Monstrous Melbourne

Monstrous Melbourne: Overview

In the aftermath of Isaiah's escape from the Geofront, EVA-08 crash-landed in the middle of the destroyed Australian city of Melbourne. Now surrounded by gangers and warlords, they must find a way to either radio for help from secret allies- or wait the desperate period until EVA-08 is regenerated. Each path has its own risks, especially in a city where survival is not guaranteed.

Starting Inventory

Armour and Clothing

2 Barzilite Coats
1 Child-sized Barzilite Coat
6 sets of Rugged Clothing (inc. shirt, trousers, thick socks, hats)


2 Collapsible Surovite Swords
2 Railpistols
1 Magistrate Carbine
1 Best Quality Pulse Pistol


2 Magistrate Carbine Clips
6 Railpistol clips
3 Pulse Pistol clips
3 Frag Grenades

Food and Water

Military rations for 4 days (16 meals)
Safe water for 4 days (32 litres)


5 Backpacks
8 large canteens (Hold 4 litres each)


3 Biogel Packs
4 thick rain-resistant blankets
1 Compass
1 Gas lighter, good for 3 uses
1 Med-kit
1 Pot w/lid (holds 6 litres)

Goals and Rules

EVA-08 will take a total of 20 days to regenerate all of its wounds, although even with the Eva completely functional, Yanmei and her group will have nowhere to go unless they can find allies. To find allies they need to find some form of functional long-distance communication- which is going to be difficult in this dead city. This is complicated by the fact that Melbourne is not, despite its devastated appearance, uninhabited. It is crawling with gangers and other dangerous people.

The city is overlaid with a 100*100 square grid. Each square represents, heavily abstracted, 1 kilometre of distance (debris makes distances much longer). Traversing a square is just like moving on a normal map, with the following caveats:

1) You use the Narrative Time chart below, using the Hour column.
2) Every time you enter a new square, there is a random chance of an Event occurring. The chance is 40% if it's an unexplored square, and 10% if it's explored.
3) Every day is measured in 10 hour slots, so every movement is measured by day.

Narrative Movement

AB Per Minute Per Hour Per Day†
0 12m 0.75km 7km
1 24m 1.5km 15km
2 48m 3km 30km
3 72m 4km 40km
4 96m 6km 60km
5 120m 7km 70km
6 144m 9km 90km
7 168m 10km 100km
8 192m 12km 120km
9 216m 13km 130km
10 240m 14km 140km

Assumes 10 hours of walking.


EVA-08 crash-landed inside a debris-filled stadium called the MCG. Although the pilots may relocate later, the middle of this stadium is considered to be the Camp. All pilots are heavily advised to return to the camp by nighttime.

Although there is no restriction in allowing pilots to go off by themselves, they are required to meet up together again by nighttime.

There are several things you can do whilst on any given square. Each action takes half an hour, and you cannot do more than three things on any one square per day.

1) Scavenge Food. Very little edible food naturally grows in the ruined city; this action represents searching for tinned food or other emergency non-perishables. This is a Search or Survival test. On a success, you find 1 meal's worth of food.
2) Hunt. You go looking for animals to catch and kill. This is an Awareness, Tracking or Search test, followed by a WS or BS (if you have a ranged weapon with ammo) test. Opposed Agility tests may be required for particularly fast animals- Silent Move and Concealment are also appropriate. Using Survival to set up snares is also possible but require potentially scarce resources. The amount of meals you can gather from any one animal depends on its size. Do note that the ruins of Melbourne are not conducive to many types of fauna; a majority of the food found with hunting will be rats and feral cats, dogs or rabbits. There are, however, kangaroos.
3) Gather fresh water. Finding water is a mixed bag in Melbourne. Water is generally easy to come by; for some reason some of the plumbing still works, although the majority does not, and even then, it is possible to collect water from the Yarra River. The downside is that very, very little of this water is in anyway drinkable. Drinking water from the plumbing can make a person sick; drinking from the Yarra can kill a person. Finding water is a Search or Survival test +10. It automatically succeeds if done next to the river.
5) Gather resources. This is a Search test depending on the sort of resource you want to find. In the city, finding scrap metal or the like is astonishingly easy, but finding a specific type of flower would be near-impossible.


1) You require 1 meal a day.
2) You require 1 litre of water per 5 hours of daylight travel. If you do not do any travel your require 1 litre anyway.
3) You require warmth and appropriate shelter at night.

Every time you fail to accommodate one of these requirements, you must test Toughness or Willpower or take a level of fatigue. You receive a -10 cumulative penalty if you fail to accommodate a particular requirement more than once.

This fatigue can be removed by satisfying all of the requirements for a day and resting.


Normal movement is done via the Narrative Movement chart listed above, but there are two other types of movement as well.
1) Running. You move at three times your normal speed, but you must take a Toughness test every hour or take fatigue, with a cumulative -10 penalty for every hour spent running without pause. Whilst running, you take a -20 penalty to all perception tests, and the chance for events in unexplored squares becomes 60%; however, you reroll the category if it's a 1, 2, 3 or 4. Finally, the chance of being intercepted by members in unfriendly territory is increased by 20%.
2) Careful movement. You move at half your normal speed, but take a +20 to all perception tests. Furthermore, you roll twice on the category chart and take the preferred result, and you can choose to attempt to ambush enemies you encounter. Finally, the chance of being intercepted by faction members in unfriendly territory is decreased by 20%.


1) Unsealed food (such as open tins) becomes spoiled after three days.
2) Water drunk before it is boiled has a chance to make the drinker sick- test Toughness+20. On a failure they take a level of fatigue and reduce their AB by 1 until they lose the fatigue.
3) Yarra river water is extremely dangerous. If drunk unboiled, the drinker immediately takes 1d5 levels of fatigue, dealing 5 wounds for every level of fatigue beyond the collapse threshold. Even when boiled, Yarra river is dangerous, and requires a Toughness test or suffer the penalty noted in point 2.
4) Meat that is eaten before being cooked has a chance of making the eater sick- test Toughness+20.

Post-Hour Actions

After the daily ten hours are up, people return to camp to rest, prepare and sleep. During this time, players have three 'post-hours' to work, for example, with cooking or trying to make objects.


Lizzie isn't an adult, and so uses special rules adapted for her situation. They are as follows:
1) Lizzie still needs as much food and drink as an adult.
2) Lizzie doesn't have a token; she is assigned to an adult and follows them around.
3) Lizzie is helpful and aids her adult in their tasks. They take a net +10 to all non-combat tests. Furthermore, to all allied adults with her, she grants a reroll to any one roll per round, including combat rolls.
4) Lizzie is, however, slower and tires quicker. An adult with Lizzie takes a -1 to their AB for Melbourne map movement.
5) Lizzie cannot be targeted in combat and does not have her own combat token. It is assumed she finds particularly heavy cover and hunkers down.
6) Lizzie is considered to have 5 wounds and a toughness of 15.
7) Lizzie will become distressed if she witnesses animals dying or being cooked if they still resemble animals when it's happening. She will refuse to eat meat that she has seen been killed or cooked.
8) Lizzie cannot be left by herself. She must be assigned to an adult at all times.
9) General Bear is an unstealable item.


