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The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable: without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth.


The Moon Arcana is the #18 Major Arcana, and is a card of creativity. It usually depicts the moon in the sky, shedding dew over the land; before it are two tall towers. A dog and a wolf howl up at the moon, whilst below sits a pool of water, in which a crayfish or lobster sits. The moon possesses a human face, which is twisted into a frown.

The Moon is often associated with creativity, artistry, imagination, fantasy, subjectivity, the subconscious, deception and mutability. The Moon has played a great role in human history. It is the brightest object in the night sky, inspiring many myths and legends; furthermore, although its face is constantly changing, the changes are predictable enough to form the basis of lunar calendars, which are used by billions around the world. Its effects are also felt through the invisible influence it has on earth's tides. Associations have also been made between the Moon and human behaviour, with the idea of the Moon exhibiting some hidden, strange influence on the mind. In fact the word 'lunatic', meaning 'moonstruck', originally derived from an ancient belief that the moon played a role in fermenting 'madness', especially bipolar disorder and epilepsy; the latter in particular held a special place in classical Greece as being the sign of divine inspiration. To that end, then, the Moon Arcana is a subtle and clever one. It tells of creativity and of changing, of confronting the world with a thousand faces, but it can also be a deceptive and misleading card. Mythopoetically, the Moon acts as a final challenge to the quester; having been risen by the Stars out of Hell, they must now seek the root of enlightenment, the sun- the Moon can inspire them on that journey, but the quester must not mistake the Moon's light for the light of true wisdom- the moon's light is after all just a reflection of the sun's.

The Moon, then, encourages creativity and flashes of artistic inspiration; it is the card of sudden breakthroughs, of the 'spark of genius' that pulls solutions fully-formed out of the aether. It is also an Arcana of freethinking, abstract approaches and the unorthodox. The Moon, simply put, embodies the 'multitudes' that every person has. The Moon can often seem mercurial, seeing things one way yet suddenly changing their perception of it quickly. The Moon is capable of presenting many faces to many different people, yet people wonder which face is the 'true' face. But Moon suggests the answer is more complex- perhaps every face is as true as each other, and only by seeing every face can we see the whole? Or perhaps the true face is the one hidden from view that no one sees- the far side of the Moon, so to speak. This ability to see things subjectively is very much at the heart of the Moon's creativity as well as their ability to manifest that creativity in ways that people can understand and appreciate, such as art or music. It can also make the Moon highly difficult for others to understand; many people consider the Moon's ability to present multiple faces to be the same as trickery and deceit. In truth, the Moon is not a creature of deceit, but admittedly deceit serves Moon well, both as a tool and a weapon. After all, the best con artists and thieves are so ingenious that one cannot help but admire their audacity and cleverness. Worryingly, however, this predilection and ability forms the dark side of the Moon not only in the sense that it tempts the Moon to abuse its gifts, but also isolates the Moon as few people take the time to truly understand them. Admittedly there are times where the Moon struggles to understand themselves; the creativity and inspiration that the Moon eats and drinks can wax and wane with time. All too often, the Moon's creativity comes in bursts, leading to frenzied periods of creativity followed by a burnout or a crash in which the Moon does nothing. Although this seems like a curse (and it can be if taken too far), the mature Moon understands to structure this and themselves in a healthy way, working resolutely during the 'high tide' of their creative mood and replenishing themselves in the 'low tide'.

A reversed Moon can take various forms, as is fitting. A Moon who is unable to handle the coming and going of their inspiration is one example- letting it go out of control until it becomes destructive. They may also find themselves unable to do any creative 'work' at all, feeling as though their muse will never return. Alternatively the Moon might begin living too deeply in deception and fantasy and lose touch with reality- or even themselves, being utterly unable to discern their true self from their endless parade of faces.

Example Inner Conflicts for Moon include struggling with a lie that snowballed out of control; reacting to control problems in the short term but worsening them in the long; being utterly controlled between periods of energy and periods of ebb; seeing things so subjectively that they lack any real conviction; failing to finish projects because inspiration always them in a different direction; or struggling to maintain any sort of motivation at all.

Mechanically, Moon excels at bedazzling and misleading its foes with plentiful souped up status effects.

Aptitude-wise, Moon is a flexible Arcana. It generally excels in the social realm, with perception and social giving it an edge against other people, but Finesse can also be used to give it a technical thrill to its skill set.

Arcana Qualities

Characteristic Bonus Character Aptitudes Persona Aptitudes Magic Characteristic
+5 Perception, +5 Fellowship Perception, Finesse, Social Ailment, Offense Fellowship

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