Misato S Bath

[21:38] <Raphael> Tap! Tap tap!
[21:38] <Raphael> Even as he knocks on the apartment door, Raphael’s eyes are turned towards the wide window that runs the length of the hall and the snowy scene beyond. ‘Picturesque’… it’s not a word Raphael would use often but there was really no other one that fit. From the way the way the sunlight painted the frosted trees to the view of the seemingly endless mountains covered by unbroken
[21:38] <Raphael> powdered snow, it really was beautiful.
[21:41] <AdEvaGM> ["Come in!"]
[21:45] * Raphael 's hand turns the doorknob halfway… and then pauses. He hurries back over to the window one last time, peering down to where he can just see the parka-clad forms of Rei and Suzanne playing in the snow. Only then does he return to the door and step inside, smiling as he goes.
[21:51] <AdEvaGM> [The room is a tiny bit of a mess, but it's not really noticeable outside of the large dining table that Misato has commandeered. It's covered in papers and books and maps and a laptop, behind which Misato's rugged-up form (long, thick trousers and a delightfully clingy red sweater) sits, a hot chocolate in her right hand. She looks up.-
[21:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh. Raffy-kun~? I was expecting you!"]
[21:58] <Raphael> "Is that so?" He says, still smiling as he comes over to give her a quick kiss. He takes the chair opposite her - Needing a moment to clear it of a stack of books that's been precariously balanced atop it - trying not to disturb her work on the table. He manages to limit his unconscious gawking at her outfit to a second at most… well, maybe two.-
[21:58] <Raphael> "And here I thought you'd been avoiding me."
[21:59] <AdEvaGM> [It doesn't go unnoticed.-
[21:59] <AdEvaGM> ["Nah." Misato beams. "I've just been- well, look at this."]
[22:03] <Raphael> "… Mmm." Raphael smirks a little as he sweeps his gaze across the mountain of papers. "You're… certainly being thorough about this."
[22:03] <AdEvaGM> ["But of course! It's Thunderdome. I've got to win!"]
[22:05] <Raphael> "And if I were to say that I thought you were talented enough to win -without- working yourself to death?"
[22:07] <AdEvaGM> ["Hm~ Well, I'd say you were a charming flatterer, but Major Katsuragi is too professional to fall for your honeyed words."]
[22:09] <Raphael> "I'm quite capable of being charming while still being honest, ma'am." Raphael says, giving her his best and brightest smile as though that would prove it.
[22:12] <AdEvaGM> [She returns the smile with one of her own. "… Alright, if you're going to say things like that you can at least help me. Mind if you go over one of my strategies?"]
[22:13] <Raphael> "Of course not."
[22:15] <AdEvaGM> ["Right. Well, this is what I have planned for the Paris team." She looked down at her laptop. "First and foremost. What's the bet that I can ensure victory within 62 seconds against the Paris team?"]
[22:19] * Raphael frowns, taking a moment to think on that. "… Hmm. It's not entirely out of the question, but it's certainly a very difficult proposition."
[22:21] <AdEvaGM> ["Well. I don't mean defeat all three units in 62 seconds, but enough to gain an advantage they can't recover from."]
[22:23] * Raphael nods slowly. "Well, you wouldn't be asking if you hadn't found something."
[22:25] <AdEvaGM> [Misato grinned. "Well. I thought about it, and… Now, which Parisian Eva unit usually is used for point?"]
[22:27] <Raphael> "01." Raphael responded, folding his hands.
[22:33] <AdEvaGM> ["That's right. So, the first act: Shinji and Tsubaki, equipped with A-Type equipment, take to the skies, and Sho moves in to neutralise EVA-01. That's when I deploy this lovely toy." She held out a piece of paper with a blueprint on it of two vertical poles. "Sonic guillotine. A weapon that's never been used on the battlefield- it uses a destructive resonance to inflict heavy damage on a target even without armour. and it's fast, too. Without his AT Field, he'll be defenseless, and the Guillotine will weaken him enough to give Sho the edge in a 1-on-1… Not that she'll have to, as that's when I drop Shinji and Tsubaki down, Shinji uses his AT Field to ward off counter-attacks, and Tsubaki hits him with AT Crosses to take him out of the fight for good."]
