This is the index page for Rusting Chrome, a Mass Effect roleplaying game potentially run by Syntax using Sprawl, a Powered by the Apocalypse rule system focusing on collaborative storytelling with badass operators in a Mass Effect setting, spiced with cyberpunk values. Can you trust your employer and team not to backstab you for one more mission? How costly is it to maintain your humanity when even parts of yourself are outsourced to machines?

Character sheets are available at the Epho tourism board. Example characters can be found under Player Characters.

Current status: Looking for 1 or 2 more players for a slow-paced (biweekly?) long-term game. We ran a two-session pilot adventure in Sept 2018 which went well enough to consider long-term games with the system and setting. If you're interested as a player or want to chat about the system and my modest hacks for it, poke me on IRC.


Session Structure and Mechanical Overview


Basic Moves

Character Creation

Playbooks and Moves

Drones and Vehicles

Crews and Believers

Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Cyberware List

Navigating the Matrix

Experience, Advancements and Cred


Dramatis Personae

Corporations and Factions

Player Characters

Contacts and other NPCs

The Sprawls of Terminus




Operation Log

Operation 1.0: Ghosts and Machines

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