Needlepoint Directive-Genetics Lab

Name: Needlepoint Directive-Genetics Lab (NDL)
Corporate colors: Silver/Crimson
Logo: Double helix latticework

Parent company: Independent
Primary industries: Genetic analysis and tailoring, xenoarchaeology and xenofauna
Proprietary Moves: B.O.W., Pinpoint Precision

The Terminus Systems are host to some of the best places in the galaxy to pursue certain subjects that may be taboo closer to the Citadel. Subjects including, but not limited to, "Life is good and all, but how can we improve it," "Bioweapons don't kill people" and "What if we had intellectual property rights to a galactic species". One of the megacorporations with the resources to pursue these subjects is Needlepoint, with their mission of taking the scraps of the galaxy and weaving them into a glorious tapestry for the future of all sentient races. In the Hive, Needlepoint is the market leader in biomodification (including both synthetic and biological augmentation), but they also have plenty of secondary interests, most notably exploration projects searching for new lifeforms, as well as xenoarchaeology, which was the subject of the original gold rush that built the Hive.

Codex entry: The Arthenni Extinction War

The Arthenni Extinction War (previously studied as the Arthenni Plague) was a conflict that brought about the end of the species known as the Arthenn. The war is estimated to have occurred approximately 300,000 years ago, and its death toll exceeds nearly all modern conflicts, rivalled only by the Rachni Wars, which lasted decades. Though archaeological research efforts regarding the culture and history of the Arthenn are still ongoing, there are elements of the species' final days in the galaxy that can be stated with certainty: the conflict was a civil war that was at least fueled, if not caused, by an uprising of the worker classes operating the various Arthenni mining complexes in the solar system. Furthermore, the Arthenni Plague that wiped out the species' sole widely inhabited planet, Helyme, has been confirmed as an engineered bioweapon. Everything that has been discovered about the conflict so far has supported the Citadel's initial decision of establishing a permanent quarantine on Helyme. Today, that quarantine is upheld collectively by all of the major corporations of the Hive in a public display of cooperation.

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