Skippy is a tamed kangaroo who will loyally follow anyone directed to do so. It has the following rules:
1) Skippy can look after himself. He needs neither food nor water unless injured.
2) Skippy doesn't have a token; he is assigned to a player and follows them around.
3) Skippy is helpful and aids his master in their tasks. They take a net +10 to all non-combat tests involving finding food or organic materials.
4) Skippy can carry up to 36kg, provided a backpack if given.
5) Skippy is an active participant in combat, but can be given basic orders.
6) Skippy has the usual Kangaroo statline, but with +5 to all characteristics.
7) Skippy must be assigned to an adult at all times.
8) Skippy has one special ability: one per day, with his keen animal senses, he can grant a player a reroll on the random event category table.


Saladin is a tamed camel who will loyally follow Isha. He has the following rules:
1) Saladin can look after himself.
2) He does not have a token; he is assigned to Isha and follows him around.
3) Saladin assists his master in his tasks (by being a mount). They take a net +10 to all non-combat tests involving finding resources or people.
4) Saladin can lift up to 67kg, providing the appropriate luggage is given.
5) Saladin is an active participant in combat, and can be given basic orders or used as a mount.
6) Saladin has the usual Camel statline, but with a +5 to all characteristics.
7) Saladin will always follow Isha.


The Zhangmobile is a four wheel drive, currently sporting armour plating and other goodies. It has the following rules:
1) The car has a 5% chance to break down every 50km travelled.
2) It requires 1l of petrol every 15km traveled.
3) It has 2 Near Miss points, which can be spent to negate a single penetrating attack made against the vehicle and regenerate every day.
4) The car can carry a great deal of goods- an appropriate max is 300kg.
5) The car increases gang interception chances by 10%.
6) The Zhangmobile counts as always Running for purposes of events and other things.


When you enter an unexplored square, there is a chance you could trigger an Event!

Events are broken up into ten categories, determined with a 1d10. Category 1 is the most beneficent, whilst Category 10 is actively dangerous. All events fall in between these two scopes.

C1: Saving Finds

Roll Name Effect
1 Food Stock This area has a relatively untouched supply of non-perishable food, such as a lost supermarket. if you pass a food-finding test here, you gain 1 extra meal per degree of success.
2 Working Tap This area is home to working water- all water tests done here are an immediate pass.
3 Secure House This area is home to a practically untouched house that can keep people out of the rain more reliably than a tent, and keep the warmth in. It also comes with a 2d4 cabinets and cupboards that can store products.
4 Tinkerer's Workshop This area is home to a Tinkerer's Workshop. There's a 30% chance each day that the Tinkerer may not be home.
5 Animal Refuge This area is a refuge for animals, and any tests to find animals in this area takes a +20 bonus.
6 Petrol Cache This area is home to a cache of petrol. You find 1d5d5 litres of petrol, stored in as few 5-litre canisters as possible.
7 Stockpile This area is home to a fortuitous cache of tools. Roll 1d5 times on the Tools category table.
8 Fortification This area has been fortified; by who or what is unknown. Either way, this area acts like the Secure House, but the place also possesses heavier, thicker cover.
9 Park This area is home to a park, with trees and flowers, as strange as it may be. Regardless, this area can be used for gathering wood.
10 Resources This area is overflowing with resources of all kinds. +10 bonus to all tests to find food, water, resources etc. including scrap metal and machine parts.

C2: Prey Animals

(roll on this chart when succeeding at hunting, as well)

Roll Name Effect
1 Mouse You find 1d5 Mice. You need five mice to make 1 meal.
2 Rat You find 1d2 rats, which will no doubt delight Yanmei. You need two rats to make 1 meal.
3 Bunny Rabbit You find a rabbit. Rabbits require an opposed Agility test to catch first, but if caught unawares are almost certain to become prey. 1 rabbit equals 1 meal. +10 to concealment/silent move rolls. Killing rabbits is an honored Australian pastime.
4 Feral Cat You find 1d4 feral cats. They require an opposed Agility test to catch. 1 cat equals 1 meal.
5 Mallards You find 1d5 mallards, which require a ranged weapon and a -10 BS test to catch each. 1 mallard equals 1 meal.
6 Emu You find 1d3 emus. Emus are large, flightless birds. They require an opposed Agility test to catch, but are actually rather dangerous in combat. An emu equals 3 meals.
7 Kangaroo You find a kangaroo. Kangaroos are large, fast and powerful and not at all easy to catch; it's an Agility test-10 to catch one. In combat, kangaroos can be quite dangerous, with powerful hind legs and a propensity for drowning their foes if they can. Kangaroos are not tameable mounts. 1 kangaroo equals 4 meals.
8 Camel You find a dromedary camel. Tinkerers introduced camels to Melbourne years ago; some ultimately reverted to their feral roots. Camels are ornery, angry creatures. Camels are tameable mounts. 1 Camel equals 5 meals.
9 Red Fox You find 1d4 red foxes, an invasive species to Australia that plagued the cities; in Impact Melbourne, foxes are often captured and bred for fur and food. Foxes require an opposed Agility test to catch, or a BS test with a ranged weapon; they provide 2 meals.
10 Fair Game Roll again on the chart. You find the encounter twice (i.e. if you roll #3, you find 2 instances of running into a rabbit, not two rabbits at once)

C3: Interesting Locations

Roll Name Effect
1 Statue A miraculously undamaged statue stands here. Can be checked for discerning details.
2 Library A library stands here, although it's been nearly two decades since it's been maintained. Can be checked for discerning details.
3 Runner Household Somewhere in this area is a Runner household.
4 Parliament Safe Space This area bears the imposing banner of Parliament. Any fighting here will incur the wrath of Parliament- enemy groups will change behaviour accordingly. Reroll if in Gang territory.
5 Arsenal You find what was a military arsenal. There is a 30% chance it'll contain weapons or ammo.
6 Strange Symbol You find a strange symbol painted or engraved on a wall.
7 Battlefield This was a battlefield recently between two gangs. Pick the two nearest gangs- both sides will have corpses here. There is a 30% chance the gangers have not been looted or recovered; there is a 20% chance that a team of gangers will show up to recover the dead just as you arrive.
8 Graves You find shallow graves here. Can be checked for discerning details.
9 Evangelion Debris You find debris that is clearly that of EVA-08's armour plating, ripped off during its catastrophic appearance in Melbourne. Can be checked for discerning details.
10 Message Board You find a message board listing scrawls and messages traded between gangers, tinkerers, runners and the like.