[22:49] * Raphael peers at the blueprint with some curiosity, nodding approvingly. "An interesting design. Seems like the sort of thing the Thruster team might come up with…" He says slowly. "This could definitely work, Major, especially when they haven't dealt with the technology before. Still, I'm sure you aren't counting out 04 and 00 just like that?"
[22:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Of course not." Misato grins. "EVA-00 tends to take positron weaponry, either rifles or the big cannons. 04 usually takes a bolter, a melee weapon and a maser wing gun- which isn't conducive to penetrating AT Fields. Those rely on deflection to hit. However, 00 also relies on the enemy staying still and keeping away- and my Evas don't do that." She tapped the computer. "Sho and Tsubaki take to the sky, keeping too fast for a reliable lock on. I send Shinji- my toughest Eva- in to pin 04 down- and drop Sho and Tsubaki down on her head with synchronised falling kicks. If Shinji can hold her, we can take 04 down easily- and that just leaves EVA-00…"]
[22:06] <Raphael> "And you'll have enough of a numbers advantage to neutralize her quite handily." Raphael finishes, nodding. "This could definitely work…"
[22:06] <AdEvaGM> ["Yeah? You think so?" She leans forward, visibly pleased.]
[22:10] <Raphael> "Of course." He smiles. "It all sounds quite effective to me. Just remember that the Colonel will have her own ideas…"
[22:11] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh, yes, I know. Which is why, no matter what, we need to strike first…" She frowned a little, lost in thought.]
[22:18] * Raphael examines her face in silence, looking a little worried as his gaze trace the lines of her frown. "Have you been locked away in here all day, Misato?"
[22:20] <AdEvaGM> ["Hm? Oh, well, you know how it gets. You get occupied with something and…" She said, averting her eyes.]
[22:20] <Raphael> "And yesterday?"
[22:22] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh, you know…" She coughed.]
[22:27] <Raphael> "…" He shakes his head slowly. "Time for me to drag you out of here, ma'am, at least for a little while. This resort is too nice a place for me to let you spend your whole time in this room. We could go and have lunch, or visit the girls outside…"
[22:28] <AdEvaGM> ["…" She quirks an eyebrow. "Oh really? Drag me out of here, hm?"]
[22:30] <Raphael> "… Y-yes." Raphael says, eyeing her raised eyebrow apprehensively. "Your planning will still be here when you get back."
[22:32] <AdEvaGM> ["Alright." She smiles. "But… Can I choose where to go, at least?"]
[22:34] * Raphael 's mouth tightens a little, knowing a trap when he sees one but unable to quite find a way out of it. "Of… Of course."
[22:37] <AdEvaGM> [She beams happily. "Excellent. I know exactly where to go to relax. I've been sitting down all day- it hurts more than you'd think, sometimes." She stands up.]
[22:40] * Raphael follows, managing to halt a book avalanche caused by his hand on the table before the whole mess crashed onto the floor. "And where would that be, ma'am?"
[22:40] <AdEvaGM> ["You sure you don't want it to be a secret?"]
[22:43] <Raphael> It's Raphael's turn to raise an eyebrow. "I take it you'd prefer it was?"
[22:46] <AdEvaGM> ["You might run away before then~" She winks at him and slips out of the room.]
[22:47] <Raphael> "…" Raphael stares towards the empty doorway and lets out a quiet sigh.
[22:49] <AdEvaGM> [They walked.-
[22:50] <AdEvaGM> [It wasn't long before they were entering a certain corridor that Raphael didn't really recognise- although there was someone there he did. Major Wellesley was walking in their direction- he stopped.-
[22:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Ah, Major Katsuragi. Sir Guillory. Out for a night on the town, so to speak?" He asked serenely.-
[22:51] <AdEvaGM> ["That's right~"]
[23:00] * Raphael could have spent the time in the halls looking for landmarks, or some clue as to their destination, but in truth he’d almost been careful to avoid them. Misato’s comment had stuck with him, and he had no wish to cause a scene over her choice of diversion if he could help it. Besides, a simple conversation had been vastly more enjoyable than spending his time worrying…-
[23:00] <Raphael> "Major Wellesley." Raphael gives the boy a warm smile. "Given all the work she's been doing, I thought it was best if I did something to help Major Katsuragi relax."
