MERP - Character Creation


"No, listen, Iosa. This is the information sector we're working in now, not the military. So we can't go hiring "the very best operatives in the galaxy", got it? One, the very best attract all sorts of attention. Two, we might have some semblance of an operational budget left once we dial it down to "some of the best". This crew needs to be able to operate as covertly and reliably as any STG or Spectre. And for those who can't afford that degree of honor, Iosa, there's coercion."

Roll 9#3d10+25, dropping the lowest d10 each roll, then distribute as desired to get your characteristics.


"So what you do is, you start the candidates off with the basics. Just your regular, mind-numbing tax form questions, age, gender, race, as if you couldn't just look at them and fill that crap out yourself. One, it makes them think we're part of some kind of larger system, having to deal with all kinds of bureaucracy to keep the books straight. Two, and this is the important part here, it makes a lot of them anxious, and when they're anxious, what do they do? They start answering questions we didn't ask, just to get through the interview faster. And that makes the other steps of the hiring process easier for us. Right. Gimme a summary of the applicants, Iosa."

"Starting in alphabetical order — that's 'the order of letters', Cideon — have had some promising asari applicants. Lifespan of centuries means surprisingly many end up dabbling in mercenary work during maiden period of life. Natural talent as biotics also highly desirable in combat scenarios. Near-universal fondness for asari among other races should be… managed, however. Battlefield romance not exactly conducive to black operations."
Characteristic Mods: Willpower/Fellowship (+10)
Skills: Any 3 from Lores, Charm, Command, Deceive, Inquiry, Logic, Medicae, Navigate (Surface), Scrutiny
Traits: Empathy (No interracial penalties for social checks), Peer (Any Two)
"I've found batarian mercenaries (a redundant phrase) to be as reliable as any other militaristic people's, even if they have issues with their image. Worked among them for two years once, undercover freelance work for STG. Good times. With batarians, you can be sure the ones who seek out anything other than slaver and mob work will be the absolute cream of the morally questionable crop. As a people, may find public relations currently problematic. After they cut their ties with the Citadel, the rumors and true stories about slavery and other unfashionable trades have multiplied… exponentially."
Characteristic Mods: WS/Strength (+10), Fellowship/Perception (+5), Intelligence/Willpower (-5)
Skills: Any 3 from Lores, Athletics, Awareness, Deceive, Inquiry, Intimidate, Operate, Parry, Scrutiny, Survival
Traits: Streetwise (Complete Awareness- and Inquiry-based tasks one degree faster), Peer (Crime), Bad Reputation (Citadel, Humans)
"Drell mercenaries are still a rarity. The ones that venture out of their homes into less favorable climates will be either passionate about their work, or desperate. Both good things for us, obviously. Less naturally capable of managing their memories than salarians are, sometimes leading to unfortunate inclination towards PTSD. Individual differences highly possible, though. On flipside, theoretically possible to induce vivid memories to withstand torture. Will research further before accepting."
Characteristic Mods: BS (+10), Agility/Intelligence (+5), Toughness (-5)
Skills: Any 3 from Lores, Acrobatics, Awareness, Dodge, Medicae, Navigate (Surface), Operate, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival
Traits: Eidetic Memory (Gain the Total Recall Talent, roll twice for Trauma and pick worse)
"Human progress on Citadel influence ladder -has- been remarkable. Practically drove out the batarians in a matter of years, not surprised if they'll have substantial influence among the Council within a decade or two. Personal sample size still insufficient, but in combat, seem to be comparable to most other major races, with no particularly exploitable racial weaknesses. Other than inexplicably high self-esteem for a race that only discovered space yesterday."
Characteristic Mods: Any two (+5)
Skills: Any 3 from anything but Lores
Traits: New Kid (-10 to any formal interracial relations and galactic bureaucracy), Bad Reputation (Batarians, Turians)
"Recommend -extensive- psychological profiling before even thinking about hiring a krogan. These are delicate matters, and an unpredictable, unstoppable, berserking slab of meat will endanger the mission as well as the rest of the task force. Yet, if circumstances are properly controlled…"
Characteristic Mods: Strength (+10), Toughness (+10), Agility (-10), Intelligence/Fellowship (-5)
Skills: Any 3 from Athletics, Awareness, Interrogation, Intimidate, Parry, Survival, Trade
Traits: Size (Hulking), Unnatural Strength/Toughness +2, Sturdy, Regeneration (1), Blood Rage (on fail against Fear, take any insanity damage and Frenzy instead), Bad Reputation (Salarians)
"The vast majority of applications from the nomads seem in way over their heads, just desperate for work on their pilgrimages. Inability to function without environmental suit tactically problematic, and requires precautions. Quarian technical prowess can not be dismissed, however. Assuming adequate combat skills, could be entirely suitable for the operation."
Characteristic Mods: Agility (+10), Intelligence/Fellowship (+10) Toughness (-10)
Skills: Any 3 from Acrobatics, Awareness, Command, Commerce, Dodge, Inquiry, Medicae, Navigate (Space), Operate, Security, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Tech-Use, Trade
Traits: Enviro-suit (Cannot be Medicaed by others), Dextro-Amino, Scrounger (Roll twice for any repair/crafting tasks, pick better)
"Tactical applications of salarian intellect should be obvious. STG is renowned for a reason. Recommend at least one for the task force, to guarantee at least a minimum of cognitive function for independent operations."
Characteristic Mods: Intelligence/Perception (+10)
Skills: Any 3 from Lores, Awareness, Commerce, Deceive, Interrogation, Logic, Medicae, Navigate (Space), Navigate (Surface), Scrutiny, Tech-Use, Trade
Traits: Salarian Metabolism (+2 to Initiative, Complete Intelligence-based tasks one degree faster), Bad Reputation (Krogans)
"A notably high percentage of your people on the list, Cideon. Thought turians were supposed to be ill-suited to wetwork you don't get medals for. Indicative of your reputation, or of lack of faith in Citadel and own military? Seems many of your higher-ups found the idea of reparations to humans 'troubling'. Oh, well. Military culture ensures some modicum of discipline in any turian recruits, with potential for more."
Characteristic Mods: Toughness/Agility (+10), Willpower (+5), Intelligence/Fellowship (-5)
Skills: Any 3 from Acrobatics, Athletics, Command, Dodge, Interrogation, Intimidate, Operate, Parry, Survival
Traits: Dextro-Amino, Discipline (on failing against Fear, take any insanity and -10 to all tests instead of the normal effects), Bad Reputation (Humans), Indoctrinated (-10 against Citadel & Turian authority)
"…A volus mercenary? Yes, I -just- said that's what it says, Cideon. A strange proposition. Success unlikely, but certainly within the realm of possibility. Due to physical shortcomings, traditional combat tactics seem problematic. But element of surprise would be… undeniable. Also undoubtedly an asset in independent negotiations."
Characteristic Mods: Any One (+5), Intelligence (+5), Fellowship (+5), Perception (+5), Agility (-5), Toughness (-5)
Skills: Any 3 from Lores, Awareness, Charm, Command, Commerce, Deceive, Inquiry, Interrogation, Logic, Medicae, Navigate (Space), Scrutiny, Security, Tech-Use, Trade
Traits: Enviro-suit (Cannot be Medicaed by others), Size (Scrawny), Representative (Shares any Peer traits in the party, spend Fate once per session to declare a temporary Peer)


