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Assets and Drawbacks


Actor (100XP)
You have had experience in acting- whether as a professional, on-stage performer, or on a more 'informal' level.
You gain training in any two Fellowship skills of your choice.

Acrobatic (100XP)
You're flexible and lithe, and feats of acrobatic skill come naturally to you.
You gain training in the Acrobatic skill, and gain the Talented (Acrobatics) talent.

Accomplished Driver (100XP)
You're at home behind the wheel of a vehicle.
You gain training in the Drive skill, and gain the Talented (Drive) talent.

Ambidextrous (100XP)
You're talented with using both of your hands.
As per the DH Talent.

Athletic (200XP)
You possess an excellent physique. Maybe you just tend to work out, or maybe you're actively engaged in a sport.
You gain the following talents:
Athletic Endurance: +10 to toughness tests to resist fatigue
Beyond the Limit: +20 to Time Management "Physical Training" rolls.

Catlike Tread (100XP)
You've always known how to move without making a sound. A fly's footfall would be distinctly heard next to yours.
You gain training in the Silent Move skill, and gain the Talented (Silent Move) talent.

Charming (100XP)
Whether through smooth talking or plain old good looks, you have no trouble gaining the attention of the opposite gender.
Gain a permanent +10 to Fellowship-based skills involving the opposite gender.

Common Sense (200XP)
You know a bad gig when you see it.
Once per session, you may spend a fate point and consult the GM regarding a specific course of action. The GM is obligated to inform you whether the action is a poor idea and why, but only in the context of what your character would know.

Cynic (100XP)
The character is less easily swayed by emotion and always reads between the lines, looking for the catch.
They begin play with the Scrutiny skill, and furthermore gain a +20 to Scrutiny to resist Charm and Deceive.

Driven (200XP)
You see no reason to give up just because the situation seems impossible.
Your character gains a conditional Fate Point that may only be spent in situations to overcome incredible odds or when refusing to back down from a superior enemy. This conditional fate point may never be burnt, and must be announced as being used specifically as opposed to the characters normal pool of Fate Points.

Educated (100XP)
You're an educated individual. Maybe you went to college- or even further. Or maybe you're just a really big reader with endless access to a library.
Gain proficiency in, and the "Talented" Talent for any one Intelligence skill.
Special: Can be taken multiple times equal to the character's intelligence bonus.

Efficient Metabolism (100XP)
Effect: You have an iron stomach and a strong liver.
Gain Resistance(Poison). Also applies to toughness tests against most sources of Toxic.

Excellent Memory (100XP)
Your memory is far greater than average, and sometimes you can recall obscure facts with ease.
You may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass any Common Lore or Scholastic Lore test.

Favoured Weapon (300XP)
There's a particular weapon make you really do fancy. You're just so used to the weight and feel that you're a master of it- maybe, in some weird way, it resonates with your personality.
Pick a particular type of weapon. You now gain the following talents.
Weapon Expertise (Weapon): You gain a +10 to all attack rolls made with weapons of this type.
Brutal Skill: You automatically confirm Righteous Fury attacks made with this weapon.
If your weapon is a firearm, you gain:
Expert Care: You may unjam jammed weapons of this type as a half action.
If your weapon is a melee weapon, you gain:
Expert Handling: You add a +10 to all parry rolls made with weapons of this type.

Fearless (200XP)
Legendary courage or simply a special form of insanity? Either way the character gains +10 to all tests to resist fear and are treated as if they had 20 more Insanity Points than they actually do for the purposes of Fear immunity.
Special: Cannot be taken with the 'Coward' drawback.

Fleet-footed (100XP)
You're quick on your feet, more-so than others.
Treat your character as if their Agility Bonus was 1 higher when determining speed on foot.

Furious (200XP)
Some people, when they're afraid, flee- but for you, it triggers a horrified blind rage that ends only when the source of your fear is dead.
When your character rolls a fear result below 101, you may spend a fate point. Your character ignored the result and frenzies for 1d10 rounds instead, and becomes immune to fear, stunning and pinning until frenzy wears off. However, your character does not ignore any insanity points added by the fear result.