[23:04] <AdEvaGM> [Alphonse beamed happily. "I see. Well, I'm glad to see -you- doing it then. I suspect you're better at helping her relax than anyone." He walked off, patting Raphael on the arm and giving him an over-energetic wink. "Don't get into any trouble, alright? Just because you're with an OD doesn't mean you can't play it safe…"]
[23:07] * Raphael ‘s brow creases, some dim alarm sounding off in the back of his mind that he can’t quite place. "I… yes, of course, Major." He says cautiously.
[23:07] <AdEvaGM> ["Goodnight." He walks off, beaming.-
[23:07] <AdEvaGM> ["… He's in a good mood."]
[23:08] * Raphael watches him go, still frowning perplexedly. "So it seems."
[23:09] <AdEvaGM> ["What's he been up to? I haven't been able to watch him- has he been planning too?"]
[23:10] <Raphael> "Of course. Though he's still found plenty of time for Rei amidst it all."
[23:11] <AdEvaGM> ["… Oh really?" She shoots Raphael a dark look. "Hmph. I'll show you. I'm about to do something that he wouldn't dare…"]
[23:12] <Raphael> "… Oh?"
[23:14] <AdEvaGM> [Misato walked along down the wall- coming to a small hall to her right. It was marked with a door, clearly labelled 'Hot Springs- Pvt'. She beamed.]
[23:17] * Raphael does not beam. In fact, the colour seems to drain from his face all at once, only to return again with a vengeance as Alphonse’s comments all click into place. "…"-
[23:17] <Raphael> "… Ah." Is the best he can manage.
[23:18] <AdEvaGM> ["C'mon! It'll be fun, and a nice hot soak is a good way to relax."]
[23:22] <Raphael> "But I thought we were avoiding-"-
[23:22] * Raphael stops, seeming to reconsider his position midsentence. "… On second thought, ma'am, nevermind."
[23:23] <AdEvaGM> [She turns back and gives him a small wink, before heading through the door.-
[23:26] <AdEvaGM> [The room doesn't lead exactly out into a hot spring, of course, but rather a small antechamber with several doors leading off- it's fairly standard stuff. Misato heads over to one and checks a chart by the door- she notes with satisfaction that it's empty, writes her name down, and walks through the door into the changing room.]
[23:36] * Raphael hesitates for a moment, lingering in the antechamber for a moment and dealing with a sudden rush of uncertainty - and no small amount of nerves on behalf of his shape - before forcing himself to follow.
[23:41] <AdEvaGM> [The changing room consists of a handful of booths, each with a white towel and a bag to put clothes in. He can't really see Misato unless he tries.-
[23:41] <AdEvaGM> ["How're you feeling?" She asks from the booth.]
[23:46] * Raphael doesn't try to see, of course. Instead he simply takes to his own booth and begins slowly unbuttoning his shirt, relishing the opportunity to get his thoughts in order. "I'm fine, Major." Raphael says, actually managing to make it almost sound believable.
[23:53] <AdEvaGM> ["Raffy-kuuuun. Are you sure it's a good idea to remind me of my job at a time like this…?"]
[23:56] <Raphael> "… A fair point." He admits, neatly folding his clothes before putting them into the bag along with his shoes. He reaches out for the towel.
[23:58] <AdEvaGM> ["Is Suzie having fun? I think I saw her playing around earlier with Rei from a window."]
[00:01] <Raphael> "Yes, they're both having a ball. When I last saw them they were working on a Dreadnought snow sculpture at Suzie's insistence." Raphael says with a chuckle, emerging from the stall.
[00:04] <AdEvaGM> ["I have to ask, though. That chair of her's looks… Familiar…"]
[00:08] * Raphael is quiet for a moment, looking up at the ceiling. "… It's Colonel Lachapelle's, yes." Raphael says quietly. "He left it to her in his will, though I never found out quite why. The Colonel and I were acquainted, but hardly enough for that…"
[00:11] <AdEvaGM> ["… That said, it's oddly appropriate." She emerges now from the stall, wearing nothing but the towel, which leaves little to the imagination.]
