Names Are Forgotten Codes Alone Come To Mind In Nuclear Setu

[18:34] <Ikari‘Shinji> [Bogota, Colombia. 1:44 PM.-
[18:35] <Ikari`Shinji> [A blazing South American sun beat down upon Colombia’s capital. The streets teemed with people, many of them soldiers, grim-faced and a little panicky- others were civilians, deeply irritated at the soldiers in their path…]
[18:49] <W> And in the midst of the throng, a boy clad in a Hawaiian shirt and fedora strolled, wearing sunglasses and earbuds, no doubt blaring… eh, you wouldn't have heard of them. The illusion was broken only by the ornate cane he used to support himself through the streets.
[19:26] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Hey there, senor." A middle-aged man sauntered up to him, an eager expression on his face. He was speaking English because there’s no way W was a local. "Can I interest you in a bit of tamal on the go?" He was carrying a tray in front of him, a series of leaf-wrapped packages sitting snugly on said tray. "Only 900 pesos, and that's at cost, you know, I'm shooting myself in the foot there."]
[19:39] * W glanced at the man quickly, then kept going. "Not hungry. Hunting for some textiles."
[19:40] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Oh come on, senor. Nice and fresh, I assure you, the chicken’s still running around from the headcut it's so fresh, come on, have a bit, come on, tell you what, 850 pesos, and that's shooting myself in the foot."]
[19:51] <W> The boy didn't stop, but did keep talking. "The leaves are far from fresh. And who the hell uses plantain in tamal wrapping, anyway? It'll ruin the taste."
[19:54] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Well of course the leaves are fresh, it gets all the plantain taste out so it doesn’t spoil the tamal, see?" Says the merchant, grinning. He leans forward.-
[19:55] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["800 pesos and I’ll leave you alone."]
[20:00] <W> "400 and this can all be over. You won't let yourself go if there's a chance you'll make money here."
[20:01] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["400? My time’s barely worth 400! I'm shooting myself in the foot, I am…" He holds out a hand.]
[20:08] <W> "Nope. Hunting for textiles. Good day."
[20:10] <Ikari‘Shinji> [A cloud of Spanish insults followed W as he headed off.-
[20:14] <Ikari`Shinji> [The street he was on was as crowded as any other, and as far as commerce went…-
[20:15] <Ikari`Shinji> [Cleaners over there, grocers over there, and a textile shop, of course, a young boy sitting out the front.]
[20:26] * W made his way toward the textile shop, idly eyeing the others’ windows on the way. "English?" he asked the boy.
[20:29] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["What you need?"]
[20:33] * W frowned, and decided on an alternative approach. He deftly slid out his Device and, with some taps and the help of a dictionary, produced the Spanish: <"Has anything rare come in?"> He showed it to the kid.
[20:36] <Ikari`Shinji> ["Yeah, sure. There’s you there, boyo. What's with the stupid clothes?" Asked the boy, stretching, grinning. "We've also got a shipment of silk, you know, for the uniforms."]
[20:42] <W> "Keeps out the lice. Good for you, with the hygiene of this town. I heard you've had problems with pests recently."
[20:43] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Yeah, there’s a real plague of 'em. Here, lemme show you the inside merchandise, senor."]
[20:48] <W> "Of course." A few more taps, and W followed, cane announcing his arrival with each step.
[20:50] <Ikari‘Shinji> [The boy led W inside, and there was a conversation with the clerk in rapid-fire Spanish. A few minutes later, an old woman came out and wordlessly beckoned W towards the back of the store.]
[20:58] * W kept his face a mask and didn’t bother to remove his glasses inside, seemingly ignoring the conversation. He nodded and promptly followed the woman.
[20:59] <Ikari‘Shinji> [She led him into a bedroom.-
[20:59] <Ikari`Shinji> [She flung open the wardrobe- full of clothes hanging up- and shoved the back, which opened out into a door. She gestured inside wordlessly.]
[21:04] <W> W’s eyes examined the rooms they passed through, but he kept up his pace regardless.