C4: Tools

Roll Name Effect
1 Knife A small knife. 40% chance of being dull (gains the Poor quality).
2 Rope Can be used to tie things together. May freely support 8kg without falling apart.
3 Ammo box Gain 1d5 clips of ammo that can only be used with general pistol and basic weapons.
4 General Pistol Gain a general Pistol. Roll a 1d4. On a 1-2, you gain a semi-auto pistol; on a 3, a revolver; on a 4, an auto-revolver.
5 Pot A stainless steel pot that can be carried with ease and holds 6kg of solids or 6 litres of liquid.
6 Shovel An old but useful shovel that can be used to dig holes.
7 Axe An old but useful axe that can be used to cut trees and other things; also useful as a weapon.
8 Sword A primitive sword made from local scrap. Has the 40% chance of having the Poor quality.
9 Clothing a set of surprisingly well-preserved clothes that can keep you warm at night.
10 General Basic Gun Gain a general Basic Gun. Roll a 1d10. On a 1-2, you gain an Assault Rifle; on a 3-4, a combat rifle; on a 5-6, a break action shotgun; on a 7-8, a pump action shotgun; on a 9, a combat shotgun; and on a 10, a sniper rifle. All guns have a 20% chance of being poor quality.
11 Heavy Weapon Find a heavy machine gun and 1 box of ammo. The gun has a 80% chance of being broken, though not irreparably. Can only be rolled once per 3 days.
12 Grenades Find 1d3 frag grenades.
13 Car Find a normal civilian car in working condition. A car requires 1 litre of fuel per 10km traveled. Has a 10% chance of breaking down every 50km.
14 Armoured Car Find an ganger car in working condition. A ganger car requires 1 litre of fuel per 10km traveled.
15 Lucky Find The finder may pick any one item (within reason) from the equipment list.

C5: Give-or-Take

Roll Name Effect
1 Rain A rain sets in for the day. Can gather water freely, but unable to create fire in an uncovered area.
2 Dead Animal You find a dead animal. Roll on the Prey Animals chart; you can gather meat from this animal, but if eaten uncooked, imposes a -30 test instead of a -20 test; if eaten cooked, requires a flat test.
3 Friendly Animal You find an animal that is surprisingly eager to please. Can be killed and eaten, but with a +30 Wrangling test can be tamed and provide bonuses. Wrangling test will be done in secret; if it fails, the animal will seem to be tamed, but will run and steal something from you at the worst possible moment.
4 Parliament Ceasefire Parliament declares 1d3 days of ceasefire. Gangers will be less inclined to attack; however, any combat that goes on, whatsoever, incurs Parliament's displeasure. Cancels a gang blitz.
5 Heat wave The city suddenly heats up for 1d5 days. No need to keep warm at night; however, if you travel more than 6km, you must test Toughness+20 or take a level of fatigue. Cancels Cold Snap.
6 Mating Season It's mating season! Hunting now automatically succeeds to find animals; however, those animals are now treated as being berserk.
7 Cold Snap The temperature drops suddenly for 1d5 days. The coolness is actually fairly welcoming and gives everyone +1 to their AB so long as it lasts, but if characters do not sleep in both warm clothes and an open fire they must test toughness-20 or take fatigue for the entire next day.
8 Gang Blitz For the next 1d3 days, all the gangs engage in a frenzy of violence with each other. The chance of encountering gangers is decreased; reroll whenever they are encountered. however, if gangers are encountered, they are always better-armed than usual and come with the maximum amount of allies allowed. If no allies are allowed they come with 2 allies. Does not cancel a Parliament Ceasefire but begins immediately after the Ceasefire expires.
9 Bounteous Cache The word is spread about that a specific place in the city is home to a ludicrous amount of resources, from thousands of guns and bullets to sophisticated satellite communications equipment. Finding this cache would be incredible, but everyone will be looking for it…
10 Misunderstanding People get the wrong impression, and events that you did are ascribed to others; or vice versa. Randomly select two groups. One group gains +10 Affinity with the pilots; the other group loses -10 Affinity.

C6: Poor Environments

Roll Name Effect
1 Difficult Terrain (Only on first entry) The terrain here is rough and uneven. The square counts as 2 km for purposes of traversing it. Furthermore, roll a 1d100 vs 50 for every square around it. On a failure, that square also counts as 2 km for purposes of traversing it.
2 Impassible Terrain (Only on first entry) fallen skyscrapers, collapsed overpasses or some other geographical nightmare keeps you from continuing on. Draw a border around this square in every direction except the way you came; you cannot pass over this border.
3 Miasma (Only on First Entry) This area is exceptionally foul. It's either used as a mass garbage pit or something similar. Any passage through here requires a toughness test or take a level of fatigue.
4 Uninhabited (Only on First Entry) The square is scarce in animals, people and working plumbing; no water or food can be found here.
5 Predator's Territory (Only on First Entry) You stumble across a predator's hunting ground- roll on the Predator list. Whatever the result, you now encounter 1d5 of them.
6 Everything looks alike! You're snared in terrible, confusing terrain and get lost. You lose all of your remaining kilometres in this hour; if you have no km left, you lose a full hour instead.
7 Impenetrable Rubble The area is full of places to hide, and finding anything in this place is a chore. -20 to all search tests.
8 Rough terrain The area is rough. Take an agility test; if you fail, take 1 level of fatigue as you slip.
9 Dangerous terrain The area is naturally dangerous. Take an agility test; if you fail, take 1d10I damage ignoring AP as you slip and fall.
10 Lethal terrain The area is utterly lethal. Take an agility test; if you fail, take 1d7 critical damage (ignoring AP and Toughness) to a random body part as you slip and fall in a bad way.

C7: Pests!

Roll Name Effect
1 Foraging Animals (Once a day) An animal gets into your foraged food stores and steals 1d5 foraged meals from you or from camp.
2 Necrophage! (Once a day) An animal gets into your meat stores and steals 1d5 hunted meals from you or from camp.
3 Accursed Runner! (Once a day) A runner steals a random tool from you. If you do not have any items, then this event happens to your fellows. If they do not have any items, the items are taken from camp.
4 Thirsty Animal (Once a day) An animal steals one water container from you or from camp.
5 Bloody Insects! Insects buzz around you, biting you and irritating you. -10 to all tests, and you test toughness or take 1 level of fatigue.
6 Where did the scrap go? (Once a day) An animal or collection of animals or runners sneak into camp and steals all 1d5 units of stockpiled wood or scrap.
7 Beware the two-legs! (Once a day) Word spreads of your existence. All tests to find animals for hunting takes a -30 penalty.
8 Compulsive Looting (Once a day) Someone has gotten to the food before you. Any attempts to scavenge today take a -30 penalty.
9 Bloody Insects! Part deux (Once a day) Insects attack you and all your friends, but now they're even worse. -20 to all tests, and you test toughness -10 or take 1 level of fatigue.
10 Plague of Rats (Once a day) Rats rush your camp and eat all of your food and ruin every container.

