Angel Type
Order: Warrior
Choir: Guardian
Body: Humanoid
Size: Average

Characteristics (Normal)

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship LS
65 65 40 50 40 30 30 30 30 150

Body Parts

Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Head 1-10 6 15
Right Arms 11-20 6 18
Left Arms 21-30 6 18
Body 31-70 8 28
Right Leg 71-85 6 18
Left Leg 86-100 6 18

Movement (Hover)

AB Half Full Charge Run
4 8 16 24 48

Special Abilities

Name Effect
Chameleon Half: +30 to Concealment, -20 to enemy BS tests at you
Distort Vision Free: Until start of next turn, effectively invisible to enemies. Attacks against you require AT Ping first, and take -30 penalty.
Probability Shell All enemies reroll attacks against you and take the worst result.


Name Effect
Angelic Senses (50) Detect everything within 50dm/5km
LS Bonus +10 Bonus to all Skill Tests
LS Rerolls May reroll 3 tests per combat
LS Unnatural Toughness Doubles TB (TB10)
Stuff of Nightmares Ignore Critical Damage results unless they're limb-or-death-dealing

AT Powers

All Spreads
All Offensive
All Utility
Mirror Image

Weapons and Natural Attacks

Melee Attacks

Name Class Base Damage Base Pen Special
Castor Claw (Natural) 1d10+6I 6 Pushing, Infect
Pollux Field 20dm - - Freezing

Ranged Attacks

Name Class Range RoF Damage Base Pen Special
Alhena Beam Array 40dm S/2/5 1d5E - Anti-AT, Beam Array
Wasat - 20dm S/-/- 1d10E All Breaching (Reduces target AP by 1 for 1 turn)
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