[00:18] * Raphael keeps his gaze aimed high and tries to keep the blushing to a minimum even as he adjusts his own towel, acutely aware of the fact that it’s not his own shape he’s showing off. "… A-ah?"
[00:19] <AdEvaGM> [She beams. "It's big, armoured, heavily armed- it's perfect for a tough little girl like Suzie." She walks towards him, now only about a foot away. "Raffy-kun?"]
[00:20] <Raphael> "Y… es?" Raphael says carefully. His arms are crossed to cover his chest.
[00:21] <AdEvaGM> ["You're blocking the door…"]
[00:22] <Raphael> "… Oh." He murmurs, glancing backwards. He awkwardly steps aside.
[00:25] <AdEvaGM> [She chuckles and walks past through the door.-
[00:25] <AdEvaGM> [Beyond is a hot spring, which unlike the one in Japan, is square with wooden walls and solid wooden floors, as well. It's definitely steamy, however, and the heat is impressive despite the typical coolness of the resort.]
[00:36] * Raphael is through the door a moment later, careful to shut it behind him before he takes a look around. "I didn't expect them to be quite this large."
[00:40] <AdEvaGM> ["They're not as big as the ones back in Hakone." Says Misato, walking over to the edge of the spring, where a few bottles sit. She picks one up. "… Huh. This is really expensive stuff. I'm not sure I'd be able to afford a trip like this on anything but NERV's budget."]
[00:47] <Raphael> "Luxury alpine resorts rarely come cheap, I suppose." Raphael says, edging a little closer himself. "Given all you do for them, you deserve something like this from NERV now and then."
[00:50] <AdEvaGM> ["Ah, but I guess you're just doing your duty~?"]
[00:53] <Raphael> "Naturally." He says, managing a cautious smile.
[00:55] <AdEvaGM> ["You deserve a little bit of fun, too." She stands up, frowning slightly at the water. "There's kind of a trick to this…"]
[00:58] <Raphael> "Bathing…?"
[01:02] <AdEvaGM> ["No, getting in. Hold on. Rei's a lot better at this than I am." Misato frowns, and takes a hold of her towel. In one fell swoop she pulls it off and slips into the spring at the same time.-
[01:03] <AdEvaGM> [For a split second there's an expression of panic on her face as she looks blankly down. "… It's deeper than I thought. Geez, why can't they build it properly…?"]
[01:07] * Raphael is a little more worried by the dual concerns of keeping his eyes averted in a gentlemanly fashion and working out just how he was supposed to replicate her feat. "Are you alright with it?"
[01:08] <AdEvaGM> ["Yeah, yeah, it's good! Just not what I'm used to. Come on!"]
[01:10] * Raphael hesitates at the edge, readying himself before trying to mimic her action … only to fail both at both keeping his towel out of the water and, more importantly, keeping himself obscured. He bobs in the water, finding his own footing. "… Hm."
[01:17] <AdEvaGM> [Misato giggles. "Of course, usually it's only the girls who do that." There's more than a little mischief to her tone.]
[01:23] * Raphael gives Misato a dark look and fishes the edge of his towel out of the water before finding a more comfortable seat along the side. "It's definitely not quite like the last spring we visited, but I don't mind that it's a little deeper."
[11:43] <AdEvaGM> [She herself drifts along to the side and finds her own seat about two metres away, leaning back and looking up at the roof, arms leaning back on the side. "… Heehee. Wellesley knew what we were up to, didn't he~?"]
[11:50] <Raphael> "…" Raphael's colour rises a little more and he looks down at the water, trying to work out a knot in his shoulders with one hand. "Most likely. Although I'm quite sure 'we' weren't up to anything."
[11:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Heehee. If you -had- known where we were going, would you have bailed? 'Come on, let's do the restaurant instead!'" Says Misato in a mock Raffy voice.]
[11:52] <Raphael> "… Most likely." He admits.
[11:53] <AdEvaGM> ["Well, I'm glad I kept it a secret then. And you are too."]
[11:54] <Raphael> "Am I, now?"
[11:55] <AdEvaGM> [She frowned. "I thought you'd enjoy being alone with a beautiful woman. Or am I not enough…?"]