C8: Disasters

Once a week, global effect, reroll the category once.

Roll Name Effect
1 Storm A heavy storm plagues the city. For the first day, all movement is reduced by 1 AB and for every hour spent without adequate cover, you test Toughness or take a level of fatigue. Wood remains damp for the next three days.
2 Plumbing Blockage The ramshackle plumbing fails in many areas. -20 to tests to find water for the next 1d3 days.
3 Flood Heavy rains and water surges causes flooding to devastate the city. For the entire week, movement is reduced by 1 AB and the Yarra expands to all adjacent squares. +20 bonus to finding water, however.
4 Cyclone A devastating cyclone lashes the city for a week, causing the Storm and Flood disasters together. Furthermore, test agility every hour or be knocked down, taking a level of fatigue.
5 Wildfire A voracious wildfire rips across the city, starting in the square where the player triggered it. Attempting to pass through a wildfire square is extremely dangerous and requires an agility-20 test or take 1d20 (ignores TB and AP) energy wounds. Burned squares cannot be used. There is a 15% chance that a faction blames the player for starting it.
6 Illness An illness spreads amongst the city, lasting 1 day. Everyone tests toughness; on a failure they take a -20 to all tests, 1d5 fatigue and take a level of fatigue for every km they move. On the other hand, this applies to other people as well.
7 Earthquake An earthquake shakes the city. For 1d3 days, all hunting tests are a -20; furthermore, when Earthquake is triggered, all pilots must test roll a 1d3, with the results corresponding to #8, #9 and #10 of the Poor Environments chart. Finally, for 1 day afterwards, every square you enter counts as having the Rough Terrain trait.
8 Shortage There's a chronic shortage of -everything-. For 1d3 days, take a -20 penalty to -any- scavenging or find resources tests.
9 Bombing Local UN forces usually ignore Melbourne, but they nevertheless like to make life hard for the 'rebels' within. They bomb the city, which suppresses the locals- reroll if an event lands on the 'Encounters' category. For the next 1d3 days, any event buildings or locations found are considered destroyed. Finally, roll a 1d10 for every player; on a 1, they're caught in a bombing and take 3d10+10X damage.
10 Pacification Emergency! The UN is moving to attack the city. From the moment this event is triggered, 10d5 UN units are spawned at the northern edges of the map. They move 4km per day and claim every square they move through. When entering gangland squares, they have a 10% chance of being halted, but otherwise, impoverished gangers cannot withstand a fully-equipped modern army. If the UN reaches the MCG, they'll capture EVA-08… And know Yanmei's in the city. This event cannot be triggered in the first week.

C9: Encounters

Roll Name Effect
1-3 Runner You encounter a number of Runners equal to the dice roll armed with a primitive melee weapon. Runners are the downtrodden peasants of the city, exploited by all and protected by few. Your average runner is fast, agile, and prefers fleeing or negotiation to combat. Nevertheless there's a 10% chance that the Runner(s) is desperate enough to attack you.
4 Tinkerer You encounter a Tinkerer. Tinkerers are sacrosanct in the city due to their rare and critical knowledge of machinery and basic science. Tinkerers are excellent traders, and are considered to be universally protected. Attacking a Tinkerer is an excellent way to infuriate absolutely everyone.
5 Ganger: Chopper You encounter a Chopper. Choppers use melee weapons and are big on strength and toughness, but not so good on tactics.
6 Ganger: Chopper Team 1d5+1 Choppers.
7 Ganger: Dakker You encounter a Dakker. Dakkers use ranged weapons, and are usually very fast, and can usually hold their own in close combat, but not as well as a Chopper.
8 Ganger: Dakker Team 1d5+1 Dakkers.
9 Ganger: Raiding Party You encounter 1d5+1 Choppers and 1d5+1 Dakkers.
10 Ganger: Fight! You encounter two raiding parties of two different gangs. They are fighting.
11 Parliament Guard Squad You encounter a Parliament Guard Squad. Parliament Guard always consist of five Guardsmen and a Sergeant. They are equipped with good weapons, excellent armour and solid training. Parliament Guards do not attack on sight, unless you're considered an enemy of Parliament.
12 ?? Nothing happens when this triggers. But the next time you run into an Encounter, something strange happens…

C10: Predators

Roll Name Effect
1 Wedge-tailed Eagle You gain the angry attentions of a post-Impact Wedge-tailed eagle.
2 Snake You've angered a powerful and poisonous snake, with extra poison and hate for mankind.
3 Spider horde A horde of rather large spiders attacks you. What were you expecting?
4 Wild Dog You encounter one of the city's wild dogs, who is quite willing to demonstrate the wild part…
5 Dingo You encounter a dingo on the hunt in the big city.
6 Wild Dog Pack 1d5+1 Wild Dogs.
7 Dingo Pack 1d5+1 Dingos.
8 Wild Dog Horde 1d3 Wild Dog hordes.
9 Dingo Horde 1d3 Dingo hordes.
10 Motherfucking Cassowaries You encounter 1d5 cassowaries, the modern world's answer to the velociraptor. Cassowaries usually belong in the northern part of Australia. Assume zoos or epic migration patterns were involved, as opposed to Haplo running out of vicious Australian animals to stuff into metropolitan Victoria. Either way, prepare for laceration.

Ganger Random Encounter Faction Chart

The gang to which the ganger belongs depends on geography. If in a neutral area, roll a 1d6. 1 is Tiger, 2 is Magpie, 3 is Blue, 4 is Bomber, 5 is Demon and 6 is Saint. In contested territory, roll a 1dx, where x is the number of gangs contesting the territory. If in gang-owned territory the ganger is always of that gang's territory. Gangers have a 20% chance to attack you in a neutral area, a 30% chance to attack you in a contested area, and are guaranteed to attack or drive you out in gang-held territory unless being escorted by a ganger or you have enough positive Affinity with the gang that they recognise you on sight as a friend.


Melbourne crashed and burned during Impact, but whilst many died, not everyone perished- or indeed, were capable of leaving. Melbourne is teeming with survivors. In fact, a strange and fascinating society has been born amidst the ruins and decay of the city. The city is divided into a number of factions- these factions interact in many ways, from trading to open war, usually at the same time.

There are eight main factions, listed below.


Leader: Lord Governor Robert Severus
Headquarters: State Parliament Building
Colours: Red and white
Strengths: Well-trained highly equipped force
At War With: None
The closest thing Melbourne has to a central authority, Parliament is the name given to the personal forces of the city's warlord, the self-appointed Lord Governor Robert Severus. Parliament was born from an Australian infantry force sent into the city shortly after Impact; with the disintegration of Australia's government the force went rogue.

