Weapons, Armor And Equipment

Weapon tags
+AP The targets of AP (armor-piercing) rounds subtract 2 from their armor value. Biotic shields are exempt from this.
+area The weapon harms everyone in the area of effect.
+autofire The user can opt to temporarily give the weapon +area and +overheat. If the user can mount the weapon onto a heat exchanger bank, give the weapon +area only.
+breach This weapon makes big holes in hard targets like walls and mechs. It is +AP, +loud and cannot be silenced.
+clumsy The weapon or armor is large and unwieldy. It can be difficult to move quickly, quietly, or in tight spaces while carrying this. A +clumsy weapon usually requires a braced or prone firing position, or some sort of exoskeleton.
+dangerous On a miss, the user suffers harm.
+discreet The weapon is easy to hide and will often be overlooked.
+fire The weapon is doused or injected with flammable material and looks menacing. It may be used to set the scenery on fire, but on the other hand, it will also set the scenery on fire.
+flechette The target’s armor value is doubled, as flechette ammunition is designed for use against soft targets only.
+heatsink The weapon has a self-regulating heat exchanger and does not need to be reloaded. It is, however, prone to overheating at inopportune times if not properly managed.
+IFF The weapon or its munition has an integrated targeting system that assists the user with aiming, granting the user +1 forward to relevant rolls. Targeting systems are generally susceptible to anythign that disrupts their electronics or obscures the signatures of their targets.
+linked The weapon can link with neural interface cyberware (and a targeting suite).
+loud The sound is unmistakable, everyone nearby hears it, and, if the circumstances allow, they’ll be able to identify where it came from as well. A sound suppressor upgrade will remove this tag, but will not make the weapon soundless.
+messy Fire effect is inconsistent throughout the area of effect, but it makes a mess of people and things that it hits. A messy weapon cannot be silenced.
+numerous These are easy to hide (+discreet) and there are always more around when needed.
+omni-tool This weapon relies on use of the omni-tool and may be manipulated as such, for good and for ill.
+optics (type) The weapon’s scope has integrated systems for enhancing vision. Options are: thermographics, light amplification, uplink and recording, flare compensation.
+reload After firing, the user must spend a brief time replacing the weapon’s thermal clip.
+quick If speed matters, quick weapons go first.
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