[11:57] <Raphael> "That's… I didn't mean it like that." He says hurriedly.
[11:59] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh?" She looks over towards him with a narrow look.]
[12:01] <Raphael> "Of course you're enough."
[12:03] <AdEvaGM> ["Then what's the problem~?"]
[12:06] <Raphael> "… No problem, ma'am." Raphael says carefully after a moment of thought. He looks up, but he's still being very careful about where he places his gaze.
[12:08] <AdEvaGM> [She chuckles and turns her gaze back to the roof. "Well, glad that's settled. You know, I probably would've stayed in that room all day if you hadn't come by."]
[12:16] <Raphael> "I thought so. We've been here for three days and I've barely seen you." He says. "You're really running yourself ragged over all of this."
[12:20] <AdEvaGM> ["Yeah, well… I wanna win." She says quietly, a little pensively, even.]
[12:26] <Raphael> "Mmm." He gives her a thoughtful look. "… Is that just competitiveness talking?"
[12:27] <AdEvaGM> ["Hm? Of course!" She says, giving him a wink and pumping an arm.-
[12:27] <AdEvaGM> [… But a second later she chudkles a little. "Not -just- competitiveness, I guess."]
[12:36] <Raphael> "I thought not. You've been a little too… Intense about all of this for it to be just that."
[12:38] <AdEvaGM> ["… I guess if there's anyone I can talk to, it's you, right?"]
[12:43] <Raphael> "Of course." He says, giving her a gentle smile. "If that's what you want to do."
[12:45] <AdEvaGM> [She smiles, and beckons him over. "You should move a little closer, then. There's plenty of room over here, you know~"]
[12:55] <Raphael> "Well, yes, I can see…" He says, looking a little nervous at the proposition. Again he manages to make himself stop, forcing away whatever uncertainty he felt and sliding closer towards her.
[12:58] <AdEvaGM> [She chuckles. "You're cute when you're uncomfortable."]
[12:59] <Raphael> "If you say so, ma'am." He says, giving her a weak smile.
[13:02] <AdEvaGM> [She herself slides a little closer until they're only about a half metre away- close enough for her to reach out and toy with his hair. "It's… Hm. I'm a Major." She frowns a little, staring down at the water. "But I'm not sure if I deserve it. There are times where I don't really feel qualified as an OD at all. Between Alphonse and the others, I feel… A little outdone, but more than that."]
[13:15] <Raphael> "Misato…" He says gently, and without giving himself time to think he closes the last of the gap between them and puts an arm around her shoulders. "What’s made you feel that way?"
[13:21] <AdEvaGM> [Despite the heat of the pool Misato's skin is even warmer, hot to the touch. "I feel like I don't really have anything that sets me apart. I mean, Marianne's Dorian's successor, Alphonse is das wunderkind, Harken has a longer service record than anyone else put together, and I'm just… A recovering drunk who saw Adam explode." She frowns and rests her head against his shoulder.]
[13:34] <Raphael> "That’s one way of looking at it." Raphael says quietly. "But here’s another: You’re a woman with the remarkable mental fortitude it took to drag yourself out of all the things you’ve seen and still turn yourself into one of the finest tacticians the UN has to offer."
[13:36] <AdEvaGM> ["… That's something you truly believe, huh?"]
[13:37] <Raphael> "Absolutely."
[13:51] <AdEvaGM> ["… Heh. I know." She chuckles. "I kept that penguin you gave me, by the way. I still look at it sometimes…"]
[13:53] * Raphael smiles. "I'm glad. I really hoped you would."-
[13:53] <Raphael> "… Does it ever help?"
[13:56] <AdEvaGM> [Misato grins. "Of course it helps. It also makes me a little sad sometimes."]
[13:57] <Raphael> "Oh?"
[13:58] <AdEvaGM> ["Do I help you the same way, Raffy?"]
[14:00] <Raphael> "… You really have to ask, ma'am?"
[14:00] <AdEvaGM> ["No. But I like hearing it."]
[14:14] <Raphael> "Ah. Well then, who am I to say no?" He says, chuckling fondly as he brushes her neck. "Of course you help, Misato. Knowing you has made me a better person."