It is wrong to classify Parliament as being anything but self-serving, but it is also wrong to classify Parliament as being needlessly cruel. Parliament is simply pragmatic and dedicated to its own survival. Parliament exists to give a sense of fragile stability; a stability that serves to protect and empower itself, but a stability that is generally welcomed nevertheless. Parliament troops enforce ceasefire mandates and ensure everyone keeps their head on Trading Day.

The relationship between Parliament and the Gangs is a little complicated. Parliament is much more powerful than any one gang, and could destroy a gang easily; they could not, however, destroy all the gangs. Neither can Parliament really exert direct control over the entire city. Instead, a feudal relationship exists between them: Parliament permits the gangs to engage in low-level warfare, but also gives gangs a forum for discussions and agreements. Parliament also protects trade between groups, which the gangs admit they grudgingly need. With Parliament's existence, a gang can rest assured that no other gang will be allowed to become too powerful- Parliament won't allow any threats to its power, and Severus understands that if one gang were to control the entire city, it'd just collapse anyway.

In return, the gangs provide Parliament with their best fighters to serve as recruits for the Parliament Guard, as well as providing tithes of equipment and resources. To this end, Parliament is typically the best-equipped and trained force in Melbourne.

Finally, Parliament has two other powerful tools. Food and water are scarce in Melbourne, and Parliament controls both the plumbing system and what farms Melbourne has. These things exist and are distributed by Parliament's wishes, meaning that anyone who wants to fight Parliament will quickly learn to cope with having little water or food.

Lastly, during the LN War, the LN attempted to engage Parliament in some negotiations. Although the war ended before Parliament officially declared for the LN, substantial gifts were made to Parliament- gifts of weapons, equipment and resources. Because of this, Parliament is likely to be the only force who possess modern weapons such as railguns.

Richmond Tigers

Leader: Captain Blood
Headquarters: Tigerland Compound
Colours: Yellow and Black
Strengths: Vehicles, Assault
At War With: Magpies, Saints
Based east of the MCG, the Tigers have fallen on hard times and their star has long since faded. Once upon a time, the tigers were the greatest force east of Parliament, and well regarded for it too. They approach combat with ferocity, riding into battle on the backs of fast, heavily modified cars and vehicles and wielding assault weapons and heavy machine guns. The speed and force of this approach gives the Tigers an incredible advantage.

This approach has obvious weaknesses, however. Any force that attempts to rely on motorized blitzkriegs must come to terms with the fact that the longer the war draws on, the harder it becomes to win. This goes doubly true for the Tigers, as they rely on heavy consumption of bullets, fuel and scrap. Normally, this would not be a problem; for years the Tigers were allied with the wealthy Demons, who traded fuel and bullets to the Tigers in exchange for clothing and food. But when the Saints and Bombers invaded the Demons, that flow of supplies ended.

The Tigers are now at war with two of their neighbours- the invasive Saints from the south, and the Tigers' loathed enemy in the north, the Magpie. But it's a war that isn't going well for them.

The Tigers' favourite characteristics are Ballistic Skill and Agility; their favourite skills are Drive and Dodge.

The Tigers' favoured weapon is the assault rifle; all Dakkers are equipped with an assault rifle, and there is a 50% chance of a Chopper having one as well.

The Tigers' defining trait is their vehicles. There is a 25% chance of a lone Tiger Dakker spawning with a Tiger Buggy; groups of Tigers always have at least one vehicle, and Tiger raiding parties have 1d2+1, with at least one vehicle being a Tiger Truck.

Collingwood Magpies

Leader: Bald Eddie
Headquarters: Guile Compound
Colours: White and Black
Strengths: Ambushes, Raids, Espionage
At War With: Everyone Tigers, Blues, Demons, Bombers
There is little love lost between the Gangers in the city of Melbourne. But when, for example, a Demon and a Blue look at each other from across a table, they can, despite their hatred, agree on one thing: at least the person they're talking to isn't a bloody Magpie. Indeed, the Magpies are loathed by pretty much every gang in the city to an astonishing extent.

Most of this can be put down to the Magpies' tactics. The Magpies focus almost completely on ambush tactics and supply raids, often operating far from home, and often cripple their enemies by harassing and attacking the gang in many different places at once- a favourite tactic is to attack the gang's Runners to such an extent that the Runners are unwilling to go scavenging. Furthermore, the Magpies infuriate people by attacking at exactly the worst time, even if it would seem to be impractical for the Magpies to do so.

The Magpies have mostly been a mid-level power in Melbourne but their fortunes are on the rise. The migration of the Saints and Bombers into the city have seen literally all of their neighbours weakened, whilst the Pies have been mostly untouched.

The Magpies' favourite characteristics are Ballistic Skill and Agility; their favourite skills are Concealment and Silent Move.

The Magpies' favoured weapon is the combat rifle; all Dakkers are equipped with an combat rifle, and there is a 50% chance of a Chopper having one as well.

The Magpies' defining trait is their ambush tactics. Magpies are very hard to take by surprise; furthermore, if a non-sneaking player encounters hostile Magpies, the Magpies will -always- be considered to be trying to ambush them. Finally, Magpies are 15% more likely to attack players that have less than +5 Affinity with them.

Carlton Blues

Leader: The Blue Prince
Headquarters: Melbourne University Compound
Colours: White and Navy Blue
Strengths: Stubborn, defensive fighting and better equipment
At War With: Demons, Bombers, Magpies
The Blues are in the middle of a bad situation. They were the first gang hit by the Bombers, and the Bombers hit them hard, a situation made worse by the fact that the Blues were feuding with the Demons and Magpies at the time. However, the situation is not as bad as it first appears. The Bombers have mostly circled around in order to strike the Demons, the Magpies are tangled up with the Tigers, and the Demons of course have it far worse than any of them.

The Blues owe much of this persistence to their fighting strengths- the Blues do not typically go on the offensive unless they know an area is secured. This is a natural mindset considering their neighbours- the sneaky Magpies and the vicious Demons. To this end, the Blues focus their attentions on fortifying their positions and outlasting their foes. Furthermore, the Blues- through some quirk, perhaps, of being near the Melbourne University- generally tend to take better care of their equipment. Although the Blues could never profess to possess Tinkerer-level ability, they nevertheless hold their equipment to a higher standard than most gangers.

The Blues' favourite characteristics are Toughness and Willpower; their favourite skills are Tech Use and Evaluate.

The Blues' have no favoured weapon. Instead they have a favoured piece of gear: Blue Gang Armour. All Blues Gangers are equipped with it.

The Blues' defining trait is their stubborn, defensive nature. Unless ambushed, Blues will always start off in the single most fortified part of the map and get an extra turn to set up defensive actions such as overwatch. They're also resistant vs. fear and stunning.