Gifted (200XP)
Your character is inherently gifted in a particular area.
Choose a characteristic. This characteristic advances by one category faster than before. Characteristics with advancement progressions that start at 500XP instead start at 250XP, and progressions that start at 250XP now start at 100XP. Characteristic advancement progressions that start at 100XP are unaffected by this asset.

Hard-Boiled (200XP)
You're a hard soul
living in a hard world. You've felt it all, you've seen it all, and nothing surprises you anymore.
You gain training in two of the following skills: Scrutiny, Inquiry, Interrogation.
You gain the following talents:
Talented (One of the two skills chosen)
Jaded: As per the skill in Dark Heresy.

Heavyweight (100XP)
You can drink men twice your size under the table- and we're not talking about weak drinks here.
You begin play trained in the Carouse skill and the Decadence talent.

High Endurance (200XP)
You're tough, and you're capable of staying in the fight when everyone else is down.
You gain +1 to the amount of fatigue you can take before you pass out.

Innovative (200XP)
You find creative solutions to problems and new approaches to tasks.
You gain one conditional Fate Point that may only be spent when attempt a creative plan of your own making or when using a skill in an unorthodox way. This conditional fate point may never be burnt, and must be announced as being used specifically as opposed to the character's normal pool of Fate Points.

Mad Skill (200XP)
Mental Health is fine, but sometimes being reasonable isn’t going to help you, and pushing yourself to limits that no sane person would attempt can make all the difference.
At any time when you gain 1 or more Insanity Points, you may spend a Fate Point. For the next 5 rounds, you may add half your total Insanity score as a free bonus on all rolls dependent on a single Characteristic, chosen when you spend the Fate Point. When the 5 rounds are over, immediately roll on the Trauma table.

Mimic (100XP)
You have an exceptional knack for copying the voices of others.
As the Talent from Dark Heresy.

Military Background (300XP)
You've served in the military at some point, and can be relied upon to act as a good source of experience in combat as well as knowledge regarding the Armed Forces.
You gain the Common Lore (Military) and Common Lore (Specific Nation's Military) as well as the following talents:
Soldier's Constitution: You add one half of your Toughness Bonus (rounded up) to your wounds pool at the start of the game.
Arms Master: As per the talent from Dark Heresy.

Paranoia (200XP)
Being mistrustful and suspicious is behaviour that is the natural result of being so heavily involved with the underworld.
As the Talent from Dark Heresy.

Quick Healer (200XP)
You're unusually quick to recover from injury.
Whenever you regain wounds for any reason, regain one extra wound.

Shrewd (200XP)
You're a brilliant negotiator and master of the social arts.
You gain 1 conditional fate point that may only be spent in critical negotiations of business or diplomatic nature. This conditional fate point may never be burnt, and you must announce its use specifically. Spending this conditional fate point for purposes other than “re-rolling a failed Test” or “adding 1 degree of success” are highly

Thrill Seeker (100XP)
Effect: Your character is undaunted in the face of danger and the unknown.
Whenever you spend a Fate Point in situations where you are outmatched or performing some dangerous feat of exceptional bravery, roll a d10. On a roll of 9, the fate point is not spent. This applies to conditional Fate Points as well.

Troublemaker (200XP)
Raised without proper discipline, you spent you younger years constantly getting in trouble. And you got good at it.
Troublemakers gain the following:
Street Skill: Become trained in any two of the following: Concealment, Deceive, Gamble, Silent Move or Sleight of Hand.
Trouble with Authority: Anyone in a position of apparent authority over your character takes a -20 to their Command or Charm skill tests to coerce you in any way. Intimidate works just fine, though.

Unremarkable (100XP)
you have “one of those faces”. One that you could see anywhere, and forget any minute.
As the talent of the same name from Dark Heresy.

Unshippable (100XP)
Chastity in this modern age requires either a strong will or incredible naiveté, enough to make the most direct forms of emotional manipulation fall flat.
Choosing this asset grants the Chem Geld talent from Dark Heresy and immunity to the effects of the Charming asset.
Special: If the character willingly enters into a romantic relationship, this Asset is lost, only in relation to that individual.

General Talents


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