[14:19] <AdEvaGM> ["Heehee." Misato beams and wraps her arms around him, snuggling up against him. "That's pretty poor mathematics, though."]
[14:21] <Raphael> "How do you mean?"
[14:22] <AdEvaGM> ["Well, we both make each other better- that's like 1+1 equals 4…"]
[14:23] * Raphael laughs. "Rei would probably say that had something to do with the 'power of love' or something similar."
[14:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Well, that doesn't sound so bad. It has a nicer ring to it than grief-fuelled lust."]
[14:26] <Raphael> "… I -suppose- so." Raphael says, giving her a playful squeeze.
[14:28] <AdEvaGM> ["Still. I… Even if I don't win, exactly, I want to put in a good showing. Even if it's just to convince myself."]
[14:33] <Raphael> "Of course." He smiles. "Just… no matter what happens, don't let yourself believe that success or failure decides whether you deserve what you have, Misato. You've earned every scrap of what you have, ma'am, and I won't let you believe otherwise."
[14:42] <AdEvaGM> [She gives him a fond kiss. "You know, I've noticed something interesting…"]
[14:42] <Raphael> "Mmm?"
[14:45] <AdEvaGM> ["I dunno whether you'd agree, but… Do you feel it easier to admit your emotions in this form?"]
[14:55] <Raphael> Raphael lapses into thoughtful silence for a few seconds, resting his head against hers. "… Perhaps. I don’t know how much of it is this shape, but I know it’s become… at least a little easier to admit how I feel about us lately. It’s still difficult, but I haven’t felt the need to lie to myself."
[15:04] <AdEvaGM> ["I've noticed." She says gently. "Even though you're different to look at, I think I know you better than ever now. It helps to see the old, cute-but-grumpy Raffy-kun in a new light~"-
[15:04] <AdEvaGM> ["… Of course, it helps that you're so transparent now." She pinches his cheeks… And flicks her eyes a little downward.-
[15:05] <AdEvaGM> ["In more ways than one."]
[15:13] <Raphael> "I… erm." He coughs and shifts a little, fighting a losing battle to keep his expression composed. "Mmm."
[15:16] <AdEvaGM> [She grins evilly. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"]
[15:18] <Raphael> "O-of course not, ma'am." Raphael said, his continued, low-grade squirming not doing much to help him appear convincing.
[15:19] <AdEvaGM> [She immediately makes it worse by tickling his left side.]
[15:26] <Raphael> "Major, n-nghk!" He tries to escape, but she's managed to capture him in a rather awkward grapple. It's all he can do to fight fire with fire, his free hand finding her stomach.
[15:31] <AdEvaGM> ["Don't call m- eek!" She leaps away, splashing him as she goes.]
[15:33] * Raphael is is too busy laughing to prepare for the splash, and the sound is quickly replaced by incoherent spluttering. "… W-well played." He grins, only to begin chuckling again.
[15:35] <AdEvaGM> ["Look out, Raffy-kun. People might think you're enjoying this~"]
[15:37] <Raphael> "Perish the thought, ma'am."
[15:38] <AdEvaGM> [There's another quick splash. "Don't call me that!" She whines.]
[15:40] <Raphael> This time he's ready, though. When the flying water settles Raphael is nowhere to be seen…
[15:41] <AdEvaGM> ["Eh? Raffy-kun? Where'd you go, you sneak?"]
[15:45] <Raphael> A second ticks by, and then another. And then all at once there's the quiet splash of something surfacing behind her, and Misato would find herself lifted off the floor as she's swept up in Raphael's arms.
[15:47] <AdEvaGM> ["Wh-?" She flails as she's clearly taken by surprise. "R-Raffy-kun! An ambush?! How ungentlemanly-!"]
[15:50] <Raphael> "All in the name of bringing a quick and painless end to the hostilities, I assure you." He grins, pulling her close.
[15:53] <AdEvaGM> ["Hmph. Well. I guess I have no choice but to surrender." She holds onto his hands and glances over her shoulder at him before looking away.-
[15:53] <AdEvaGM> ["… Hey, Raphael?"]
[15:54] <Raphael> "Mmm?"
[15:57] <AdEvaGM> ["…" She's hesitant for a moment, but then her grip tightens. "Let's move in together sometime after we tie this all up."]
