Angelic Details

Body Type: Winged Humanoid
Size: Average
Role: Smiting/Guiding
Locomotion: Ground/Hover/Flight


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 40 4 -
Ballistic Skill 80 8 -
Strength 30 3 -
Toughness 60 12 -
Agility 60 6 -
Intelligence 50 5 -
Perception 60 6 -
Willpower 50 5 -
Fellowship 40 4 -
LS 200 20 -

Wounds and AP

Body Part Hit Location AP Wounds
Head 1-10 8 48
Right Arm 11-20 4 51
Left Arm 21-30 4 51
Core 31-40 8 58
Body 41-70 8 66
Right Leg 71-80 4 51
Left Leg 81-90 4 51
Wings 91-100 4 46

Fates and Rerolls

Might Points: 5/5
Fate Points: 2/1 (1 Conditional)
Will Points: 5/5


Walking Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 12 18 24 48

Hovering Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 18 36 54 108

Flying Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 36 72 108 216

Normal Attacks

Philosopher's Stone

Name Class Damage Penetration Special
Philosopher's Stone Field - - AT Leech


Name Class Damage Penetration Special
Claw Rake/Bite/Claw 1d10+3R 5 Tearing, Shocking (4)

Plasma Beam

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Special
Plasma Beam Large Beam Line of Sight S/-/- 3d10E 10 Recharges, Paralytic Strike

Force Shroud

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Special
Force Shroud Beam Array 80dm S/3/6 1d10+6E 6 Beam Array, Pushing

Philosopher's Stone Abilities

The Philosopher's Stone grants the bearer a pool of Might Points equal to their Intelligence Bonus, and a pool of Will Points equal to their Willpower Bonus, as well as a conditional Fate Point. Furthermore, every turn it replenishes one point spent of any of these categories, although it cannot restore burned points.

Might Points are focused around offensive improvements and have the following abilities:
1) Increase (or if desired, decrease) damage and Pen to an attack by +2
2) Reroll damage die.
3) Automatically confirm a Righteous Fury attack.
4) Automatically bypass Deflection with an attack.

Will Points are focused around defensive improvements and AT Fields and have the following abilities:
1) Reduce an incoming attack's damage by -2
2) Increase ATS by +2 for 1 round
3) Restore 5 wounds
4) Gain an extra reaction that persists until spent

Furthermore, the Philosopher's Stone has a list of powerful abilities that require expenditure in Points, listed below.

Name Point Cost Action Description
Absolute Annihilation 5 Might 2 Full Unleash a 100*ATSdm long, 20dm wide attack that deals 1d10 energy damage per IB, with +IB damage, that counts as Anti-AT Damage.
Angelic Grace 3 Will Free Refresh all spent actions (doesn't affect Celerity)
Astral Avoidance 2 Will Free (Evasion) Add +50 to a single Evasion roll
Astral Guidance 2 Might Half Add +50 to a single attack roll.
Distortion Light 3 Will Reaction Breaks all Neutralization and Grapples, Neutralizers/Grapplers must test Pilot Toughness or Willpower at a -20 penalty or be stunned for 1 round
Heaven's Will 3 Will Full All AT Powers are treated as being augmented by an amount equal to WPB for a number of rounds equal to WPB
Maximize 2 Might Free (Attack) Maximize a single damage die.
Shield 2 Will Free Reduce damage taken by an attack after AP and Toughness by 50%.
Philosopher's Shield 2 Will Half Grant the wielder the Aberrant Body trait for 1 round, preventing the wielder from taking damage from any attack except AT attacks or AT-enhanced attacks




Name Effect
Angel Unnatural Toughness*2, Immunities to Fear/Pinning/Fatigue/Insanity/Ego, may Righteous Fury, gains +1 Fate Point
Angelic Senses Can sense anything within PB amount of dm, even if blind
Celerity Roll twice on the Initiative table and act on both results
Code of the Warmaster Michael is prohibited from taking the following actions: attacking in combat until he is attacked or 5 rounds have passed; attacking a defeated enemy; attacking a fleeing enemy; called shots to a cockpit or plug-containing part; using Absolute Terror without warning to non-combatants; attacking stunned, blind, prone or terrified opponents; retreating.
Fear (4) Forces those confronted by it to test vs. fear with a -30 penalty
Light of the Soul Can spend ATP without depleting ATS
Multiple Weapon Gains the Claw and Force Shroud attacks, and can use them as a Multiple Attack with any other attack
Philosopher's Stone Enables special abilities and gives the wielder Might and Will Points
Superior Action On burning last Fate Point, reduces Full Actions to Half Actions, Half Actions to Reactions. Gain 1 Free action that can be spent on a Half or Reaction action per round
The Stuff of Nightmares Ignore any Critical Damage result that isn't a killing blow or a limb-remover


Name Effect
Alacrity of Thought(Accelerated Territory) Full Action AT Powers become half; Half Action AT Powers become Reactions
Crack Shot +2 to Critical Damage with ranged attack
Dual Field Angel uses two different AT Field Spreads, using the Deflection Rating of the highest.
Gravity Kick Perform a Gravity Kick
Hard Target -20 penalty to hit Michael after charging, -40 after running
Magnetic Defense(Layered Field) Gain extra Reaction that can only be used to parry. This parry can be used on most projectile attacks, excluding cone, flame and blast attacks
Marksman Suffer no penalties for shooting at Long or Extended Range
Iron Jaw Test Toughness to negate Stunning
Sharpshooter Reduce Called Shot penalty by -20
True Grit Halve Critical Damage

AT Powers

Spread Patterns

Absolute Terror
Accelerated Territory
Barrier Field
Bunker Field
Deflective Field
Gravity Territory
Layered Field

Offensive Powers

Anti-AT Blast
AT Wave
AT Beam
AT Blast
Cross Blast
Positron Beam
Rising Cross

Utility Powers

Kinetic Manipulation
Kinetic Mastery
Mirror Image

Absolute Terror

Name Activation Effect
Absolute Terror Full (Spread) A powerful Anti-AT Field, treated as a 20dm Anti-AT Field except for the following differences: User's deflection counts as ATS/2. All enemies within the field protected by AT Fields must test Willpower or lose 2d5 ego per round. All beings within the field not protected by AT Fields have their Ego set immediately to zero. All enemies within the field take 1 point of damage to every body location at the start of the round.
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