Essendon Bombers

Leader: Mosquito Reynolds
Headquarters: Bombers Compound
Colours: Red and Black
Strengths: Heavily offensive nature, explosives
At War With: Demons, Blues, Magpies
Melbourne has many gangs. Although the largest and most powerful are centered around Parliament and the city centre, there are many others- the Bulldogs and the Cats to the west, or the Hawks to the east for example. Until recently, the Bombers were one of these outlier gangs, restricted to swathes of desolate residential areas, and beneath the concern of the central gangs.

This was a mistake. The Bombers swarmed down from the north like the Huns or Mongols of old, turning the city on its head. With a focus on explosives and reckless attacks, the Bombers sent the Demons reeling and knocked the Blues aside. Although their crushing momentum has long since slowed, the Bombers remain a major threat to all of their neighbours.

The Bombers' favourite characteristics are Strength and Ballistic Skill; their favourite skills are Demolition and Trade (Explosives).

The Bombers' favourite weapon is the grenade launcher and grenades. All Bombers are armed with 4 poor-quality grenades of either frag or incendiary type. There is a 50% chance of a Dakker having a grenade launcher; if there is more than one Bomber in an encounter, then at least one member of the group will have a grenade launcher.

The Bombers' defining trait is their explosives-oriented method of attack. Bombers possess talents that allow them to throw grenades farther and with more accuracy.

Melbourne Demons

Leader: Checkers Lucy
Headquarters: New Flinders Compound
Colours: Red and Blue
Strengths: Fearless and ferocious, CQC focus, high resource pool
At War With: Bombers, Blues, Magpies, Saints
Not so long ago, the Demons ruled Melbourne as the most powerful gang in the city, and second in power only to Parliament. No other gang felt willing to confront the Demons, and furthermore the Demons had the loyalty and respect of many smaller outlier gangs, such as the industrious Bulldogs and Cats to the west. Awash with resource-rich territories and yet more resources from afar, it seemed as though the Demons' hegemony would remain unshaken.

The Demons paid greatly for their complacency when the Bombers and Saints both migrated in force from their old bases to the city centre. With insane fearlessness the Bombers and Saints went straight for the throat- and were rewarded for their audacity. The attacks caught the Demons flat-footed, and almost immediately the other gangs moved to capitalize on the Demon's weakness, especially the Magpies.

Today, the Demons are in a grim situation, having lost much: their beloved Headquarters at Flinders Street Station, a swathe of territory and the allegiance of many outlier groups. They do have some advantages, however; a large stockpile of resources from the glory days, a fearless spirit, and the most vicious, brutal hand-to-hand fighters in the city.

The Demons' favourite characteristics are Weapon Skill and Agility; their favourite skills are Dodge and Acrobatics.

The Demons have two favourite weapons: a Demon Slab, which is a heavy, oversized sword made from scrap metal; and the Demon Thumper, an incredibly heavy hammer.

The Demons' defining trait is their ferocity and ability in close combat. Demons' melee weapons never count as primitive, even if they are, and they possess an assortment of CQC talents and abilities and resistance to fear.

St. Kilda Saints

Leader: Saint Luna
Headquarters: Melbourne Convention Centre
Colours: Red, White and Black
Strengths: Intimidating, exotic weaponry, limited animal husbandry
At War With: Demons, Tigers
No one really likes the Saints. It isn't the universally shared loathing for the Magpies, however- it's rather that no one ever feels comfortable about the Saints. Everything about them just makes most people deeply uncomfortable. Whether it's their intimidating uniforms- thick leather coats and gloves and imposing gas masks-, their propensity for using flamethrowers and war dogs in combat, their habit of chanting in unison in battle or their seafaring nature in a city where everyone fears the ocean all contributes to most people being very wary about them.

For years, the Saints were an outlier gang who minded their own business, consolidating their power on the southern coastal areas of Melbourne, which had been heavily devastated by the flooding of 2I. Most strangely, the Saints turned much effort and energy to acquiring and repairing the damaged sailing vessels and other boats that litter Melbourne's coast. The endeavour was considered foolhardy at best in the inner city- the ocean was mistrusted as deeply and intensely as one fears the night when alone in a forest.

But the Saints managed to make it work. Their first real act of prominence was showing up on Trading Day with cartloads of fresh, clean fish- which took the entire city by storm, since most fish caught and eaten made people lethally ill. This demonstration of the Saints' self-sustenance capabilities gave them much prestige and respect- and also attracted Runners and, of course, wealth and ability. And so the Saints grew more and more powerful, creeping up the coastline towards the Yarra River. Normally a peaceful gang, when the Saints eventually struck the city centre, they did so in force- and made immediate gains. Their major enemy, the Demons, were unable to resist both the Bombers and the Saints at once, and the Saints gained a huge swathe of territory, even turning the Demons' beloved HQ, Flinders Street Station, into a war zone.

Today, the Saints are considered the most powerful, fearful and most enigmatic of gangs. Their weapons are exotic and extremely costly, as they use rare chemicals or petrol- yet they seem to have endless amounts of fuel. Their heavy leathers, masks and intimidating behaviour make them feared, and their habit of using war dogs means that some Gangers will be panicky just thinking of fighting the Saints.

The Saints' favourite characteristics are Toughness and Intelligence; their favourite skills are Intimidation and Wrangling.

The Saints' favoured weapon is a Saints' Flamethrower. There is a 25% chance of a Chopper having a Flamethrower, and a 50% chance of a Dakker having one. If there is more than one Saint in an encounter, at least one will possess a Flamethrower.

Saints also possess a favoured piece of gear: the Saints Uniform. All Saints are equipped with the Saints Uniform.

The Saints' defining trait is their intimidating appearance and their war dogs. When outnumbered by Saints, a player must test fear or take a -10 penalty to all tests so long as they are outnumbered. Furthermore, there is a 25% chance of a Saint having a war dog with them. Saint raiding parties always have at least 3 dogs.

The Lions

Leader: Ying the Liberator
Headquarters: Lions Compound, South Yarra
Colours: Red, Blue and Gold
Strengths: Fast and anti-armour
At War With: Tigers, Saints
The newest gang in the city, the Lions were created by Ying the Liberator. It is not known where she came from; but all is known is that she appeared very recently and, despite her vulnerable position she struck out at her enemies, devastating the Tigers and fighting the Saints- all for the Runners!

To this end, the Lions are naturally loathed by the Saints and Tigers, and this hasn't been helped by their territory being carved out of the 'no man's land' between the Saints and Tigers- territory they both claim. Despite this, the Lions have fairly good ties with other Factions- the Demons and, for some reason, the Blues.

Although considered a weak gang, the other gangs watch warily in case the Lions' meteoric rise continues its linear projection.

The Lions have no favoured weapon; instead, all weapons they wield gain a +2 to their Penetration value.

