Experience, Advancements and Cred

In Sprawl, character progression is fairly simple, mostly linked to two currencies: experience and Cred.

Experience and Advancements

Every time a character completes a Directive, whether an objective shared by the entire team or related to their personal agenda, they mark experience on their sheet. If a character has marked ten experience, they can take an Advancement. The available Advancements, in their sublime simplicity, are:

  • Choose an additional Move from your starting Playbook (max 3 times)
  • Choose a Move from another Playbook (max 2 times)
  • +1 to a Stat (Stats cap at +2, except Synth, which caps at +3)

There's more options that open up after 5 Advancements, but we don't need to worry about those now.


Cred is an abstract currency, a combination of the character's monetary wealth as well as their reputation — the two things you need to open doors when the heat is on. Cred is earned by wagering it on jobs and then successfully completing said jobs. It is then spent on acquiring gear or intelligence and hiring help to make those missions more successful. A vicious cycle, really. All characters start with 5 Cred. Below is a rule-of-thumb list of price brackets for goods and services purchasable for Cred:

  • 1 Cred:
    • useful information from a Contact
    • basic restricted gear (sidearms, hunting weapons, ammo)
    • replacement parts for hi-tech electronics
    • unreliable gang members for muscle
    • a chauffeur
  • 2 Cred:
    • a getaway driver
    • a hacker for a Matrix run (but for this price, he'll be poking around for pay-data on the side)
    • professional muscle (a dangerous individual or competent gang)
    • a street doctor for gunshot wounds
    • more complex restricted gear (explosives, assault weapons, legal drones, basic hacking software)
  • 4 Cred:
    • a hacker with professional integrity
    • discreet medical services for critical wounds
    • expensive or illegal gear (vehicles, security drones, cutting edge Salarian attack software, basic cheap cyberware augments)
  • 8 Cred:
    • cutting-edge, military or extortionately expensive gear (cyberdecks, military vehicles and mechs, most cyberware augments)
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