"Right. So once you get through all of those and figure out who make it through Step One, we put 'em through the paces. Obstacle courses, shooting ranges, anything you can think of to make sure they're up to speed in their fields. Just make sure they can pull their own weight in a fight. We won't have enough of a budget to hire our hackers, medics and security force separately. Once you've weeded out the phonies and the washouts, you tell the rest we'll stay in touch. Then we can proceed to Step Three."

Pick any two Suites. They may be from the same class or different classes. You may also pick one Aptitude on top of the ones provided by your Suites.

Fighters specialise in close-range combat wielding both modern and ancient weapons, conveniently made relevant again with the rise of anti-ballistic shields and biotic fields. Marines rely on the ever-reliable power and range provided by firearms. Thanks to shields and computerised assistance systems, firefights have become about more than just pulling the trigger.
CB: +5 WS CB: +5 BS
Aptitudes: WS, Toughness, Strength Aptitudes: BS, Finesse, Perception
Skills: Parry Skills: Dodge
Talents: Berserk Charge Talents: Rapid Reload
Hackers view machines as adversaries, or even victims. Safes housing information and power, waiting to be cracked. Requiring neither firepower nor finesse, a skilled hacker can walk into a hostile stronghold unopposed. Machinists are never alone, utilising highly customised drones to control their environment and assist them in and out of battle. At best, a drone can throw the enemy's plans into utter chaos. At worst, it'll still soak up a bullet or two.
CB: +5 Int CB: +5 Per
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Knowledge, Tech Aptitudes: Perception, Fieldcraft, Defence
Skills: Tech-Use Skills: Awareness
Talents: Combat Cracker Talents: Combat Formation
Assassins prefer to keep their foes as far out of the loop as possible, whether by avoiding direct confrontation altogether or by disappearing into their environment to outmaneuver the enemy. Smugglers are familiar with the literal and figurative back alleys of civilization. Survival in their trade means always having an escape plan, as well as a quick trigger finger or an especially disarming smile.
CB: +5 Agility CB: +5 Toughness
Aptitudes: Agility, Finesse, Offence Aptitudes: Toughness, Defence, Fellowship
Skills: Stealth Skills: Security
Talents: Lightning Reflexes Talents: Quick Draw
Certified biotics are most often trained in military-sanctioned facilities, out in space or on planets off the beaten paths of the cosmos where they may be erased without questions if necessary. Biotics who survive the rigorous training process are valued for their reliability in combat situations. Awakened biotics are those with a developed talent who never received official training for it. They may have had the discipline to learn to harness their powers themselves, or they may have been trained by individuals or organizations with a lower tolerance for sunlight.
CB: +5 Willpower CB: +5 Strength
Aptitudes: Willpower, Biotic, Knowledge Aptitudes: Strength, Biotic, Offence
Skills: Psyniscience Skills: Intimidate
Talents: Bio-Rating +1 Talents: Bio-Rating +1
Medics get to apply their trade in the traditional sense only after something goes wrong — which, of course, it always does. Often experts in several academic fields, their aid in crafting plans on the fly is not to be underestimated. Officers have an eye for the flow of battle on the tactical and strategic level. Intel is never perfect and contact with home base is not always possible, so the educated guesses of experienced leaders will always be needed.
CB: +5 Fellowship CB: +5 Fellowship
Aptitudes: Intelligence, Social, Perception Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social, Leadership
Skills: Medicae Skills: Command
Talents: Field Care Talents: Radiant Presence


