Kur Andwin


Name Kur Andwin (Real name: Parla Vost)
Ghost alias Rascal
Playbook Infiltrator
Experience 0
Cred 5

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Species Volus
Gender An open question!
Face, Eyes, Body, Skin Let us know if you find out. Good news is, if you're ever in a position to see this, the smug bastard's probably already dead. Good riddance.
Wear Custom-made pressurised exosuit. Heavily reinforced from the standard Volus models to withstand both combat, and enhance his fairly weak natural strength.

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Name Value
Cool 2
Edge 1
Meat 0
Mind 0
Style -1
Synth 1

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Directives and Debts

Violent Isn't a bit of violence one of the perks of this line of work?
Deceptive If anyone were to ever discover Kur's links to the Sunny Orchards corp, they would be removed without a second thought. That cannot happen.
Sunny Orchards + owned, The vast majority of Kur's skills and modifications are thanks to their family ties. Reciprocity is expected for these generous gifts.

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Cyberware Description/tags
Neural Interface (+Owned, Sunny Orchards) A headware interface that translates the brain's neural signals into machine control impulses. This allows a user to control an appropriately configured external device such as a vehicle, mounted weapon, recording device or hacked electronic system at instinctive neural speeds. A neural interface is needed to use the Pilot move second skin and the Hacker move jack in, but does not automatically unlock them.
Data Storage Data storage: A neural interface that allows speed-of-thought communication between the user's brain and a Matrix-capable computer system. These systems usually include a useful quantity of headware storage capacity. When you use research to search internally or externally stored data, gain an extra [intel] on a hit. Choose two of the following tags: +inaccessible partition, +encrypted, +high capacity, +high speed.

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Name Description
Covert Entry When you attempt to infiltrate a secure area alone, roll Cool. 10+: gain 3 hold. 7-9: gain 1 hold. As the GM describes the infiltration and the security measures you must overcome, you may spend 1 hold to describe how you overcome the obstacle and:
  • bypass a security system or guard
  • disable a guard
  • disable a security system you have bypassed
  • escape notice
Cat Burglar You specialize in infiltrating unconventional access points and maneuvering through locations by unconventional routes. During your infiltration, you will have the opportunity to steal incidental portable items that may be useful later. After you have spent all your covert entry hold infiltrating a secure area through stealth and dexterity, gain [gear].
Jack In When you're jacked into the Matrix, you have access to the matrix moves described in the Navigating the Matrix section of the rules. Note: You need a Neural Interface and cyberdeck to make the most of this move.

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Name Description/tags
Modified M77 Paladin (Silenced semi-auto pistol) 2-harm, Close, Quick
"Thin Red Line" Black Market Omni-Blade (Precision omni-blade) 3-harm, Hand, Omni-tool
Monomolecular Throwing Knives (Throwing Knives) 2-harm, Close, Numerous
Infiltration Deck See Below

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Character Value
Akusta +1

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Contact Expertise

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Experience total Advancement taken

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Cyberdeck model Infiltration Deck
Processor 1
Hardening 1
Stealth 2
Firewall 1

Cyberdeck programs

Name Description
Identity Protection +2 Stealth
Lockdown When you successfully compromise security, hold +1
Manipulate When you successfully manipulate systems, hold +1

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