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Background Check into Princess Catherine's Story

"In a nutshell: yes, the story is true."
"Here's what happened: before the Metatron Virus hit England, a group of paramilitaries had gathered in London to set off an attack on Christmas Day. These paramilitaries were ex-LN soldiers drawn from a wide variety of countries: Nigeria, Ethiopia, Finland, Spain, Algeria, so on and so forth. Their main motivation was to strike a blow for independence for various countries. However, their original plan was foiled and they dispersed… Then the Metatron Virus struck England and the survivors saw an opportunity. During an attack, they raided Westminster Palace, captured her and left the city. There were no forces to spare in finding her, as the last reserve had been sent to try to retrieve Aline Blanc’s entry plug.”
“The paramilitaries had snagged their prize, but they weren’t able to get very far as nearly all the ports were being locked down or were in virus-infected territory. At this point they leave London and then resurface a week later in Wales, where it looks like they managed to steal several small boats. They try to flee to Ireland, but Ireland is firmly locked down, and several of their boats are caught by sea patrols. At this point they flee up the coast as best they can and manage to land in Scotland.”
“They then re-emerge several months later on the eastern coast of Scotland. Paramilitary groups like this tend to have lots of shady contacts, and one of their contacts is a Scottish militia movement left over from the British Civil War. Scotland was spared a lot of the grief that England copped, but militias tend to swell in times of trouble, so this group is quite strong. In fact, it’s had more skirmishes with French relief forces than with Angelspawn, because this group is an anti-UN militia that resents the UN and France for the role it played in the Civil War- which means the UN was taking the time to clear out the trash all in one go, basically. Anyway, the LN paramilitaries want to negotiate transport to Norway, where they have some contacts that might be able to get them safely to a more lawless region. The Scottish militia agrees.”
“So the paramilitaries leave for Norway on a fairly seaworthy vessel equipped for smuggling ops like this. A bunch of the Scottish militia go with them, of course. During this, they discover that Princess Catherine’s with the paramilitaries. Once the ship arrives in Norway, the militia decide to alter the deal, overpower the paramilitaries, and then ‘free’ Catherine to use her for their purposes. However, their ship’s trashed in the process.”
“The Scots are naturally uneasy about being found, and they don’t have the tools to return to Scotland. They decide to lay low for a few months, during which the political situation really heats up. Eventually the Federation split happens and the North Sea becomes a warzone, which very obviously seals that passageway off to the Scots.”
“At this point, Catherine takes things into her own hands, convincing them that she can give them what they want- a free Britain and a Scotland that’s not considered a second-class nation- if they help her. They don’t really have many options, and so Catherine presents herself to the Scandinavian Commonwealth, asks for political asylum, and gets it.”
“Oh, at this point, a curious character seems to enter in from somewhere. He goes by the name Sidney White, but this is obviously a pseudonym. I don’t really know who he is, but he’s helping her a lot and he seems to have a lot of contacts… Actually, perhaps the two are closer than just friends.”

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