Military Squad Upgrade Points

Upgrade Points!

Military Squad - Original 40 DUP

Military Squad - Personal UP Ledger

Pai's Squad

Macnair's Squad

Martins' Squad

Isidor's Squad

Captain Terence Savage

Each member of Team Raphael gains Upgrade Points for completing a mission.
They can be spent to give them special upgrades and thus essentially a low-maintenance character growth mechanic.

Point purchases:
Characteristic Increase (1/2/3/4 Upgrade Points, assorted by level (simple/int/trained/expert)
Wound Increase (Can be taken amount of times equal to TB+1)
Skill Proficiency (1 Upgrade point. Can be taken amount of times equal to Int)
Skill Training (1 Upgrade Point.)
Skill Mastery (2 upgrade points.)
Talent (1-2 Upgrade Points. Any talent they meet the prereqs for, but to be run by GM first)
Equipment Upgrade (1 upgrade Point per item.)
Insanity Reduction (1 Upgrade Point per insanity point reduced)
Ego Increase (1 Upgrade point per Ego recovered)

Rewards for Case White
Mission Successful!: 2 Points
Captured Mr. Blue: +2 Points
Captured Mr. Green: +2 Points
Captured Estelle: +1 Point
Captured Ganbaatar: +1 Point
Captured Erwin: +1 Point
Captured Lillian: +1 Point
Captured Lena: +1 Point
Captured Eevi: +1 Point

Squad Specific Rewards
Raphael Squad
Holy shit, did you leave -anyone- alive?: Raphael gains the Hatred (Terrorists) Talent.

Macnair Squad
The Spectre of Competence: Macnair's squad all gain Fate Points and Critical Damage pools.

Martins Squad
My name is Lucy, I Blow Shit Up: Martins's Heavy Weapons user gains 1 fate point and Critical Damage pools.

Accurate Bolter (100m, 1d10+6x Pen 4 S/2/- Accurate, Tearing)
Barbed Electric Whip (Exotic Melee, 5m 1d10+4 Pen 2 flexible, Shocking)
Caroline's Sword (1d10+4R Pen 4 Balanced, Power Field)
Power Blade (Melee, 1d5+4R Pen 3 Balanced, Compact, Power Field)
Power Fistx2 (Melee, 1d10+2 Pen 1 Power*)
Wallace's Shotgun (40m, 1d10+5I Pen 3 S/4/- Scatter, Reliable)

*Power weapons add SB*2 to their damage profiles.

Dreadnought UPs (DUPs)

All Dreadnought Pilots must pick a Piloting Career out of the following choices:

From this list, they may spend at startup 40 UPs on talents and upgrades that only take effect inside a Dreadnought. Any personal Characteristic upgrades must be spent using Personal UPs.

UP History:
+4 UPs (Eden Base)

Marie: 4 UPs
Hugues: 4 UPs
Euphie: 4 UPs
Henri: 4 UPs
Blaise: 4 UPs

+10 UPs (Valletta)
+4 UPs (Omniel Battle)
+4 UPs (Boston Evac)

+3 RP from Recycled Dreads
+2.5 from Raphael
+2 from Mana
+2 from Hugues
+2 from Euphrasie
+4 from Marie
+4.5 from Henri
+1 from Blaise


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