Turning Points

Turning Points
Destroy or Rout Enemy Forces.
Protect Allied Forces.
Control the Asgard Battlezone.
Secure Operations.
Secure Main Engineering with a character who possesses the Scholastic Lore (MAGI) skill.
Secure Base Defense HQ.

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Local Allies

Valid Resources

Two valid Leaders may be deployed.

All Of SOS's hordes and characters may be deployed.

Five Independent Characters may be deployed, including any generic UEF leaders.


Supreme Commander

Battlezone Details

There is only one Battlezone for this mission: Asgard. However, Asgard has many subsystems and locations to be covered.


Operations sits at the far east end of the map. So long as Operations is secured, the Supreme Commander gains a +10 bonus to any Tactics activation tests.

Main Engineering

Main Engineering sits opposite Operations, and is a very large room. It provides power to the entire base. Much in Main Engineering is not only fragile, but also violently explosive. Securing Main Engineering with someone who understands the systems is critical; this allows them to take remote control of a system with a -10 Tech Use penalty. If both of the Positron Reactors are disabled, all base systems immediately shut down. A breached Positron Reactor can have fatal consequences for the base.

Base Defense HQ

Base Defense HQ sits north of Operations; it is where the base's internal and external defense systems are controlled. Securing Base Defense HQ will allow you to take control of the base's static defenses and traps. However, the HQ may only be accessed from Maintenance Ducts.

Sensor Control

Sensor Control sits south of Operations; it governs the base's internal and external sensors. Securing Sensor Control will allow you to remove Fog of War.

Secondary Medical

Secondary Medical sits between Ops and Main Engineering. If Medical is secured, then the relevant people take a +20 bonus to First Aid tests on people within Medical.

Door Control Points

These two control points sit south and north of the eastern branch of the great intersection. Controlling one point allows you to open any two doors of your choice. Controlling both gives you full control over doors. They may only be accessed by maintenance ducts.

Elevator Control Points

These two control points sit adjacent to the Elevator Rooms. Controlling an Elevator Control Point lets you shut off the adjacent elevator, stemming the tide of any reinforcements through it. They may only be accessed by maintenance ducts.

Environmental Controls

This control sits south of Main Engineering, and may only be accessed by a Maintenance Duct. Controlling Environmental Controls allows you to set internal temperatures and air flow. Note that even with zero air flow, it will still take several hours for Asgard's air to become unbreathable.

Engineering Emergency Shutdown

This control sits north of Main Engineering, and may only be accessed by a Maintenance Duct. The Emergency Engineering Shutdown deactivates all computer systems, jettisons anything volatile within Engineering and depowers the Positron Reactors. Outside of controlling Main Engineering, this is the only way to prevent a potential reactor breach or self destruct sequence.

Special Circumstances

Armoured Units: The enemy are likely to possess vehicles.
Elite Forces: The enemy forces present are likely to be Phantoms and Solomons.
Limited Data: Circumstances mean that the map is shrouded in fog of war. Units may only see within their direct LoS, but have shared vision.
Maintenance Ducts: Asgard hosts a dizzying network of maintenance ducts, which may be entered through Hatches. Each duct is too narrow for a Horde; it may only be entered by Independent Characters of size Hulking or smaller.
Powerful Enemy: It is possible that we will encounter at least one Solomon Prime or Marshal Magistrate here.
Unknown Enemies: There's a chance that unknown enemies may be present- Asgard housed captive Shadowmen, for example, and if the computer virus's similarities to Iruel are more than superficial, who knows what may happen.

Victory and Defeat Effects


Victory here will grant 3 RP.
Victory here will add the Peace Cannon Corporation to your resources. They count as an IB 5 Researcher; they grant a 10% Research Ability bonus to Weapons Engineering, Engineering Cybernetics and Materials Science.
Victory here will add the Thruster Unity Corporation to your resources. They count as an IB 5 Researcher; they grant a 10% Research Ability bonus to General Improvement, Weapons Engineering, Engineering Cybernetics.
Victory here will add trigger the Hammer of the United States Event in Turn 5.


Defeat here will grant the UN a Prestige Point.


Actor Dialogue
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "Asgard's a base with plenty of narrow corridors and reinforced walls. It has plenty of chokepoints, making it easy to defend, so take any opportunity you can to gain ground and fortify. Many of the open rooms can turn into killing fields if properly held, so look out. Because it's so narrow, many vehicles will have problems maneuvering; AC Suits are best here. On the other hand, this also means vehicles will be harder to flank, which gives you the opportunity to use them as battering rams or as cover. Finally, the maintenance ducts- they cross much of the area and allow limited movement within. Use this to outflank your opponents or to deny the passageway to your enemies."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "Our expectations are that the enemy force is a detachment of Phantoms. Phantoms are lethal opponents, hard to pin down and skilled at using cover and shadows to hide themselves. Their cloaking technology also gives them an edge when it comes to long range combat. They're also known to possess powerful vehicles, ones which are apparently very agile and surprisingly stealthy. We can also expect a few AT Field users among their number. If they have a weakness, it's that they probably don't have any truly elite commanders, and are likely to be numerically inferior to our own forces. As a note, there were reports of Shadowmen being stored at Asgard. If they're really there in force, the only advice I can give is that Shadowmen are durable, psychically disruptive and capable of taking over enemies they attack; try to keep them at range."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "We have plenty of excellent leaders available. Ultimately you'll be wanting leaders capable of holding their own in a fight as well as leading. Harken's vehicles are not exactly in their element here, but as infantry support they might prove a decisive factor. Liu Lin has some elite units under her command and a full squad of AC Suits, which tend to excel in corridor fights. As for SOS choices, you might want to emphasise AC Suits. SOS is well-balanced enough to face any threat."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "Asgard has been sealed in a lock zone by Go; the enemies cannot escape, nor can reinforcements enter. Because of this, it's unlikely we'll face any sudden Primes appearing during the battle, and I also doubt Caine would've had them waiting here for us in the first place. We can expect to be facing at best a Senior Adept… Not much of a problem."
Misato3.png?dl=0 "You're wondering now, 'Misato-sama, which special individuals should I take on this assignment?' Well. Asuka will have to go or else she'll kill someone here. A violet-haired someone. At least Asuka's a great combatant. Otherwise, I recommend you emphasise AT Field users and stealthy individuals who can hold themselves in a fight… Which basically just turns into a recommendation for Ayanamis, huh? If you're wondering, Ni, San and Chiisana are in tip-top condition, whilst Juu, Julie and Nana have just revived and are rather messed up from it all."

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Asgard Duct Layout

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