[16:02] <Raphael> To say he’s caught off guard would be an understatement. Were it not for her own grip on his arms, the surprise likely would have been enough to make him drop her. "Are… are you sure, Misato?"
[16:05] <AdEvaGM> ["No." She chuckles a little. "Am I ever really sure of anything I do? It seems most of the time I'm just fighting to shore up a few shaky beliefs."-
[16:10] <AdEvaGM> ["I know that I like this, though. You and me, saying whatever we want. Talking about serious stuff, but also playing around. I like how it feels when you hold me like you are. Well, before you went all silly and surprised…" She chuckles playfully. "It feels warm, though, and I like it. So whatever. I want this."-
[16:10] <AdEvaGM> ["… If we live through this, though, I want to think that I'd come out strong enough to admit that with a little more certainty."]
[16:15] <Raphael> "… I want it too." He says softly, turning her to face him. "It's not easy for either of us to say it, but I know it's true."
[16:19] <AdEvaGM> ["There are a lot of things we feel, but don't know how to say…"]
[16:22] <Raphael> "Mmm. I'm going to do my best to be honest with you, though."
[16:22] <AdEvaGM> ["Honesty. Now there's a scary policy." She smiles.-
[16:22] <AdEvaGM> ["… Is there anything you want to say, then, Raphael?"]
[16:33] * Raphael brow creases ever so slightly, his grip on her waist growing a little tighter. He looks her in the eye, searching for something in her gaze. There’s more than a little panic in his own stare. "…"
[16:42] <AdEvaGM> [She looks him in the eye and smiles. "Go on. Don't worry…"]
[16:50] * Raphael smiles back hesitantly, some of the uncertainty beginning to fade. "I…"-
[16:50] <Raphael> "I love you, Misato."
[17:02] <AdEvaGM> [She stares up at him, and for a long minute she's quiet… Before she smiles.-
[17:02] <AdEvaGM> ["I know." She leans forward and kisses him without reservation- carefree, delighted and in love.]
[12:39] <Yanmei> It would be sometime later when the doors to the female dressing room opened and shut again, courtesy of a reluctant twin tailed figure. This was not Zhang Yanmei's idea of a relaxing getaway. There was the atmosphere of the resort itself now that NERV had taken over - something that reminded her terribly of work itself. -
[12:41] <Yanmei> There was the fact that she'd had little interest in coming to the hot springs as well. There was also the company to consider, which wasn't unpleasant, but sure as hell wasn't -relaxing- either. She glanced toward her current companion warily.
[12:46] <AdEvaGM> [Her company stared back, red eyebrows furrowed as she pulled her hair around her eyepatch band. Asuka firmly tied the red ribbon-sash around her long blue dress and slung her red coat over her shoulder. "Hmph." She looked away, muttering as she stalked out of the changing room. "I'll never forgive you."]
[12:49] <Yanmei> "Why? For being faster than you~?" Yanmei tossed her hair. "If you'd wanted the lemon-scented soap for yourself so badly, you should have kept on your toes."
[12:49] <AdEvaGM> ["You were supposed to have shared, stupidface Zhang Yanmei!" Snapped Asuka, stamping a foot. "Besides, you're already a lemon, why would you want to smell like one too?!"]
[12:52] <Yanmei> "What did you say?" Yanmei glared and then huffed, folding her arms. "Unbelievable. Throwing a tantrum over bodywash! You'd never see -me- acting so immature~"
[12:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Pfft. I already did, and I'm missing an eye! You took that soap because I just happened to get the body shampoo first. 'Hey! That's miiiine!'"]
[12:59] <Yanmei> "Oh, Asuka. Twisting a polite request to returned my claimed shampoo into juvenille whining." Yanmei sighed as if disappointed. "There's no way I sounded like that. And certainly didn't try to -drown- you for it. Unlike -certain other people-…" She frowned at her.
[12:59] <Yanmei> ^return my clained
[12:59] <Yanmei> ^claimed
[13:03] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh, no. You just tried to wrestle and pull my hair like a baby!" Without a moment of self-awareness Asuka lunges for Yanmei's twintails.]