The Lions' defining trait is their agility and flexibility. Their units are faster and harder to hit than most Gangers.


Runners aren't exactly a faction. There is no leader, no headquarters or anything of the sort. Simply put, Runners are everyone who isn't a Parliament soldier or wearing gang jerseys. They're the 'normal' people of the city. The term 'runner' is applied to the Runners by the gangs for one reason: their role in life is to run.

Runners are divided into three categories: Fosters, Orphans and Tinkerers.


A Foster is a Runner who either lives in a gang area or works for a gang. They aren't considered gangers themselves, however. In the crude feudal society of Melbourne, gangers dedicate themselves entirely to fighting, and so the Fosters are left to work. Fosters do -all- the work: they build buildings (of a sort), gather resources (for a broad meaning of the term), and just generally do everything that the gangers need them to do. The life of a Foster is not a good one. They are practically the property of a Ganger, and anything a Foster has- equipment, housing, even children or partners- can be taken by a Ganger.

That said, Fosters aren't without rights, although to consider these set in stone is laughable. A Ganger won't kill their own Foster for no reason, and are encouraged to let the Fosters of other gangs off with being stripped of everything they own and given merely a heavy beating instead of outright killed. Fosters are entitled to some protection from their ganger masters, and most Gang leaders will at the least be receptive to a Foster who has been let down in this regard.

Most Runners are Fosters. Fosters will often wear a thin band of material of their gang's colour to designate themselves as Fosters.


Orphans are Runners who serve no gang. They often have no fixed abode and instead live on the move or in the most desolate areas. Orphans are free from the system by which gangers are permitted to abuse their Fosters in exchange for a dubious sort of security, but the price of that freedom is high. Orphans who are identified as such are pretty much considered fair game by any and all forces in Melbourne- gangs will often attack and kill Orphans on 'principle' alone.

Orphans are as such fairly competent survivors, hiders and fighters, and those who befriend them might find that there's more to them that meets the eye.


Tinkerers are educated wanderers who roam Melbourne. Alone of all the multitude in Melbourne, Tinkerers possess the tools and knowledge required to repair, build and operate many of the city's remaining machines and tools, including incredibly important areas such as the plumbing system or the farms. There are few Tinkerers- perhaps less than 150- but each one is known by name and face. They are avid traders, always willing to trade something or provide a service (for a price), and to this end often have something to carry all their goods- most likely a camel.

Whilst Fosters are dregs, and Orphans less than dregs, Tinkerers are the exact opposite. Each and every Tinkerer is known to the entire city, and everyone knows that their efforts are absolutely required. To so much as harm a Tinkerer is considered to be an incredible crime in this other-wise lawless city, and the killing of a Tinkerer is enough to make every single force in the city try to avenge them, often very, very violently and indiscriminately. If a Tinkerer is hurt, gangs will assist them without need for reward- being in a Tinkerer's favour is reward enough.

Faction Affinity and Modifiers

Each faction has its own goals, desires and attitudes. Actions taken by a player might earn support from one faction, whilst angering another at the same time. A player has to be careful in their actions, but at the same time they should also realizing that manipulating factions' favour can lead to great boons.

All of this is abstracted into a simple system called Faction Affinity. Faction Affinity is a simple sliding scale from -30 to +30. Actions that the Faction like will gain points, and actions the Faction dislike will lose points.

Faction Affinity has several effects:
1) When conducting social tests with a member of that gang, treat your Faction Affinity as a corresponding bonus or penalty. So if you have a Faction Affinity of +10, you take a +10 to all social tests with members of that gang.
2) Faction Affinity affects the chance of enemy gangers attacking you. Take your Faction Affinity and double it. If negative, add that result to the chance of that faction to attack you; if positive, subtract that result from the chance of that gang to attack you. So if you have a Faction Affinity of -10 with, for example, the Tigers, double that (-20) and add it to the flat chance for a gang to attack you (20%). That gives you a 20+20% chance of the Gang attacking you- ie. a 40% chance.
3) Faction Affinity determines privileges a Faction will give you. If you have an Affinity of +10 or more with a Faction, they'll politely rebuff you if you enter their territory; on a +15 or more, you will be permitted to enter.
4) Faction Affinity also determines penalties a Faction will give you. If you have an Affinity of -10 or less with a Faction, they'll attack you on sight in most cases; on a -15 or more, they'll refuse to trade with you on Trading Day and will even seek you out.

Faction Affinity can be affected in several ways, as listed below. Note that this isn't an exhaustive list, but covers the most common cases.
Positive modifiers

Event Description Modifier
Ally with Faction Ally with the Faction by promising to aid the leader in person. +15.
Assist a Member Provide assistance to a faction member. +1.
Assist a Member whilst in combat Come to the aid of faction members in battle. +5. Caps at +15.
Generous Trade Trade generously with the faction, giving them resources they favour. +1. Caps at +5.
Kill an Enemy Kill an enemy of the Faction in territory that Faction contests. +1. Caps at +5.
Kill an Enemy Raiding Party Kill an enemy raiding party in territory that Faction contests. +2. Caps at +10.

Negative modifiers

Event Description Modifier
Ally with Faction Enemy Ally with the Faction's enemy. -15.
Assist an enemy whilst in combat Come to the aid of faction enemies in battle. -5.
Attack a Member Attack a Member of the Faction. -1.
Eliminate a Raiding Party Destroy a Raiding Party. -5.
Harm a Tinkerer Harm a Tinkerer in any way. -5.
Kill a Member Kill a Member of the Faction. -1. Lose extra -1 for every 5 points of positive affinity.
Kill a Tinkerer Kill a Tinkerer. -15.
Trespass Encounter Faction member in their territory without permission. -1.

Special Locations and Rules

Melbourne is home to special places, such as landmarks, faction territories, contested areas and special buildings. This lists the rules for these places, and also lists unique places as well.

A map showing Faction and Contested territories.

Faction Territories

Large swathes of the map are considered to belong to a Faction. These areas can be dangerous for non-faction members, however. Every time you traverse through a faction area that you do not possess permission for, you run the risk of being intercepted. There is a 40% chance each square moved (or hour spent) within the territory of being intercepted by a faction member (Roll a 1d5 on the Encounters chart, using only the Ganger results, to determine what you run into, if trespassing in Ganger territory). If you have already encountered a faction member and they have asked you to leave, then you will not run this risk so long as you move in a straight line towards the nearest border. If you deviate from this path at any time, you will immediately be intercepted.

Contested Territories

Certain areas are considered to be 'contested', where the amount of territory the gangs hold shifts daily and is never solid for long. Contested territories are white on the map, and criss-crossed with coloured lines that correspond to the gangs involved in the area. Contested territories are dangerous places to be in. There is a 20% chance each hour spent within the territory of being intercepted by one of the gangs involved.

