Satyrus Housing Developments

Name: Satyrus Housing Developments
Corporate colors: Tropical sunset, orange/purple

Parent company: Sirta Foundation, based on Earth
Primary industries: Medical, infrastructure, colonization
Proprietary Moves: Just Tube It, Renovation Team

While the Sirta Foundation's interests are primarily tied up in developing and protecting its unique market position with medi-gel, its subsidiaries are free to explore other spheres of interest in the rest of the galaxy. Satyrus Housing Developments is one such subsidiary, focusing on frontier development, specifically the medical and structural needs of colonies in the Terminus Systems. This means that they cover a variety of services from standard medical services and prefab construction to cryogenics and cyberware services. Satyrus' headquarters are situated on the semi-hostile surface of Epho, built in a style similar to their colonization projects. Transportation to and from the Hive is done via their proprietary public transportation system, the Hypertube.

Audio record: Eavesdropping drone, Satyrus exec office

"Sir, our issues with employee retention are really-"
"Have you tried tubing it?"
"Did I stutter?"
"No, sir. We'll do that, sir."

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