Operation Castor

Operation Castor

The Federation Returns to the City of Light

Operation Castor Debriefing

Turning Points

Marianne2.png?dl=0 "The aim of Operation Castor is to secure Eva Superiority over Paris-2. In order to do this, we need to enter the city and repel any sorties from Dysangelions. Furthermore there are local defenses we need to handle- Paris-2 has two Defense Clusters, made up of turrets, that we need to disable or destroy. There are also probably going to be E-Destroyers around as well."
Turning Points
Destroy the Defense Clusters.
Defeat or Rout the Paris-2 Defense Force.
Defeat or Drive Off one Dysangelion.
Defeat or Drive Off two Dysangelions.
Defeat or Drive Off three Dysangelions.
Protect at least one deployed Evangelion.
Protect at least three deployed Evangelions.

Local Allies

No local allies.

Valid Resources

All valid Evangelions, Superheavy units and ODs may be deployed.

No Valid armies are available.


Supreme Commander

Choose an OD for Supreme Commander. This is the only OD who can command Evangelions.

Commander (Eagle Squadron)

Choose an OD for Eagle Squadron if it is to be deployed.

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Already Deployed. Any units deployed on this mission cannot be used in the follow-up Operation Pollux.
Ode to Collateral. You gain 10 RP for free from this mission. However, for every AoE attack, this amount drops by 1.

Victory and Defeat Effects


Victory here will immediately lead into Operation Pollux.
If you achieve victory on this map in 5 rounds or less, any deployed units here may be used in Operation Pollux.
Victory here will add Fox Squadron and Wolf Squadron to your resource pool.
Victory here will enable building Letter-Type Equipment.


Defeat here will signify the end of the Federation.


Advisor Advice
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "Most of Paris-2 and the surrounding environs are urban sprawl. Although any suspicious Dysangelion is likely to ping ambushes away, it's still worth considering using the terrain as cover for units wanting to approach undetected."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "Estimates suggest we'll fight between three and four Dysangelions, between two to four squadrons of E-Destroyers, and the two Defense Clusters. Dealing with the Dysangelions will be our biggest hurdle. Joan's a high-damage close combat fighter. Augustine relies on powerful AT Field techniques. Agatha is defensive and will shield her allies. Scholastica focuses on sheer firepower. They're a balanced force. We need to defeat Joan at range or pin her down so she can't attack. Augustine can be neutralised. Agatha needs to be drawn away from her allies, and Scholastica needs to be forced into close combat as quickly as possible."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "We only have four Evangelions, and they're very top heavy and weighted to defensive melee combat. We'll need to rely on our Superheavies for fire support here. Positron weaponry and Fusion guns are recommended if at all possible."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "The enemy's Supreme Commander is Director Narendra Gadhavi. Gadhavi is plenty competent- during the LN War he achieved distinction as an Iron Guard hunter, so you can expect him to know how to deal with heavy powerful units. According to Roku, however, he is notoriously distrustful of Bioexotics- his control over his Dysangelions may not be concrete."
Misato3.png?dl=0 "Is it any question? Deploy every Eva we have supported by Eagle Squadron."


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