Operation 1.0: Ghosts and Machines

Mission directives:
[X] When you accept the mission, mark experience.
[X] When you reach the subterranean facility, mark experience.
[X] When you find out what happened to Team Bellatrix, mark experience.
[X] When you get your hands on the data core, mark experience.
[X] When the mission ends, mark experience.

Secondary directives:
[ ]
[ ]

Arkusta Kur Zeus
Status 1200 1500 1800
Cred (Staked) 0 (3) 2 (2) 3 (2)
Resources (Intel/Gear/Hold) [gear: Ditmah] None None
Modifiers None +1 forward: Login None
Mission XP 7 7 7
Legwork Clock Action Clock
1200 Everything is fine. Everything is fine.
1500 There are unconfirmed rumors about the SPI facility having been compromised. The SPI security forces are on guard.
1800 Rumors confirmed. Additional satellite resources are assigned to survey the area. The facility is locked down, complicating movement through conventional paths.
2100 ??? The environmental systems are shut down, flooding the ventilation system (and more slowly, the facility) with CO2.
2200 ??? The Needlepoint strike team arrives at the facility and begins their hunt for the intrusion.
2300 ??? Reinforcements are deployed.
0000 Your intelligence is compromised. Increment the Action Clock and begin the Action Phase immediately. Overwhelming forces are deployed. Escape immediately or be destroyed.
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