We Shall Judge Angels

We Shall Judge Angels

The Wizard Army was deployed many times throughout July 2018, often aiding forces in Russia. In early July 2018, however, they began receiving a curious signal, one that saw them shift some forces away from the battlefield and into a seemingly unrelated situation.

The signal was strange. It emanated from somewhere in the Atlas Mountains, in Algeria, using Iron Guard communication lines. Strangest of all, however, it was encoded using Iron Guard encryption codes available only to a Damaskari- one of Azariah Caine's elite bodyguard, who were all killed in the final battle of the LN War.

It was this that drew the Wizard Army's attention. They quickly worked on narrowing down the source of the signal and decoding the message.

They discovered that over the course of the week, the signal had traveled across the mountains, and was now located at an outcropping the locals called 'Vulture's Outcrop'.

The message itself was only six seconds long, looping constantly. "Sardar engaged, Angelspawn, supplies low, assist".

One of the twenty Damaskari, or someone using his codes, was in Algeria. He was emitting a distress signal. He was calling for help.

Turning Points

Turning Points
Protect Allied Forces.
Rescue Commander Klahan.
Rescue Lieutenant Sardar.

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Local Allies

Klahan%20Tiny.png?raw=1 Cmdr. Klahan Sardar%20Tiny.png?raw=1 Lt. Sardar
Status Fine Status Fine

Valid Resources

Three Wizard Army Squads may be deployed, along with any favoured-chosen leaders. Only fixed wing or variable wing vehicles permitted.
Michael Leon is to be deployed.


Supreme Commander

Battlezone Details

There is only one Battlezone for this mission: the Vulture Outcrop. It is a multi-layered hill jutting out of a cliffside; allied forces are holed up at the very top.

Special Circumstances

Monstrous Foes: The enemy are likely to possess at least one Apocalypse Engine and multiple Annihilators.
Blessed Foes: The enemy possess great numbers of the Blessed, with the potential to possess Blessed Guard as well.

Victory and Defeat Effects


Victory here will add the Commander Klahan and Lieutenant Sardar to the Wizard Army.
Victory here will add trigger the Incorporation of the Wizard Army Event in Turn 5.


No negative outcomes.


Actor Dialogue
Henok%20Tiny.png?raw=1 "The Vulture Outcrop is basically a segmented hill. Our allies are trapped at the top, surrounded by enemies. Ultimately this means it's a vertical battle, where height is highly critical. Ground forces will be forced to fight their way up the hill, and it is likely to be slow-going. Boulders stud the hill, giving some cover, but they shouldn't be relied on for too long."
Dominic%20Tiny.png?raw=1 "We're going up against Angelspawn, and in huge numbers. We can expect a huge swarm of their smaller hordes, like their crazy virus hordes. We may, if we're lucky, even run into infected Iron Guard! … We're also seeing large bands of Annihilators working in concert, and even apparently at least one Apocalypse Engine. One Annihilator or Engine is boring, but whole groups is significantly more Fun. Cannot wait."
Trooper_port_50.jpg "Plenty of valid choices. Want to consider a balance of speed and power. Classic siege tactics suggest a quick strike to break the investment. Assault Guard jet packs can leap up onto the top of the mountain. Powerful and useful, but don't carry any heavy weapons, which would be good for the Annihilators and Engines."
Euphemia%20One%20Tiny.png?raw=1 "I don't expect we'll be seeing any 'leaders' among our enemies here, but nonetheless we should keep our eyes peeled… These Angelspawn are using entirely new tactics and practices, so we should at least entertain the possibility of fighting a 'leader' beast."
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?raw=1 "I invariably recommend the puissant indomitability of myself or Commander Euphemia… Our vehicular assistance in this situation is abriged to aerial support, which whilst powerful is not known for its longevity or durability… On the general theme, of course, we would be utterly improper to obscure the potentiality of Damaskari equipment for this sortie."

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Vulture's Outcrop, Briefing


Vulture's Outcrop, Terrain

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