[21:04] <Ikari‘Shinji> [The wardrobe shut behind him.-
[21:06] <Ikari`Shinji> [Under it, he found himself in a largish room, dominated by a large table. A paper map was laid out over it. The place had a war-weary, dilapidated look- outdated comms equipment lined one of the walls, old computers lined another. It was mostly empty, except for a grizzled veteran of a soldier sitting in the corner, oiling a sniper rifle. He looked up. "Who’re you, ugly?"]
[21:10] * W inspected the antiquated equipment. "The Wizard of Oz, who do I fucking look like? I'm looking for Dorothy and the Tin Man. Should've passed by here. Elsewise, whoever's in charge."
[21:13] <Ikari‘Shinji> ["Go fuck yourself, cripple."]
[21:19] <W> "No wonder you’re losing. No professionalism. You want more codes? I have codes, I've got -all- the codes. Do you do this to everyone on your network?"
[17:31] <@Misato‘> [Crack! The man had raised his rifle and fired it all in one smooth movement. Somewhere to W’s right, a computer monitor exploded. The man pretended this was intentional.-
[17:32] <@Misato‘> ["You trying my patience, ugly." He lowered the gun and shouted loudly to someone else in the compound.]
[17:45] * W slowly took off his sunglasses and replaced them with regular ones. "Let me rephrase, then," he said in a careful, annoyed tone. "-Did you- smuggle a cyborg through here in the last three days? -Or- have you heard anything about it?"
[17:47] <@Misato`> ["Smuggle him through? Nope."]
[17:56] <W> "Then where -did- they go? Did you give them a safehouse… or are they still considered urgent enough business to head straight through?"
[17:57] <@Misato`> ["The opposite, ugly." Said the man unprofessionally. "They’re considered urgent enough to wait for special escort."-
[17:57] <@Misato‘> [Someone was heading towards the door on the far end of the room. Someone with very heavy footsteps.]
[18:04] * W turned halfway around, and continued his idle examination of the museum exhibits lining the walls, cane clicking heavily on the floor as he went. "I’ll be taking that same escort. You wouldn't try anything so crude, of course, but a lot of your colleagues seem to want me gone, despite the -immense- value I pose for your superiors."
[18:13] <@Misato‘> [The man shrugged. "S’not any of my business what they do with you. You take it up with him. You ever consider people want you gone 'coz you're unlikeable?"-
[18:14] <@Misato‘> [The door opened. A man- if it could be called that- emerged, seven and a half feet high, wearing heavy, thick imposing armour. A bolt pistol hung from its waist, magnetically attached to the thigh. It wasn’t the Tactical Eva- this was an Iron Guard, and from his markings, a sergeant.-
[18:15] <@Misato‘> ["What’s with the commotion? Are we under attack? Who is this stranger in the colourful shirt and hat?" He asked in a mechanical monotone.-
[18:15] <@Misato‘> ["Some asshole, wants to see you."]
[18:44] <W> "Not for a second," W replied, then turning to the more tinny gentleman. "We are not under attack. Quite the contrary. I’ll be helping you escort those two lost souls back. They'll be delighted to have my company on a trip that long."
[18:45] <@Misato‘> ["Who-?"-
[18:45] <@Misato`> [If W had been able to see the face under that imposing mask he might’ve detected a frown. Instead, all he heard were words.-
[18:45] <@Misato‘> ["Yes. We’ve been told to expect you, actually."]
[18:47] <W> "I'd assumed as much, from your welcome."
[18:49] <@Misato‘> ["Madame Ranvier was suspicious regarding some things, but not others. Come with me."]
[18:51] <@Misato`> <Specific*. What the hell?>
[18:55] <W> "Very well." W took his glasses off for a moment to rub his eyes, but followed along at his calm, wary, uneven pace.
[18:58] <@Misato`> [The Iron Guard led W through a series of corridors- paths he’d be able to remember, of course, with his intellect- but it didn't seem as though confusing him was the intent. Eventually, they arrived at a specific door. "Take off your hat."]
