Michelle Gregory

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Steven Sanders

Full Name: Michelle Yara Gregory
Position: Chief Warfare Officer, FSS Valletta
Gender: Female
Date of Birth/Age: 2023/25
Place of Residence: Columbus, Ohio, Earth/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'11
Handedness: Right

Personal Notes

Notes from Starfleet dossier
Michelle Yara Gregory. Born 2023 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Parents were former US Marines. Joined Starfleet as a Youth Cadet in 2037, became a full cadet in 2041, graduated from Melbourne Starfleet Academy in 2043, specialising in weapons systems and AI spacecraft management. First posting was the FSS Singapore. Also served as junior warfare officer on board the Apennines and the Zhang Yanmei. Was promoted to Lieutenant in 2047. Specifically requested transfer to the Valletta for personal and career reasons.

Psychological profile outlines ice-coolness under fire and exceptional ability to winnow out distraction. Has been noted for a sharp wit and has attracted some complaints for insults towards other crew. However, is known to forgive slights against her own person easily.

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