Playbooks And Moves
Aura of professionalism When you get the job and try to get paid, choose one extra option, even on a miss.
Chromed Choose another piece of cyberware at character creation or in downtime. Describe how you got it and paid for it the same as you did for your first piece of cyberware.
Corporate knowledge You used to be a Company Man. When you research a corporation, you may always ask a follow up question. On a 10+, take an additional [intel].
Exit strategy You always have an escape plan prepared. When shit hits the fan and you decide to bail out, roll Mind. 7+: you escape the situation. 10+: choose one thing to leave behind. 7-9: choose two things:
  • your team
  • identifiable evidence
  • a mission objective
  • your staked Cred
Hands-on management When you mix it up while directing a mission from the front, roll Mind instead of Meat.
Here's the plan When you plan a Mission, everyone to whom you assign a task takes +1 ongoing while they act on that task according to the plan. Anyone who rolls a miss or goes off the plan loses their bonus for that mission. If you get paid, mark experience.
I love it when a plan comes together At the start of a mission, roll Edge. 10+: gain 3 hold. 7-9: gain 1 hold. During the mission, spend 1 hold for one of the following effects:
  • you have that piece of gear you need right now
  • you appear in a scene where you are needed right now
  • 6-: gain 1 hold anyway, but your opponent has predicted your every move; the GM will advance the Legwork Clock.
Recruiter When you attempt to recruit a specialist or a team of specialists to directly assist with your mission, roll Edge. 10+: choose 2. 7-9: choose 1.
  • reliable professional(s)
  • a small team (up to 5)
  • as competent as required
Slippery At the end of a mission during which you planted or hid evidence to shift blame away from you and your team, name who you threw under the corporate bus and roll Edge. 7+: the GM will not increase corporate clocks in the retaliation phase. 10+: the GM will reduce a corporate clock by one. 6-: create or increase the Threat Clock of whoever you thre under the bus.
Steady presence When you give someone a pep talk while in a stressful situation, you help them as if you had rolled 10+.
Tactical operations When you assess while leading a mission from the front, hold +1, even if you miss.
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