Angel Type
Order: Warrior
Choir: Guiding
Body: Humanoid
Size: Average

Characteristics (Normal)

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship LS
80 20 40 50 40 20 20 20 10 200

Body Parts

Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 6 19
Right Arms 11-20 2 24
Left Arms 21-30 2 24
Body 31-70 6 34
Right Leg 71-85 2 24
Left Leg 86-100 2 24

Movement (Hover)

AB Half Full Charge Run
4 8 16 24 48


Melee Talents

Name Effect
Rush May use Full Action attacks as part of a charge.


Heavenly: Doesn't spend ATP
LS Bonus: +20 Bonus to all Skill Tests.
LS Rerolls: May reroll 4 tests per combat
LS Unnatural Toughness: Doubles TB (TB10)
Multiple Weapons: Possesses two weapons, may use both without penalty as part of a Multiple Attack action.

AT Powers

Accelerated Territory
Deflective Field
Friction Flood

Weapons and Natural Attacks

Melee Attacks

Name Class Base Damage Base Pen Special
Al Sharatan Breath (Natural) 1d10 All Absorbing, Ignores TB
Hemal Whip (Natural) 1d10+8E 8 AT Leech, Flexible

Breath: 10dm cone, test dodge or get hit
Absorbing: Heals 1d5 wounds on dealing damage

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