[19:00] * W complied. "Another thing she was specific about?"
[19:02] <@Misato‘> ["No. One shows respect to Madame Ranvier. She lives in all of us." The sergeant reached up, took off his helmet and placed it upon the ground. He had short black hair and black skin. He stood up straight, grabbed the door and opened it.-
[19:04] <@Misato`> [The room within was small, but it was clearly a room given to someone important- everything was a little cleaner, a little -better- than everything else he’d seen so far. There was a bed with red silk covers, and a small wooden desk- a laptop sat on the top.-
[19:05] * @Eugenia sat upon the bed, staring down intently at a book. As the door opened, she looked up- and smiled. "About time."-
[19:05] <@Eugenia> She was a little paler than he remembered, which was an achievement. She seemed a little weaker, a little… Less solid.
[19:09] <W> The sight of her gave W pause, but he didn't let it show. He stepped inside and looked around. "Looks like apprenticing under me paid off. They seem to be treating 'Madame Ranvier' like some kind of, oh, I don't know, wizard?"
[19:10] * @Eugenia smiled, and turned to the Guard. "Please give us a moment, John."-
[19:10] <@Eugenia> ["Yes, Madame." He nodded deeply and stepped out, closing the door.-
[19:11] <@Eugenia> "Wizard isn't quite the right word for it. I believe the word you're looking for is like a respected family matriarch." She smiled, patting the bed.
[19:13] <W> "You realise that name sounds like you stole it from a 70s fortune telling machine." He sat down. "What's up with all this?"
[19:13] * @Eugenia let out a laugh. "Quite."-
[19:14] <@Eugenia> "What's up with all what? The respect? The compound? The room?"
[19:15] <W> "You being shot down over the Atlantic and me having to take time out of my busy schedule to figure it out. And the respect, yes."
[19:16] <@Eugenia> Her smiled faltered a little. "I'll start with the respect."-
[19:18] <@Eugenia> "Those men- the Iron Guard, they're called. They're cyborgs, mostly. They've been given intense genetic enhancement, and part of that is converting them into angelic hybrids. The same… Let's call it 'gene', for simplicity's sake, that was used on me formed the basis for what turned them into what they are. In essence, I provided that gene. They see me as something of a 'prime' mother figure- like Adam and her Angels." Eugenia smiled in what could only be called a facetious way.
[19:21] <W> "Wouldn't that be dangerous? What kind of mastermind would allow you any control over their army of killing machines?"
[19:23] <@Eugenia> "Indeed." She giggled. "Unfortunately, it doesn't extend quite that far. They're very open to suggestion from me, it's true, but I can't override any of Azariah's orders."
[19:25] <W> "Still, he managed to build and mobilise an army of them just fine without you. Why are you needed now?"
[19:26] <@Eugenia> "Ah. Cutting to business." Eugenia's smile became sad. "Azariah has finished the Dysangelion."
[19:27] <W> "I'm guessing that isn't just a third-world knockoff. What does it do?"
[19:29] <@Eugenia> "Theoretically, it's an Evangelion at the fullest potential of the design. A powerful AT Field, supremely powerful body, the ability to berserk and be controlled." She shook her head. "In reality, it's basically a manmade Angel, even beyond the scope of an Evangelion."
[19:32] <W> "I see. That's the pilots' problem, though. They need you to pilot or 'fuel' this thing?"
[19:32] <@Eugenia> "Pilot."
[19:33] <W> "And why would you do that?"
[19:35] <@Eugenia> "Because I want to." She said quietly. "I'm dying, W."
[19:37] <W> "It's your right to do both," W said, unaffected. "And you know I can't let you do something as reckless as -winning-."
[19:38] <@Eugenia> "Oh? And what do you mean by that?"
[19:40] <W> "It means you can have your fun as long as you're graceful about it and die at the end, wrap all of it up. This -is- still our world, you'll remember."

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