Faction Headquarters

All factions have a special headquarters nestled deep within their territory. The headquarters is usually heavily fortified, heavily manned, heavily stocked and home to the leaders of said faction.

Landmark: The MCG

The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is a mammoth stadium sitting in the heart of the city. It is claimed by no faction, because the MCG is the only place in the city that all mutually agree is neutral- 'holy ground' to all involved. No fighting is to be done here. Every three days, starting with the 2nd day of the scenario, is a Trading Day- gangs from all over Melbourne arrive to sell their goods and resources in exchange for other resources. Fighting is strictly banned on Trading Day, and the peace is kept by squads of heavily armed Parliament Guard.

The MCG is also where EVA-08 landed and counts as the starting point for the players.

Other landmarks will be added as they are found.


Although most equipment uses the normal list, some equipment is unique to Melbourne and so is recorded here.

Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld Special Wt Avail.
Saint Flamethrower Ranged 20m S/-/- 1d10+4E 3 3 2Full Flame 6kg Rare

Melee Weapons

Name Class Damage Penetration Special Wt. Avail.
Demon Slab Melee (2h) 2d10+2 R 2 Unbalanced, Primitive 7kg Scarce
Demon Thumper Melee (2H) 2d10+2 3 3 Heavy, Unwieldy, Primitive 9kg Rare


Name Locations Covered AP Wt Special Avail.
Blue Gang Armour Arms, Body, Legs, Head 6 19kg Primitive Common
<Gang> Leathers Arms, Body, Legs 1 5kg Primitive Common
Heavy <Gang> Leathers Arms, Body, Legs 2 7kg Primitive Common
Saint Uniform Arms, Body, Legs, Head 3 7kg Fire-Resistant*, Gas Mask Rare
  • +3 AP against fire


Name Size Armor Traits Narrative Speed Combat Speed Handling Modifier Armaments Crew Passengers Access Points Fuel Consumption
Melbourne Car Hulking Hull 10 - Max 50km per hour 10/20/40/50/80 +0 None 1 (Driver) 4 2 (Side Doors) 1l per 10km
Ganger Car Hulking Hull 13, Turret 8 - Max 50km per hour 10/20/40/50/80 +10 HMG slot (turret) 1 (Driver), 1 (Gunner) 3 2 (Side doors), 1 (Turret) 1l per 10km
Tiger Buggy Hulking Hull 15, Turret 10 Open Max 100km per hour 10/30/60/80/160 +10 HMG (turret) 1 (Driver), 1 (Gunner) 2 Open 1l per 5km
Tiger Truck Enormous Hull 14, Turret 11 - Max 40km per hour 10/15/30/40/60 -10 HMG (Turret) 1 (Driver), 1 (Gunner) 8 4 (Side compartments), 2 (Rear compartments) 1l per 10km

Unit Templates

A list of rough templates to use for generating enemies.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 - 25 25 40 10 35 20 -

Awareness+10, Swim
Bestial, Natural Weapon (Talon)
Talon (1d10R; Primitive)
3 Meat, 1 Batch of feathers, 1 Skin


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 - 35 35 40 10 35 20 -

Awareness+10, Swim
Bestial, Natural Weapon (Talon), Takedown
Talon (1d10+1R; Primitive)
4 Meat, 2 Skins


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
25 - 50 40 40 10 35 10 -

Bestial, Natural Weapon (Hoof), Quadruped, Sturdy
Hoof (1d10+6I)
5 Meat, 3 Skins

Wedge-tailed Eagle

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
35 - 10 10 40 10 40 20 -

Awareness+20, Concealment+10
Swift Attack
Bestial, Flyer (8), Natural Weapon (Talon), Size (Puny)
Talon (1d10-1R; Primitive, Tearing)
1 Meat, 1 Skin, 1 Batch of Feathers


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
35 - 10 35 50 10 35 40 -

Awareness, Dodge, Swim
Bestial, Crawler, Natural Weapon (Bite), Toxic (Bite)
Bite (1d10+1R; Toxic)
1 Meat, 1 Snake Skin, 1 Venom Sac

Wild Dog

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 - 30 30 30 10 40 40 -

Awareness+10, Silent Move+10, Swim, Tracking+10
Bestial, Quadruped, Natural Weapon (Bite)
Bite (1d10+3R; Primitive)
1 Meat, 1 Skin


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
35 - 40 35 40 10 40 40 -

Awareness+10, Dodge, Silent Move+10, Swim, Tracking+10
Sprint, Swift Attack
Bestial, Quadruped, Natural Weapon (Bite)
Bite (1d10+4R; Primitive)
1 Meat, 1 Skin


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
40 - 40 35 50 10 40 40 -

Awareness+10, Dodge, Silent Move+10
Crippling Strike, Sprint, Swift Attack
Bestial, Natural Weapon (Talons)
Talons (1d10+5R; Tearing, Primitive)
1 Meat, 1 Skin, 1 Batch of Feathers



Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 30 25 25 40 20 40 30 25

Awareness, Barter, Climb, Dodge, Inquiry, Search+10, Survival+10
Unarmed Warrior, Paranoid
Melee Weapon, Gang Leathers.



Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
40 30 40 35 30 20 35 30 20

Awareness+10, Climb, Dodge, Intimidate, Search, Survival
Hatred (Enemy gang), Unarmed Warrior, Paranoid, Street Fighting, Takedown
Melee Weapon, Heavy Gang Leathers


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 40 30 35 35 20 40 30 20

Awareness+10, Climb, Dodge, Search, Survival
Hatred (Enemy gang), Unarmed Warrior, Paranoid, Rapid Reload
Basic Ranged Weapon, Heavy Gang Leathers, 1-4 clips of ammo

Parliament Guard

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
40 40 40 40 40 25 40 35 20

Awareness+10, Climb+10, Dodge+10, Intimidate+10, Inquiry+10, Literacy, Survival+10, Survival+10
Hatred (Gangs), Unarmed Master, Paranoid, Rapid Reload, Resistance (Fear), Street Fighting, Takedown
Good Quality Basic Ranged Weapon, Good Quality Basic Melee Weapon, UN Combat Armour, 2 frag grenades


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
35 35 35 35 35 45 40 40 40

Awareness+10, Barter+20, Climb, Common Lore (any four)+10, Dodge, Drive, Charm+20, Deceive+20, Evaluate+10, Intimidate+20, Inquiry+10, Literacy, Logic+10, Medicae+10, Navigation+10, Performer, Scholastic Lore (Any two) Secret Tongue (Tinkerer Cant), Sleight of Hand, Survival+10, Tech Use+20, Trade, Trade (Any three), Wrangling+10
Foresight, Good Reputation (All), Any four of the following: Talented (max 3), Master Chirurgeon, Master Orator, Technical Knock, Total Recall.
Good Quality Basic Ranged or Melee weapon, Heavy Gang Leathers, Camel

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