Name Kher vas Nedas
Ghost alias Seven
Playbook Pilot
Experience 0
Cred 5

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Species Quarian
Gender Male
Face Distrusting
Eyes Focused
Body Tense
Skin -
Wear Voidproof

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Name Value
Cool +2
Edge 0
Meat +1
Mind 0
Style -1
Synth +1

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Directives and Debts

Rejected When your former membership in Eclipse hinders the mission, mark experience.
Survivalist When your instinct for self-preservation puts the mission at risk, mark experience.
+hunted (Eclipse) Eclipse does not forget. The blood price must be paid.
+owned (Orion Astronautics) We take care of our valued employees. Make sure not to drop in value!

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Cyberware Description/tags
Neural Interface with Remote Control Module A headware interface that translates the brain's neural signals into machine control impulses. This allows a user to control an appropriately configured external device such as a vehicle, mounted weapon, recording device or hacked electronic system at instinctive neural speeds. A neural interface is needed to use the Pilot move second skin and the Hacker move jack in.

Remote control module: An interface which includes wireless broadcast and reception capacity, allowing remote control of vehicles and drones. When you have a remote control module installed, choose two of the following tags: +encrypted, +multi-tasking, +inaccessible partition, +satellite relay.
Biotic Amplifier A wetware system that enhances the user's natural biotic abilities. Since the implant interfaces directly with the user's brain, replacing or upgrading a bio-amp can be an extremely dangerous procedure if conducted in a suboptimal environment. This, together with the mortality rate of experimental bio-amp recipients, tends to restrict bio-amp development to the top echelons of galactic biotech research.

A biotic amplifier grants you access to the biotic god move, allowing you to move matter with your mind. Usage of biotic abilities in high-pressure situations may result in overexertion of the user's nervous system.

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Name Description
Wings You start with a cyber-linked vehicle. You start with a vehicle created according to the Vehicle rules. See Drones and Vehicles.
Second skin When jacked in through your Neural Interface to a cyber-linked vehicle:
  • when you act under pressure, roll Cool + your vehicle's power
  • if you mix it up, roll Synth (instead of Meat) + your vehicle's power
  • if you play hardball, roll Edge + your vehicle's looks
  • if you help or interfere with someone, roll Links + your vehicle's power
  • if someone interferes with you, add your car's weakness to their roll (in addition to their Links)
Chromed Choose another piece of cyberware at character creation or in downtime. Describe how you got it and paid for it the same as you did for your first piece of cyberware.
Daredevil When you fly straight into danger without hedging your bets, you get +1 armor. If you take one or more harm, mark experience.

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Name Description/tags
M-3 Predator Sidearm 3-harm close/near loud
Reinforced enviro-suit 1-armor medbot

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Character Value
Asaha +2
Raz 0
Yin'vell +1

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Contact Expertise
Yokirn Propulsion, Energy Sources

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Experience total Advancement taken
10 Daredevil

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Name Mk VII Fenghuang Deluxe
Frame VTOL
Design Cargo
Profile Power+2, Looks+1, Weakness+1, 1-Armor
Strengths Responsive, Easily repaired
Looks Vintage
Weaknesses Cramped
Weapons Autocannon (4-harm far messy breach)

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