Home World

"What's Step Three? Step Three is me going -deep- on their personal histories. Planets, towns, cities, job records, contacts, genealogies… One, I can stress test my web, see how fast I can pull all of this up. Two, in -this- trade, we've got to be prepared to drop the hammer on our guys if they try to break rank or leak any findings for an extra payday. Any dirt, any scandal we can get our hands on is a weapon for us."

Pick any one Home World. This can represent where you were born, grew up, worked or served in…

Citadel Space
Characteristic Mods: Fellowship (+5), Willpower (-5)
Skills: Charm or Command or Inquiry
Traits: Peer (Citadel), Peer (High Society)
Wounds: +1d5
Colonial World
Characteristic Mods: Agility (+5), Toughness (-5)
Skills: Navigate (Surface) or Medicae or Trade
Traits: Florist (+20 to Medicae, Survival and Trade rolls in hospitable climates)
Wounds: +1d5
Urban World
Characteristic Mods: Perception (+5), Strength (-5)
Skills: Commerce or Inquiry or Security
Traits: Wary (+1 to Initiative), Accustomed to Crowds (Crowds do not count as Difficult Terrain)
Wounds: +1d5+1
Industrial World
Characteristic Mods: Intelligence (+5), Fellowship (-5)
Skills: Common Lore (Tech) or Operate or Tech-Use
Traits: Competitive Environment (Increase any one characteristic by 3)
Wounds: +1d5+1
Death World
Characteristic Mods: Strength (+5), Toughness (+5), Willpower (-5), Fellowship (-5)
Skills: Survival, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
Traits: Survivor (+10 to resist Pinning and Shock)
Wounds: +1d5+2
Characteristic Mods: Willpower (+5), Perception (-5)
Skills: Common Lore (Spess)
Traits: Stargazer (+1 Fate Point)
Wounds: +1d5

Fall From Grace

"And -that's- how we find the right mercs, Iosa. The info trade's never really fit into the traditional hierarchies, and all the real badasses here tend to match that. Always something in their past that's thrown 'em off course for clean, governmental mercenary work, the kind with a retirement plan. They've got some crushed dream, lofty crusade, some skeleton in their closet or nightmare on their heels. And we can use that. One, we know they'll perform under fire, or on fire. Somewhere, sometime, something will inevitably go wrong. Two… We'll know exactly what to avoid telling them so they'll accept one more suicide mission."

Pick any one. These are only outlines and have a lot of room for personalization.

Against All Odds: Gain or advance the Survival Skill, and gain 1d5 Wounds. Additionally, you may reroll any Fate Heal result, but must accept the second roll.
Ill-starred: Reduce your Fate Points by 1.
Ruthless Ambition
Rising Star: Gain the Talented (Choose One) Talent, as well as Peer (Your Field of Expertise).
The Name's Blue: Gain a rival. Expect them to impede your progress at critical junctures.
Inured to Adversity: Gain the Light Sleeper Talent as well as either the Hardy or Nerves of Steel Talent.
Lasting Pain: Either: Gain 1d10 Insanity points and decrease your Fellowship characteristic by 1d5. — or: gain the Chronic Pain Trait (Whenever you take a level or more of Fatigue, you must pass a Toughness test or take an additional level of Fatigue).
Blood Will Have Blood: You gain either the Die Hard or Paranoia Talent, and gain or advance the Inquiry Skill.
What, Metal Gear: An unfinished vendetta or investigation haunts you. Expect leads, false and otherwise, to keep turning up.
Prior Expertise: Gain any Weapon Training Talent, as well as Hatred (Race or Organization - Gain +10 to Hit against that group).
Face of the Enemy: Gain Enemy (Race or Organization). This should be difficult or impossible to hide from others, as well.
Test Subject
The Guinea Pig Who Lived: Gain a +10 to your Strength, Toughness or Willpower.
Not Quite Perfect: Gain the Slow Healer (whenever you regain wounds, regain 1 less wound, to a minimum of 1) Trait and decrease either Agility or Perception by 3.
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