks, security or just companionship. Taking the form of anything from entirely holographic home VIs, floating data assistants to surveillance drones, mechanical guide dogs to heavily-armed murderous juggernauts, these companions require little maintenance and will stay by your side for fun and profit!

Choose a Motive style: mass effect flight, rotor, quadruped, octoped, tracked, wheeled, aquatic, submarine
Choose a Frame:

  • Tiny (insect-sized): +small, +fragile, +stealthy, choose one sensor
  • Small (rat- to cat-sized): choose one strength, one sensor, one weakness and one other from any category
  • Medium (dog-sized): choose one strength, one sensor, one weakness, and two others from any category
  • Large (bear-sized): +obvious, choose two strengths, one sensor, one weakness and two others from any category
  • Strengths: fast, rugged, responsive, uncomplaining, easily repaired, stealthy, tight encryption, robot arm, armed
  • Sensors: magnification, medical, thermographic, jamming, sonar, image enhancement, analysis software
  • Weaknesses: slow, fragile, unreliable, loud, loose encryption, obvious

Choose if your drone is +autonomous or +remote-controlled. If they are +autonomous, choose a personality and mode of communication. Do they communicate with speech, text only, a conlang consisting of beeps and boops? Do they follow their orders to the letter, are they suspicious or trusting of other persons they encounter?

If your drone is +armed: A weapon can be mounted to the drone. The weapon's size is determined by the size of the frame. As a rule of thumb:

  • A small drone can mount a gun dealing 2- or s-harm (non-lethal), with a range tag of close or less and without the autofire tag.
  • A medium drone can mount a gun dealing up to 3-harm with a range tag of near or less.
  • A large drone can mount a gun dealing up to 5-harm.
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