Operation Pollux

Operation Pollux

Reclaiming the Geofront once and for all

Turning Points

Marianne2.png?dl=0 "Operation Castor has succeeded, but there's no way of using our Evas to take NERV HQ without destroying everything of value. The ground assault must now begin. Our primary targets are the Technical Division, the Evangelion Hangar and, of course, Operations. The key to NERV HQ is its MAGI system, so taking control of that is a priority. Dealing a decisive defeat to the defending UN soldiers would help greatly as well."
Turning Points
Destroy or Rout the NERV Defense Brigade.
Protect our forces.
Control the Operations Battlezone.
Hunt Director Narendra Gadhavi.
Secure Operations.
Control Technical.
Secure the MAGI Core with a character who possesses the Scholastic Lore (MAGI) skill.
Control the Hangar.
Secure the NERV Air and Facility Control HQ.

Local Allies

Six Sword Wraiths will be present during this battle.

Valid Resources

All Leaders may be deployed except Sera de Pteres, Zhang Yanmei, Rei Ayanami, Alexandre Fontaine, Alphonse Wellesley and Misato Katsuragi.

Five Leaders may be deployed, plus the Ayanamis.

Three Wizard Army units may be deployed.


Battlezone Details

There are three Battlezones for this mission: Operations, Technical and the Eva Hangar.


Operations has the most Turning points, and is also likely to be the most brutal Battlezone. It is a north-south map, with Operations at the northern end and our insertion point at the southern end. In between are three layers of defense, including blast doors, traps, turrets and recessive cover. The defensive corridors are designed so that enemies positioned on the west and eastern ends can catch invaders in a crossfire. Enemy resistance is going to be heavy, so we should be deploying lots of heavy forces on this zone.

There is one Location in Operations: Operations itself. Taking this area will reduce UN Morale by -2 and increase Federation Morale by +2.


Technical runs north to south, and is quite narrow. In the middle of the map is the MAGI Core, where direct control of the MAGI can be achieved. Defenses in Technical are much thinner than in Operations as the layout is not designed to repel attackers. We should be deploying fast units here, with a penchant for close combat. We also need someone with Scholastic Lore (MAGI) to use the MAGI Location here.

There is one Location in Technical: the MAGI Core. Taking this area with someone who has Scholastic Lore (MAGI) will enable us to do the following:

Take Control of Static Defenses. This is a +0 Full Action Tech Use test that will switch control of Operations Defenses to us. Turrets will begin firing on UN forces and we can deploy cover to help us whilst removing cover from our allies.
Take Control of Doors. This is a +0 Full Action Tech Use test that will enable us to open any door on the map as a free action.
Take Control of Surveillance Systems. This is a +0 Full Action Tech Use Test that will enable us to take over NERV HQ's surveillance systems, revealing the entire map.
Deploy Shock Traps. (Requires Static Defense Control). Full Action, deploys a 3x3 shock trap in Ops. This trap electrifies the floor, which now counts as Difficult Terrain (3) for the rest of the battle. Anyone falling on the terrain takes a 1d10 Energy attack ignoring AP with the Shocking (0) Quality. Hordes instead test Agility whenever they're over it and lose 1 Magnitude per Degree of Failure. Vehicles are unaffected. May be used 5 times.
Deploy Bakelite. (Requires Static Defense Control). Full Action, deploys a flood of Bakelite in Ops. It spreads out from a single targeted location and will spread out from there up to 5 squares away, becoming Difficult Terrain (2). Any units caught in the flood become immobilized until the pass a Full Action Strength test. Vehicles are unaffected. May be used 5 times.


Hangar is mostly square-shaped, with our forces entering from the southwest whilst the enemy appears from the northeast. The hangar has two broad levels; a top level running around the edge of the room, where our forces deploy. The other level is the bottom level, where no forces will begin from. However, due to this geography, it means the room is a mostly empty square with limited approaches for melee combat, so units with powerful ranged attacks are a must.

There is one Location in the Hangar: NERV Air and Facility Control HQ. Taking control of this Location will enable the Federation to access NERV's topside access ports and deployment elevators, allowing us to bring more forces in. When the Hangar is first taken, we grant all remaining allied hordes (except Iron Guard) on the field Regeneration (5) for 3 rounds.

Supreme Commander

Choose an OD for Supreme Commander.

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Momentum is on our side!. Enemy begins with -2 Morale. Bonus Circumstance due to Perfect Castor Victory.
Powerful Enemy. There is a high chance that we will encounter at least three Solomon Primes during this battle.

Victory and Defeat Effects


Victory here will establish the Federation's foothold on Earth.
Victory here will grant Sarasvati a T-RIDEN-T.


Defeat here will increase the cost of Eva Repairs by +1 for the next two turns.


Advisor Advice
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "NERV HQ again… This is going to be an ugly fight. Expect narrow corridors and enemies with lots of cover. Make sure we bring weapons capable of demolishing cover quickly."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "I estimate we'll be facing a single Stormtrooper Brigade. That's twelve to fifteen companies of Stormtroopers, plus another two to three squadrons of AC Suits. We'll almost certainly be engaging Solomon Primes here, too. We'll need a mix of anti-infantry weapons as well as anti-tank guns for every force."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "At least we have some Sword Wraiths. If there's one weakness our force has, it's that we're a little lacking in AC Suits. Furthermore, our only real way to neutralise enemy AT Fields is through Ayanamis or Iron Guard Apostles."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "Gadhavi again, in his element. Although he probably won't be able to handle the Primes this time either, he knows that time is on his side and will make sure to entrench his infantry in as deeply as possible. The enemy is also likely to possess a few Magistrates here and there. It's best we kill them with snipers quickly so we can smash through the enemy line."
Misato3.png?dl=0 "I think deploying five Ayanamis is a given. My picks? Chiisana, Go, Hachi, Kyuu and Ni. As for our other forces… Marianne's elite forces and her battletank will be a huge help, not to mention she can maximize our morale advantage. Sending Sarasvati to take Technical sounds good as well, although she'll need infantry support. Also… This might be the sort of battle Brown'd do well in, huh?"







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