[13:05] * Yanmei narrowly caught both wrists! "Wh-what do you think you're doing? You stop that!"
[13:12] <AdEvaGM> ["Grr! Lemme go!" Asuka pulls her hands away- and goes for a full on tackle.]
[13:15] * Yanmei slipped out of the path of destruction, smirking. "Oh, so close~ You really are a slowpoke, Little Asuka."
[13:17] <AdEvaGM> ["Goddamnit! Don't you call me little." Asuka straightens up now, smirking. "If anything, you're the little one, as that bath showed…"]
[13:18] * Yanmei colored slightly, and then lift her chin with a haughty "Hmph! I'm still bigger than -you- are."
[13:18] <AdEvaGM> ["LIAR!"]
[13:20] <Raphael> And in the middle of this there was the sound of low murmurs and giggling carrying from the other side of one of the other changing room doors a moment before it opened to reveal two figures making their way out into the antechamber, both of them familiar. One was Misato Katsuragi, and the other… a rather flushed and quite starry-eyed Shinji Ikari, his arm around Misato’s waist as he
[13:20] <Raphael> breaks off another hurried kiss just in time to catch sight of the two new arrivals.-
[13:20] <Raphael> "…"
[13:23] * Yanmei had started to pose, sticking her chest out a bit more than necessary, but now she just stared, dropping the posture in astonishment. A slow smirk started to creep back over her features. A slow, evil smirk…
[13:23] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Misato opened her mouth to speak…-
[13:24] <AdEvaGM> [Asuka turned just as Yanmei had. "…" Her own evil smirk began to unfold like a blood-sucking flower… "Ohohohohoho~"]
[13:37] <Raphael> "… Erm." He murmurs, eyeing the two of them with a touch of horror. He tries to shift his expression back to its normal, stony state, but the dazed and lovestruck look won’t be so easily shifted.-
[13:37] <Raphael> "Good afternoon, you two." He manages, trying to make his way towards the door and hurrying Misato along with him, but turning only serves to reveal that his hand is still placed a /little/ lower than it strictly needs to be.
[13:48] <Yanmei> "And a fine afternoon to you, group Captain~" Yanmei beamed as they started to walk past, and then… there was the taletell snap of a camera phone's shutter~
[13:49] <AdEvaGM> [Misato freezes. Her eyes narrow.-
[13:50] <AdEvaGM> [Neither Asuka nor Yanmei see this. Hence, only Raphael understands the inherent danger behind Misato's next act, the hidden promise of pain and retribution that laces her every syllable. She says, in a perfectly cheerful and happy voice- "Have a good night, girls!"]
[13:58] * Raphael doesn’t seem to know how to react to the sound of the shutter itself, and any attempt to find a less compromising position comes far too late, but catching sight of Misato’s reaction is enough to change that - It’s enough to make him laugh, a sound that’s joyful, unreserved and utterly free.-
[13:59] <Raphael> "Pilot Zhang. Pilot Langley-Soryu." He nods, giving them both a pleasant smile and, after a moment of consideration, squeezing Misato a little closer as they make for the door.
[13:59] <AdEvaGM> [Asuka frowns, giving Yanmei a quizzical look.]
[14:01] <Yanmei> "It's payback," She murmured to Askua after she had given her own nod. "For a certain incident that happened while we were visiting Tokyo-2?"
[14:01] <AdEvaGM> ["Oho. I see. She saw you and your boy like that~"]
[14:02] <Yanmei> "W-wrong! She totally set us up!"
[14:02] <AdEvaGM> ["Uh-huh." Asuka smirks and folds her arms. "It all falls into place now. So it was in Japan… Mmmhmhmhmhm…"]
[14:05] <Yanmei> "I assure you that I have know idea what you're talking about and that you're gravely mistaken!"
[14:06] <Yanmei> ^no idea
[14:07] <AdEvaGM> ["Mmhmmhmhmh…" Asuka smirked… Then aimed a kick at Yanmei's knee. A second later she was tearing down the corridors. "Isaiiaaaaaaaaaah~"]
[14:11] <Yanmei> "Gah!" It caught her off guard, and she hissed in pain, rubbing her injury before hobbling after her. "Wait, you deviant! Asukaaaa!"

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